897 533
23 910
Kenye Killin
Kenye Killin - 48 menit yang lalu
Did tiktok copied them? Or they copied tiktok????
Foxyness - Jam Yang lalu
And I oop-
Hakhakhi Nkitwanau
Hakhakhi Nkitwanau - 2 jam yang lalu
You may have I phone but you need cooperative friends which I do not have 😂😂
yepi - 2 jam yang lalu
pregunta: solo en los apple se puede hacer slow-mo ?
Aisoon Suthinruek
Aisoon Suthinruek - 2 jam yang lalu
And you look like there’s a ball in ur butt like the fuck
Aisoon Suthinruek
Aisoon Suthinruek - 2 jam yang lalu
Who would wanna take an ass picture with a pan like the fuck
Robin Moore
Robin Moore - 2 jam yang lalu
Suga - 3 jam yang lalu
I don’t think these types of photos will go viral after this
who·is·bella. even
who·is·bella. even - 3 jam yang lalu
Jayhad Napoleon
Jayhad Napoleon - 3 jam yang lalu
How to edit?
اؤؤم غمازة
اؤؤم غمازة - 3 jam yang lalu
الي عربي لايك
Septy RA
Septy RA - 4 jam yang lalu
Orang indo (+62)ada nggak? Wkwk...
Sophie Ighile
Sophie Ighile - 4 jam yang lalu
The luminaty has just entered her back at this clip 💀 8:15
Сергей Гуринович
Классное видео
Willa Polin
Willa Polin - 5 jam yang lalu
Who's taking the photos??????????? I need friends who will do that XD
kim taeyung taegi
kim taeyung taegi - 5 jam yang lalu
وااو ما اسم البرنامج الذي يصورون به😢
Dylan Kirk
Dylan Kirk - 5 jam yang lalu
ALJOHRAH A75 - 6 jam yang lalu
اكو عرب بالطيارة 😂😂💔
Renega - 6 jam yang lalu
05:11 lmfao
Martin Chávez
Martin Chávez - 7 jam yang lalu
Esa chava está ojona
Leonardo Bello
Leonardo Bello - 8 jam yang lalu
Me gusta mucho
Alice Almeida
Alice Almeida - 8 jam yang lalu
Alguém que fale português??
Rowa Mohamed
Rowa Mohamed - 8 jam yang lalu
2:12 this photo is just creepy and gross
Vu kan
Vu kan - 9 jam yang lalu
Hey 5-minutes Crafts , great tips you provided in the video. They really helped me accelerate my growth. What I would also recommend to everyone, who wants consistent growth, is to check out the service InstaRanger https://instaranger.com/discount/ provides. They really do their job well, they bring you targeted people to your account and it really helped me boost my engagement overtime.
Алия Хасанова
Алия Хасанова - 9 jam yang lalu
Это Видео снималось в Казани❤❤
Miss Boss
Miss Boss - 9 jam yang lalu
dipali khule
dipali khule - 10 jam yang lalu
The editing is the most tiring task which app did you use to edit
whythoshaun 314
whythoshaun 314 - 10 jam yang lalu
Me and my. Fellow android nibbers finna head out
Harry - 11 jam yang lalu
Holyshit now I know some Instagramer why got tomuch likes 🤣😂🤣😂😂
Silvina Edith Fabbro
Silvina Edith Fabbro - 12 jam yang lalu
Con que aplicación se sacan las fotos ?
The new gamer
The new gamer - 12 jam yang lalu
3:14 Naruto run and on 3:44
Fak Shah
Fak Shah - 12 jam yang lalu
This all is whit some simple hacks work this not for simple people they are trained people and do it well 99 percent of them are not working u should also try
Engy Sido
Engy Sido - 12 jam yang lalu
Marta Benavent
Marta Benavent - 12 jam yang lalu
1)piensa en un cantante
2)cierra la boca
3)dale like
4)ponlo en 4 videos que veas
5)escucha tu voz
شهد كما
شهد كما - 13 jam yang lalu
ازبل قناه علي اليتيوب
JUNTO E MISTURADO - 13 jam yang lalu
Idéias sensacionais
Jean Ish
Jean Ish - 13 jam yang lalu
Anybody watching from laptop?😪
Nadira Azra
Nadira Azra - 13 jam yang lalu
The fireworks make me think is a pocky (a food)
• Mz Filmz •
• Mz Filmz • - 14 jam yang lalu
shima hasankhan
shima hasankhan - 14 jam yang lalu
Love this video ❤❤.
神のコードgodcode - 15 jam yang lalu
I don't know the reason why girls take photos of their eyes and the posting them on Instagram
Lala Barbie
Lala Barbie - 15 jam yang lalu
it is more to IOS users. How about android users?
