Best car Infotainment systems | 2018 Detroit Auto Show

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M.A. M.R.
M.A. M.R. - Bulan Yang lalu
Tesla is a good 10 years ahead as far as infotainment, and they had it since 2012. And not a single car manufacturer has even come close.
Bamaboy6894 - 7 bulan yang lalu
Ford has Alexa in it
Ken Brenner
Ken Brenner - 11 bulan yang lalu
What a pointless video
Dr. Q
Dr. Q - Tahun Yang lalu
She cursed in the first like 10 seconds, hello kids are watching.
W M C - Tahun Yang lalu
gone soft.... What happens when you hear that voice with that clever term (@ the 8-second mark) while looking at that face?
Deavon Reye
Deavon Reye - Tahun Yang lalu
I have a question about infotainment systems and the heat of summer. How hot can these get before frying? Parking outside in the sun gets the inside of the vehicle very hot, even if there is a sun shade on the front windshield. How do auto manufacturers keep these systems cool enough? Or do they?....And we who have them are on 'borrowed time'?
NikPaul - 9 bulan yang lalu
The screen itself may be hot, but the internals are lodged in the dashboard. Heat will take longer to reach the infotainment hardware. And even so, the screen only turns on when the car is on, and when the car is started on a hot day, usually the AC will start and cool the whole thing right down.
Blasian ZX
Blasian ZX - Tahun Yang lalu
If they can't make these upgradeable and hack proof then they are just lease bound
BaileyGrapes - Tahun Yang lalu
UG sucre
UG sucre - Tahun Yang lalu
Harvey Moore
Harvey Moore - Tahun Yang lalu
worry buyer sleep topmgin poetry responsible signature wood sell implication near strange
Nick Ries
Nick Ries - Tahun Yang lalu
This is the absolute worst video you guys have put out in a long time. Why is there no fluidity here?
Essam Rashad
Essam Rashad - Tahun Yang lalu
She sucks
EspHack - Tahun Yang lalu
they look like cellphone makers scrambling to get onto the touchscreen game, what a mess
Riad Ahmed
Riad Ahmed - Tahun Yang lalu
Amazon is a global scam and Amazon boss is a fraud star.
Leo - Tahun Yang lalu
Riad Ahmed how?
Depot msa
Depot msa - Tahun Yang lalu
i'm so sick of seeing concept cars ! i wanna see fully executed
Jacob Manson
Jacob Manson - Tahun Yang lalu
And the only company that’s figured it out right wasn’t at the show
Richard R. Smith
Richard R. Smith - Tahun Yang lalu
Excellent lady.  Wow that is good.  I have done computers for 41 years.  You really told it like it is on telematics.
Anthony Ware
Anthony Ware - Tahun Yang lalu
So we're just dropping f-bombs at will now? Why? Completely unnecessary.
Lays Ratier
Lays Ratier - Tahun Yang lalu
Best car infotainment
Auto show👏👌🏻
devesh aggarwal
devesh aggarwal - Tahun Yang lalu
The f word was unnecessary
Felix Rubenbauer
Felix Rubenbauer - Tahun Yang lalu
What you're saying about the VW Active Info Display is simply wrong. They've integrated it just a few months after Audi did, because they use the same infotainment system in the whole VW Group. The system the Active Info Display works on top of is the so called MIB (Modularer Infotainment Baukasten, modular infotainment kit), which VW Group build in their cars since late 2014. Your host presents it, as if they'd just introduced it. It may be new to the Jetta, yes. But it is still technology from 2014. By the way: It's Volkswagen and not [voukswaggon]. You are one of the few native English speakers, who manage to say Audi instead of [ooodi], so saying Volkswagen (especially in a format about cars) should not be too much to ask for.
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor - Tahun Yang lalu
Auto makers are so horribly bad at this. They're all still hung up on trying to make they're systems look like minority report rather than something clean and safe and useable.
Either that or a koi fish controlled by your eyes?? Ridiculous! The UI ideas we need in our cars are already out there, no need for this wasteful 'innovation'
And to the people complaining about her swearing at the beginning: it was a smart pun (instrument cluster) - and it was the editing that made it seem jumpy.
van sang
van sang - Tahun Yang lalu
The way she pressed the buttons showed she is not a car gal so cringeworthy how she present
James Bradbury
James Bradbury - Tahun Yang lalu
Mark - Tahun Yang lalu
No thank you. Give me buttons and dials, and I want to control my car not a computer.
Mr.Tweezy007 - Tahun Yang lalu
Nobody in detroit can afford those cars anyway lol.
John Scarpa
John Scarpa - Tahun Yang lalu
The title ofthe video is "Best car Infotainment systems", yet it felt more like a complaint video about what isn't here yet. I was hoping for more details on what was shown. #disappointed
Jeffrey Murillo
Jeffrey Murillo - Tahun Yang lalu
I still don't understand why I would need Alexa on my car.
