12 Infotainment System Winners and Losers: The Short List

Sanjeev Girjanand
Sanjeev Girjanand - 12 hari yang lalu
Has anyone forgot about Honda’s infotainment? The one in the new accord, pilot, and oddesey?
Porkchop GMX
Porkchop GMX - 3 bulan yang lalu
Why do you sound like Linus Tech Tips
Andrew Langellier
Andrew Langellier - 3 bulan yang lalu
Honda’s is one of the best and you don’t even include it?? Wth
Andreas Hopen
Andreas Hopen - 3 bulan yang lalu
Subaru’s system is easy af to use. Weird list...
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog - 4 bulan yang lalu
Odd that nobody mentions VW. I really like their take on infotainment compared to others ive tested
Andoy33 - 5 bulan yang lalu
Mercedes old comand was awful it's like they took a pipboy and crammed it into a dashboard
Rihard Metsoja
Rihard Metsoja - 5 bulan yang lalu
Volvo is the best
grapeface - 5 bulan yang lalu
tbh i hate the chevy mylink
John McDonnell
John McDonnell - 7 bulan yang lalu
gotta love the windows 98 graphics on ford and gm
TehSpartanApprentice - 8 bulan yang lalu
I have an Acura MDX and the infotainment system on that car is so bad. I'm not even complaining because of the typical over complicated stuff or anything, but the system is just so laggy it's a burden to use. Sound is always delayed by 3 seconds than what it should be and the system freezes up on me all the time.
Limited - 8 bulan yang lalu
My 12" screen on my Ram limited is beast
Gucci Gamer
Gucci Gamer - 8 bulan yang lalu
First off the volvo sensus connect is a great system! Second the button you were pushing it shows up on the HUD. So stop spreading false news or else we will have to call you the next Donald Trump!
xan page-brown
xan page-brown - 8 bulan yang lalu
How about mini connect?
Teddy U
Teddy U - 9 bulan yang lalu
Yes. Losers are definitely Toyota/Lexus. I would add chevy mylink as well. But one the worst looking system i think is Mazda connect.
Stanley Brown
Stanley Brown - 9 bulan yang lalu
I was really disappointed to not have the Acura RDX 2018 with many great reviews by third parties not discussed. Let alone the pricing is so much for the money! If I missed it, by all means my apologies. Happy New Years!
gio957 - 9 bulan yang lalu
Every single infotainment from lexury to economy cars pales miserably compare to your iPhones or galaxy phone.
Abasi Akan
Abasi Akan - 9 bulan yang lalu
Test drove the new Lincoln Navigator... compared to all these, that one is miles advanced and intuitive! I do like Porches' and I think the U Connect on Challenger's and Jeep Grand Cherokee's have the best/easiest layouts and UI
charly a
charly a - 11 bulan yang lalu
in this video, when speak about chevrolet my link, the video most, the old generation, the new my link, of 7 inch is korean too, (byom 2), lg is the company, for my opinion, is very basic, no have mirrorlink, and functionality is only control of function the car, but no have, information about enterteniment, work over linux, qnx, this sistem equipament all line, of car in latin american, onix, prisma, cobalt, spin, tracker, cruze, and malibu, beat. what are you oppinion about this system? thank.
Nicholas Gauthier
Nicholas Gauthier - 11 bulan yang lalu
No mention of Honda infotainment systems. Maybe because they’re boring and only 4 vehicles (Accord, Odyssey, Pilot, and 2019 Insight) have the updated software. The remaining vehicles have the outdated system with the Ridgeline and Clarity having the oldest.
Stephen S.
Stephen S. - 11 bulan yang lalu
iDrive is lovely, imho. That said, it used to be terrible
L Brown
L Brown - Tahun Yang lalu
Where is VW?
Ben Frketich
Ben Frketich - Tahun Yang lalu
what about Land Rover's new infotainment system in the Range Rover Sport
Kalib Paul
Kalib Paul - Tahun Yang lalu
I drive is the best system in the market. Period
Simon Sungpyo Hong
Simon Sungpyo Hong - Tahun Yang lalu
Gosh... Can the presenter be anymore annoying? Why the hell is this nasal mouse reading lines that he didn't even write?
