All of the Best Action | 2019 #ThaiGP

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Faiz Arkhan
Faiz Arkhan - 18 hari yang lalu
What about song title in the video
Faiz Arkhan
Faiz Arkhan - 18 hari yang lalu
Please help me
Faiz Arkhan
Faiz Arkhan - 28 hari yang lalu
excuse me, what song title is at the beginning of the video
Faiz Arkhan
Faiz Arkhan - 18 hari yang lalu
Please admin
Bapak Ansori
Bapak Ansori - Bulan Yang lalu
NN 8989
NN 8989 - Bulan Yang lalu
agus setyawan
agus setyawan - Bulan Yang lalu
Bad video editing
friday thirteen
friday thirteen - Bulan Yang lalu
with rossi, lorenzo and vinales not winning, motogp is not the same for me anymore ... just waiting for rossi to hang up his boots so that i may wash my hands off as well
Setia ItuSakit
Setia ItuSakit - Bulan Yang lalu
We Need Highlights Highlights Not Best Action!
ddk y2
ddk y2 - Bulan Yang lalu
now it is time for yamaha to kick rossi out of factory team and give his place to fabio he is guy which yamaha needed the most
geonerd - Bulan Yang lalu
Same shitty song. CHECK!
Same shitty, random, pointless 'direction.' CHECK!
Same shitty flurry of seizure inducing screen cuts. CHECK!
How the hell can you people FAIL in such an epic manner time after time after time....
Rogelio Bustamante Jr.
Rogelio Bustamante Jr. - Bulan Yang lalu
At 0:24 GRT Yamaha from WSBK
At 0:25 to 0:26 Rea, Bautista, and Lowes from WSBK
Jason Friday 13th
Jason Friday 13th - Bulan Yang lalu
cornelmar Cornel
cornelmar Cornel - Bulan Yang lalu
yamaha points'thats ok'congrats mm93'👍👍👍
Stark Raven
Stark Raven - Bulan Yang lalu
Mad props to Quartararo, his time will come. If Yamaha can keep him, we know who's replacing Rossi. And, I suppose, a nod to that one dude for not torpedoing him and winning the championship, I guess.
Leon Palmetshofer
Leon Palmetshofer - Bulan Yang lalu
0:26 Is SBK😂😂😂
Evo Zihad
Evo Zihad - Bulan Yang lalu
0:25 WSBK Bautista and Rea 😅
Power Pawar
Power Pawar - Bulan Yang lalu
Doesn't have proper sequence
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero - Bulan Yang lalu
Sean Dring
Sean Dring - Bulan Yang lalu
Awful editing. I got disorientated because of way too many cuts and scenes. Instead of getting a feel of the event, all I got was visual interference.
Sven Schütt
Sven Schütt - Bulan Yang lalu
May I just do some propaganda? There is a guy (always at the end of the field) named Abraham who was telling in an interview after the race that he was hoping for crashes from other guys just to get one or two points. What’s wrong with that guy ?
I hope that 2020 will be his last season in motogp. It should be. Money means nothing in that circus when you have no talent.
I mean there are 22 fix starters and he is currently in 25th place ...
Nguyễn Anh Quang
Nguyễn Anh Quang - Bulan Yang lalu
Congratz MM93
AH - FIGHTER - Bulan Yang lalu
I am a Fan of Rossi but Marquez is the best GP Rider
Sérgio Antonio Garcia
Sérgio Antonio Garcia - Bulan Yang lalu
Why don't you make the best moments of the race like F1 Chanel?
No Luck JK
No Luck JK - Bulan Yang lalu
The MotoGP eras in the 21st century:
- The Rossi era (2001-2009)
- The Lorenzo era (2010-2012)
- The Marquez era (2013-present)
ddk y2
ddk y2 - Bulan Yang lalu
now it is time for yamaha to kick rossi out of factory team and give his place to fabio he is guy which yamaha needed the most
No Luck JK
No Luck JK - Bulan Yang lalu
@Stark Raven well, Stoner got his title once in both Rossi and Lorenzo eras.
Stark Raven
Stark Raven - Bulan Yang lalu
Forgetting the Stoner Era.
Joey kolk
Joey kolk - Bulan Yang lalu
Ziyan Zhang
Ziyan Zhang - Bulan Yang lalu
MotoGP editing team really should look at how F1 youtube channel is done.
C. Sum
C. Sum - Bulan Yang lalu
This channel should pattern their videos after the formula one channel. Anyone new to motogp (me) would have a hard time following and understanding what happened durning the race when they only play music and super short clips.
Happy Raccoon
Happy Raccoon - Bulan Yang lalu
MotoGP has In The Past done good edits but not in at least 5 years
Ian Lanford
Ian Lanford - Bulan Yang lalu
Wsbk footage. Did you use some weed before editing?