Hey Alexa, buy me a new car, this one is a piece of crap, it comes with Alexa.
Joe K1
Joe K1 - Tahun Yang lalu
Good god this was awful....
TheWisherable - Tahun Yang lalu
Your voice modulation sucks. It was very annoying to listen. Stopped watching immediately.
mluu510 - Tahun Yang lalu
All automakers suck at ux/infotainment beside tesla
RiGo - Tahun Yang lalu
I'm guessing some car companies probably aren't fond of the idea of a 3rd party company like Amazon, Google or Apple having a stake in their vehicles but the majority of stock infotainment systems suck. They're laggy, and unintuitive. If it's not as responsive as Android Auto or Apple's system, just don't bother...
dzonikg - Tahun Yang lalu
My eyes are tired off screens..
Ricardo Gomez
Ricardo Gomez - Tahun Yang lalu
When did all of these random ass average men suddenly become professional YouTube critics. Chill out, It's a car show, not a presidential campaign.
REYES9 6 - Tahun Yang lalu
Audi is Volkswagen......
AirTimeEh - Tahun Yang lalu
ugh cringy
Evan Hartfield
Evan Hartfield - Tahun Yang lalu
I guess I understand that automation = safety, but I like driving, and I would like to keen on enjoying driving
liveonparadise - Tahun Yang lalu
tesla is so far above the level , it forces the reviewer to exclude it from the list.
TLongz - Tahun Yang lalu
"Instrument cluster f***" ...just don't 🤦🏾‍♂️
Joey Rivera
Joey Rivera - Tahun Yang lalu
She sounds very bland and very rookie on the subject.
Jon Ngwisha
Jon Ngwisha - Tahun Yang lalu
not impressed
Jon Ngwisha
Jon Ngwisha - Tahun Yang lalu
why start the first sentence with cluster F?
Alex Parker
Alex Parker - Tahun Yang lalu
Great overview. Given how much of a player Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are it would be great to see more heat put on Apple and Google for how closed off their ecosystem is though.
Alex Pires
Alex Pires - Tahun Yang lalu
Car makers doing infotainment systems = fail.
Just use Google's or Apple's and add the car stuff to the system. Let who knows how to build software, do the software thing. Isn't hard at all.
Ilya Veli
Ilya Veli - Tahun Yang lalu
Can verge move her to something else? Like coffin or toe nail clippers reviews?
Carson Redford
Carson Redford - Tahun Yang lalu
Why isn't every automaker scrambling to replicate the screen in the Tesla Model S? It's far superior to all of these lame attempts!
Dante DiMassimo
Dante DiMassimo - Tahun Yang lalu
Srry but new host plz
Pablo Sanjo
Pablo Sanjo - Tahun Yang lalu
Seriously? Out of all the panel you say that if important to see new features like LED strip colour control??
Alex King
Alex King - Tahun Yang lalu
and y’all need to chill about the F word i swear to god. it’s not the victorian era chill
Alex King
Alex King - Tahun Yang lalu
read that they want to start putting advertisements on in car screens unless you pay an add free subscription price to the car company....
brightbluesmurf - Tahun Yang lalu
Man i'm surprised by the start wasn't expecting that :(
Richard Rouzeau
Richard Rouzeau - Tahun Yang lalu
Can you guys add a warning when you decide to unnecessarily cuss in a video??? Some of us have kids, you know?!!!
Christian N
Christian N - Tahun Yang lalu
What model is shown at 3:50?
bebomac5 - Tahun Yang lalu
Fact is, Tesla is still years ahead. The push to develop all the new infotainment systems you see would not be had it not been for Tesla innovating, pushing the envelope and disrupting the stagnant status quo as far back as 2008-09.
Isaiah Aguilar
Isaiah Aguilar - Tahun Yang lalu
The cussing in the opening line is Unnecessary. I’m setting in front of the TV with my kid and I get an F bomb for no reason. Can’t even watch The Verge without having to put ear muffs on my kid, you’re better then this.
BIGMUNF1 - Tahun Yang lalu
Great video footage, but please stop the cursing. It’s not funny, so why do it?We’re trying to enjoy the car reviews, etc., and she starts out with the “cluster F...” comment.
gravitility - Tahun Yang lalu
Can people chill? The verge isn’t a kid channel. One swear word wont do anything. Jeez the internet gets so offended really easily.
Steve Takacs
Steve Takacs - Tahun Yang lalu
How do you try try and act edgy... Drop the F bomb. Sooooo progressive!!!
Er_ V
Er_ V - Tahun Yang lalu
All you did was complain wow.. you suck
Pedro Tardio Ascarrunz
Pedro Tardio Ascarrunz - Tahun Yang lalu
Please never ever use this girl again, half the time she seems to not know what she's talking about and the other half is just lack of self confidence, please prepare better before making a video