Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

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Christine Allen
Christine Allen - 24 menit yang lalu
as a twin, in the same bed with my twin (we just moved and we’re still moving beds and ish), she just fucking decked me with a pillow
LoloBeauty - 2 jam yang lalu
I've never laughed so hard
siana b
siana b - 2 jam yang lalu
22:41 ...
Constance Kosloski
Constance Kosloski - 2 jam yang lalu
Grayson*drown Ethan in womb😂😂😂
Olivia Vaughan
Olivia Vaughan - 2 jam yang lalu
im trying so hard not to laugh at 246 am
Constance Kosloski
Constance Kosloski - 2 jam yang lalu
Ethan*smacks ball
Grayson/ stop smacking mom😂😂😂
Anna Shum
Anna Shum - 2 jam yang lalu
Or you can just cooperate and I'll give you your space. Just like I gave you your food." 😂 idk why that part gets me dying laughing
Phantom Squad
Phantom Squad - 3 jam yang lalu
The doctor seemed so uncomfortable I was laughing so hard 😂
Tired and Hungry
Tired and Hungry - 3 jam yang lalu
The thumbnail and everything in the video was like...(Alabama sweet HomE ehehshhsbsj)
Lizandra Clayres
Lizandra Clayres - 3 jam yang lalu
no one:
ethan: kick grayson
Mia Holden
Mia Holden - 3 jam yang lalu
Ummm do u guys realized that one of u is a mistake
Sidney Tait
Sidney Tait - 4 jam yang lalu
Poor grayson and his claustrophobia like that must've been torture for him
Leah Green
Leah Green - 4 jam yang lalu
Ethan was so serious about this
Tim Mahler
Tim Mahler - 4 jam yang lalu
Wait does that mean I one of you are a mistake? 😂
Brienna Brienna
Brienna Brienna - 4 jam yang lalu
As I was watching this I was getting really claustrophobic
Everything lays 11
Everything lays 11 - 4 jam yang lalu
StOp sMacKing Mom
Summer Odom
Summer Odom - 5 jam yang lalu
Grayson’s the cuter twin. I’ve never watched them before haha
Lps_ Girl
Lps_ Girl - 5 jam yang lalu
That means one of you were a mistake
Nicole Olivas
Nicole Olivas - 5 jam yang lalu
Ethan: smacks ball
Grayson: “stop smacking mom!”
Emilie Roberge
Emilie Roberge - 5 jam yang lalu
*avoids abortion debate*
Litzy Flores
Litzy Flores - 5 jam yang lalu
Stop slapping mom!
hannah golladay
hannah golladay - 5 jam yang lalu
Asya Pranzini
Asya Pranzini - 5 jam yang lalu
No one:
Doctor: hAlF oF a TwO lItEr bOtTlE.
Sweety it's a liter
Baeked Kookie with Tae
Baeked Kookie with Tae - 5 jam yang lalu
omg i remember when i was tiny and i did something hoo hoo my mom would threaten me w "shall i send u back into my womb"
Chaz Pickles
Chaz Pickles - 5 jam yang lalu
The doctor thought u were crazy
ᗰIᒪKY ᗯᗩY
ᗰIᒪKY ᗯᗩY - 6 jam yang lalu
the way ethan says “women’s tummy’s” is so wholesome
Laura Flynn
Laura Flynn - 6 jam yang lalu
did he just say “half a two litre bottle”?
what’s up with saying “one litre bottle”
Reyna Espinoza
Reyna Espinoza - 6 jam yang lalu
The doctors facial expressions says it all 🤣
Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon - 6 jam yang lalu
I want moms reaction to this video on camera 🤞🏼
SheClutches - 6 jam yang lalu
This Doctor is looking at y’all like your morons for acting these dumbass questions. 🤣
Also I’ve never heard anyone except a 5 year old call it a belly.
michael scott
michael scott - 6 jam yang lalu
I thought the doctor was finna cry when Ethan said “sO gReTHan wAs jUSt a A liTTLe sLiME gUy” and he said “suRe🥺” I was like of dang y’all made him cry
SheClutches - 6 jam yang lalu
Ethan I love you, but you’re always such an asshole to Grayson in videos & he never treats you like that in videos. I say in videos cause idk how y’all act off camera, but I hope you treat Gray better off camera.
michael scott
michael scott - 6 jam yang lalu
y’all just make me happy.💓
DC Sushi
DC Sushi - 7 jam yang lalu
How babys in the womb be like:
Robux The Goat!! Studios
Robux The Goat!! Studios - 7 jam yang lalu
XD the doctor looks like he feels uncomfortable answering these questions especially sine they are like teens I think...
Jaidyn Leisti
Jaidyn Leisti - 7 jam yang lalu
I ate my fucking twin and I’m sad about it
sucipx - 8 jam yang lalu
The doctor looked so uncomfortable.
Fiona Manuel
Fiona Manuel - 8 jam yang lalu
you guys ethan didn’t say he was dairy free in this video !
Fiona Manuel
Fiona Manuel - 8 jam yang lalu
who tf edited this video
mia cocciolillo
mia cocciolillo - 8 jam yang lalu
Wait you missed the part where on of you died for a min
Ally Moon
Ally Moon - 8 jam yang lalu
Their questions are killing me😂
Genius Suga
Genius Suga - 8 jam yang lalu
That poor doctor's expression says it all right i feel kind of sorry for him
Camryn money
Camryn money - 8 jam yang lalu
I wish I didn’t eat my twin
Shanessa Smith
Shanessa Smith - 8 jam yang lalu
*HALF OF A 2 L BOTTLE* could’ve just said 1L😑
Mara palomares
Mara palomares - 9 jam yang lalu
Why does grason have his nails painted ?????
Shanessa Smith
Shanessa Smith - 9 jam yang lalu
‘And this week we’re taking it way back’
Grayson: that was *SO BAD*
Ethan: *wAs ThAt GoOd?*
Nessa Byrne
Nessa Byrne - 9 jam yang lalu
“so warm water?” “for sure”
absolutely died laughing at that idk y but i found it hilarious 😂
Jimin s LOSt jams
Jimin s LOSt jams - 9 jam yang lalu
Why am I watching two grown men sit in a ball pretending to be in their moms womb 😂
Daniela Lopez
Daniela Lopez - 9 jam yang lalu
Joseph - 9 jam yang lalu
Ethan : *breathes in womb*
Grayson : stop suffocating mom 😒