enrico fumi
enrico fumi - Tahun Yang lalu
i wonder why is it forbidden to use a phone when driving, and then you are allowed to use a 12" screen
israelharold - Tahun Yang lalu
Tesla don't exist in this universe
Parmeet Singh
Parmeet Singh - Tahun Yang lalu
Japanese automakers need to get it together
Kell Lessley
Kell Lessley - Tahun Yang lalu
Subaru Starlink has a good navigation system in my opinion, besides that it’s extremely subpar. In the end none of that matters bc you they give you CarPlay
William Allen
William Allen - Tahun Yang lalu
The infotainment in our 2018 outback touring is amazing. There is so much tech packed in there
Sean Mangubat
Sean Mangubat - Tahun Yang lalu
I remember people raved about how good Remote Touch was when it first came out. Don’t really know what happened since then, since I think the interface is way better, faster and more attractive, and the controller is now improved compared to the original. I agree that it’s not the best, the one in my 2014 IS pisses me off sometimes, but it’s way better than the first generation. How come people loved the older gen, and now despise the current gen which is way more improved?
Ng John
Ng John - Tahun Yang lalu
Mbux in the and a class and s class is the best
Brendan Little
Brendan Little - Tahun Yang lalu
You forgot the worst of them all: HONDALINK
tech_gear - Tahun Yang lalu
Honda? VW?
Alex Rudaj
Alex Rudaj - Tahun Yang lalu
*iDrive is king on this game*
Alex Rudaj
Alex Rudaj - Tahun Yang lalu
*BMW it's not one of the bests, it is the best* *///Mforever*
SebasPlayz_ YT
SebasPlayz_ YT - Tahun Yang lalu
my dad has a subaru starlink radio and works great, never had a problem
Ayman Jumma
Ayman Jumma - Tahun Yang lalu
No Tesla or Honda? STFU Autoguide!
Wael Moula
Wael Moula - Tahun Yang lalu
There is no surprise that the Japanese cars have the worst infotainment systems, I think it's time for the Japanese companies to wake-up and see what the customer needs, when you send more most of the time inside the car you expect high quality at least on the infotainment systems especially in 2018
rodword - Tahun Yang lalu
This list is irrelevant if you can completely omit honda's infotainment system
nicholas lim
nicholas lim - Tahun Yang lalu
Mercedes is simply the best or nothing right? Classifying them as a winner just doesn't cut it. 😂
Asphalt - Tahun Yang lalu
Infiniti is the worst
Ivo - Tahun Yang lalu
So they are telling me, that the IDrive from BMW isn't good enough, because it has too much features ? Please tell me they are drunk.
The Infotainment System from AUDI, Mercedes, Porsche and so on are very good, but BMWs IDrive is the best one in fact.
Broadz - Tahun Yang lalu
Where is Tesla?
D M - Tahun Yang lalu
Where's Tesla!!
SovietKlim77 - Tahun Yang lalu
Tesla best
B A - Tahun Yang lalu
Bmw by far is the best
azalru - Tahun Yang lalu
Tesla UI is the best of all.
Jack - Tahun Yang lalu
Audi has the best
Peter Privacy
Peter Privacy - Tahun Yang lalu
TESLA...DERP...What a bunch of numpties
colinplayz 123
colinplayz 123 - Tahun Yang lalu
Tesla? come on. not even mentioned
B Kay
B Kay - Tahun Yang lalu
Toyota is the worst.. I got rid of my Tacoma because of it.. oh and also cause it's a poorly made truck.
Mike Wang
Mike Wang - Tahun Yang lalu
They have showcased the old Volvo Sensus system here (on cars before MY2017). I can confirm that the newer version (that supports Android auto/Apple CarPlay) works much better. Volvo has really solved the performance issue on this system (it will not lag after the system has warmed up) and made the UI more intuitive.
Splash - Tahun Yang lalu
Mercedes` new MBUX system is also awesome. And Audis got even better with their new Touch MMI
Espen Falkeid
Espen Falkeid - Tahun Yang lalu
1:39 lol Norway
name - Tahun Yang lalu
nissan/infiniti are the worst, low resolution, slow and no carplay/aa
SchuriiK - Tahun Yang lalu
did i miss mercedes?
Banu Marius Ionut
Banu Marius Ionut - Tahun Yang lalu
Please everyone knows that bmw’s sistem is the best on the market!
Adrian  Ambroz
Adrian Ambroz - Tahun Yang lalu
Bmw's infotainment is the BEST in automotive industry!
Yusof Johan
Yusof Johan - Tahun Yang lalu
but carwow loves the BMW infotainment?
S. Klinkhardt
S. Klinkhardt - Tahun Yang lalu
Mercedes MBUX is better than anything else on this list. iDrive is one of the best too.