Kean TV
Kean TV - Bulan Yang lalu
Rossi 9 > Marquez 8
U know who's the best
Joey kolk
Joey kolk - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc 6-0 rossi. U know who's the best
Alexandre Cruz
Alexandre Cruz - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc Marquez Champion Again. I Warned. Bets 4 Next Season???🏆🏆🏆
HFR83 - Bulan Yang lalu
This channel sucks
Kile Dale
Kile Dale - Bulan Yang lalu
congrats MM93 for winning again...hope you could always stay on winning. Please try ducati after winning next year again..
Matt 1
Matt 1 - Bulan Yang lalu
WTF is this?! Why don’t you give me a seizure with all the skipping around the video does. What a crap way to cover something.
haries joseph
haries joseph - Bulan Yang lalu
To short video
Krishna Chaithanya
Krishna Chaithanya - Bulan Yang lalu
Martina Stephan
Martina Stephan - Bulan Yang lalu
🏁❤️❤️❤️MM93❤️❤️❤️ the best racer 🏆😍🏁
al denny06
al denny06 - Bulan Yang lalu
0:26 wsbk??
Edwin Edwin
Edwin Edwin - Bulan Yang lalu
Swadee Khap .. ?
Muhammad Taufiq Hidayat
Muhammad Taufiq Hidayat - Bulan Yang lalu
Congratulations Super Marc ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
#YangLainSemakinStressBerkepanjangan 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Alfred Markovic
Alfred Markovic - Bulan Yang lalu
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pufifa - Bulan Yang lalu
Cuntez93 complains "I did all the work, he studyme, then he overtake" when Dovi overtook him.
Now when he does this two time in a row to the Quartararo it is all good and fine 😂 And Quartararo didn't complain at all as Cuntez did.
What a hypocrite piece of shit this Cuntez93 is...
B007 - Bulan Yang lalu
Will the real G.O.A.T please stand on the podium?
juan rodriguez
juan rodriguez - Bulan Yang lalu
Phawasut Chitkhamnung
Phawasut Chitkhamnung - Bulan Yang lalu
MM93​ #1 🏆🏆🏆 🇹🇭🤟🤟😘😘 FC​ Thailand
Earthrotator - Bulan Yang lalu
Waaaaayyyyyy to many cuts. You never know whats going on.
Syed Faiz
Syed Faiz - Bulan Yang lalu
The admin of this channel should resign with immediate effect.. is this what you call best action??
KUM LOMBOK - Bulan Yang lalu
All of them fightings for the winner, but only one get the champion
MrElpajita - Bulan Yang lalu
Best Action?!?!? LMFAO!
You didn’t show any real action here.
You just show bunch of “ vines”, changing shot every seconds, this “ video” looks more like a photo slideshow.
And I was criticizing F1 highlights, but, Moto GP highlights are the worst.
K&N Channel
K&N Channel - Bulan Yang lalu
MM|93 fan for thailand
Sayemum Hasan
Sayemum Hasan - Bulan Yang lalu
Marq what a legend
French Thailand
French Thailand - Bulan Yang lalu
Abdulah Tariq
Abdulah Tariq - Bulan Yang lalu
Marquez will go down in history books as the greatest ever. (coming from a die hard Lorenzo fan)
Abdulah Tariq
Abdulah Tariq - Bulan Yang lalu
I absolutely adore Jorge Lorenzo and the fact that I appreciate Marquez and his unbelievable skill is proof that this guy earns respect even from his opponent's fan. People mention this stuff on social media just to let other people know that these atheletes are absolute legends. I hope you understand now. :)
TheGuy73 - Bulan Yang lalu
Why does everyone have to say whom they are a fan of and why do we always have to choose one side? I am also a Lorenzo fan, but a fan (of course more or less) of everyone else one the grid
สาย เขียว สาย ควัน
AWZ TH. - Bulan Yang lalu
#0:25 world super bike ducatiteam
luigi famarin
luigi famarin - Bulan Yang lalu
0:25 why is there a wsbk clip?
joey ramirez
joey ramirez - Bulan Yang lalu
Anybody see anything besides flashes of quick edits?
geonerd - Bulan Yang lalu
The 'director' of these films is a hyperactive, slightly slow, 6 year old....
Alxrnv ._
Alxrnv ._ - Bulan Yang lalu
00:07 that face😂
SN13K3R - Bulan Yang lalu
0:25 that’s WorldSBK footage 😂
Sven Schütt
Sven Schütt - Bulan Yang lalu
Oh no the crash kid is back looking for a Rossi or Lorenzo to ram them out of the race 😂
Patrick K.
Patrick K. - Bulan Yang lalu
Oh nooo 🙈🙈🙈
Rogelio Bustamante Jr.
Rogelio Bustamante Jr. - Bulan Yang lalu
I was just about to point that out!!
lkg sgh
lkg sgh - Bulan Yang lalu
raflifernanda 308
raflifernanda 308 - Bulan Yang lalu
Whahah lol
Shridhar Gurav
Shridhar Gurav - Bulan Yang lalu
Please learn something from Formula 1 guys. Pathetic video of awesome race...
TH1 FC - Bulan Yang lalu
Fantastic race