Mr. HACK3R - 16 jam yang lalu
Guyz Watch thishttp://vm.tiktok.com/R8mLj9/
Josefina Malate
Josefina Malate - 16 jam yang lalu
Jahid Hassan Utshab
Jahid Hassan Utshab - 16 jam yang lalu
Laura Karels
Laura Karels - 16 jam yang lalu
You are awesome
Fizza Zahra
Fizza Zahra - 16 jam yang lalu
Nice video
Ajara Shiddharth
Ajara Shiddharth - 17 jam yang lalu
Itz Bunny
Itz Bunny - 17 jam yang lalu
Umm this is only for ios not android oof😂
Tarrah Playz
Tarrah Playz - 17 jam yang lalu
3:14 dum dum thats not how people run
Marlena Alya
Marlena Alya - 17 jam yang lalu
sweet so cute
fatima mustafa
fatima mustafa - 18 jam yang lalu
I liked these ideas
fatima mustafa
fatima mustafa - 18 jam yang lalu
Not bad 😊
حدوري الروح HD
حدوري الروح HD - 18 jam yang lalu
محد عراقي هناا
Ömer Əlizadə
Ömer Əlizadə - 19 jam yang lalu
Ömer Əlizadə
Ömer Əlizadə - 19 jam yang lalu
Ömer Əlizadə
Ömer Əlizadə - 19 jam yang lalu
Cg j
Agung Pambudi
Agung Pambudi - 20 jam yang lalu
This out there wondering
Paolunmang Chongloi
Paolunmang Chongloi - 20 jam yang lalu
All we need is a good photographer friend 😊😊
Kaleiyha Harris
Kaleiyha Harris - 22 jam yang lalu
I love you
Cheese Quỳnh
Cheese Quỳnh - 22 jam yang lalu
So cool. But I do know some awsome tricks on instagram story which will makes your instastory 10x cuter ;)
alex james
alex james - 22 jam yang lalu
Video is an actual realization of how fake every other person pretends to be on social media! The question is why?
AwwHannah - 22 jam yang lalu
I recognize some of these as Tik tok or Musical.ly transitions
Mujahid Saith
Mujahid Saith - 23 jam yang lalu
Mujahid Saith
Mujahid Saith - 23 jam yang lalu
Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones - 23 jam yang lalu
Her ass looks really fake at 2:28 plus its kinda weird to post a picture of just your ass
jonatan matias
jonatan matias - Hari Yang lalu
I need friends and a job
Paola Peña
Paola Peña - Hari Yang lalu
Como se llama programa para tomar esas fotos?
Wofly ._.gacha
Wofly ._.gacha - Hari Yang lalu
I really hate 5 minute crafts. They did the bag and the phone the Water proof phone thing I tryed it and now my phones broke it had all water in it and now my camera does not work. THANKS
Al Ramirez
Al Ramirez - Hari Yang lalu
I run a meme account so these wouldn't work...
Hamdan NBA
Hamdan NBA - Hari Yang lalu
Imagine seeing people do that in public 8:58
handy Handy
handy Handy - Hari Yang lalu
Who takes a picture of their eye?
May Emma Catherine
May Emma Catherine - Hari Yang lalu
yes because I have 2 phones
Esther Navarro
Esther Navarro - Hari Yang lalu
First of all who will just take a video of themselves just staring at the camera be like hey I'm Momo
Punky Plays
Punky Plays - Hari Yang lalu
In the bath
*drags the phone in* nahhhhh and takes a pic
Luiz Felipe Alves
Luiz Felipe Alves - Hari Yang lalu
Lexi Duder
Lexi Duder - Hari Yang lalu
At 8:16 does anyone else see the Illuminati
Tae_Tae-Saranghae - Hari Yang lalu
TikTok: Am I a joke to you?????????
Marz Kash
Marz Kash - Hari Yang lalu
At 1:04 how are u meant to take a photo
D D - Hari Yang lalu
https://gogetfunding.com/medical-help-25/ please help to suffering people
D D - Hari Yang lalu
Gost Live
Gost Live - Hari Yang lalu
LOL😂😂😂 This is Kazan metro!!! ( I am Russian.) *ЛОЛ 😂😂😂 Это Казанское метро!!!! (Я русский)* *Вы Русские но канал для американцев хорошо!*
Fouad Aharchi
Fouad Aharchi - Hari Yang lalu
8:15 iluminati confirmed
Isabelle O
Isabelle O - Hari Yang lalu
You: I’m going to do all of these
Data:not today!😈
Kat Prissy
Kat Prissy - 17 jam yang lalu
Isabelle O True
Tala Kandil
Tala Kandil - Hari Yang lalu
11:37 they are the slowest runners eva
LunarEclipse - Hari Yang lalu
6:23 Thats looks a lot like Tori from FBE/REACT
Ouadich Hicham
Ouadich Hicham - Hari Yang lalu
Diesel Viga
Diesel Viga - Hari Yang lalu
Mal se copiaron de bolssom😡😡😡😾
Its Liv
Its Liv - Hari Yang lalu
Am I the only one who noticed that these are from tik tok?
Isidora Salgados
Isidora Salgados - Hari Yang lalu
Que son copionas le copiaron a 123 go spanish
Aleina Asif
Aleina Asif - Hari Yang lalu
9:39 why do boys think that having a gold necklace makes them a cooler person🤔🤔
Jessica Lovie
Jessica Lovie - Hari Yang lalu
This video made me realize that I don’t have that many followers in Instagram
judy zhu
judy zhu - Hari Yang lalu
no ones gonna dare actually post this on social media
* Plastacia *
* Plastacia * - Hari Yang lalu
BTS BTS - Hari Yang lalu
Những ý tưởng quả thâth rất độc đáo. Tôi sẽ xem thường xuyên. Cảm ơn 😀
롱보드소녀윤_ - Hari Yang lalu
거의다 아는방식이네욜
Asianxxgwen’s Edit
Asianxxgwen’s Edit - Hari Yang lalu
*Attention all Tik tokers*
*Weave has been snatched*
QWK_ Qwakey
QWK_ Qwakey - Hari Yang lalu
2:21 I’m not a slut. I always take pictures like this. You think I did this on purpose?
꧁DαrknєѕS꧂ - Hari Yang lalu
Divine MSP
Divine MSP - Hari Yang lalu

Five minute crafts: *casually carries lightbulbs around with them*