iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test! Worlds Toughest Glass!

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Sabdullah Dindang
Sabdullah Dindang - 21 menit yang lalu
Don't break plss.. give me the one.. iPhone 11pro.. my phone is 1000pesos only..😭😭😭😭😭
Mvyx 11
Mvyx 11 - 44 menit yang lalu
Mvyx 11
Mvyx 11 - 44 menit yang lalu
Give me one only
Hanoofhanoo Hanoofhanoo
Hanoofhanoo Hanoofhanoo - Jam Yang lalu
His bro
service - Jam Yang lalu
Name your channel EverythingSamsungPro
Josh Daniel
Josh Daniel - 3 jam yang lalu
I shit you not, I was walking and looking at my iphone 6 and an acorn fell from a tree and cracked my screen!
Jayesh Varchand
Jayesh Varchand - 3 jam yang lalu
The only one glass it's not break even 6ft height
Mavericks play
Mavericks play - 3 jam yang lalu
Bro you are dropping those stuffes there and I can feel shock in my kidneys..😣
xXNoraizer PlayzXx
xXNoraizer PlayzXx - 4 jam yang lalu
Who else thinks the google pixel 4 copied iPhone 11 a bit with the camera
노기문 - 5 jam yang lalu
MCS - 8 jam yang lalu
Why you doing drop test for 10 years? Apple using same glass for every generation. The result must be the same.
MCS - 8 jam yang lalu
Why is this guy so famous for so long???
Excalibur - 9 jam yang lalu
I feel stupid for putting my $1500 iPhone 11 Pro Max in an Otterbox Defender Pro
Ricky - 9 jam yang lalu
Omg brother you are crazy man
Abrari Nasution
Abrari Nasution - 10 jam yang lalu
Ad gk orang indonesia yang nonton ni????
Lucky chaurasia
Lucky chaurasia - 10 jam yang lalu
Vaibhav Agrawal
Vaibhav Agrawal - 12 jam yang lalu
Very shattered
Gaming war
Gaming war - 12 jam yang lalu
Are you scared to fall iphone 11 pro max and pro from roof
Ervin Ujka
Ervin Ujka - 12 jam yang lalu
This makes me sad 😢
J. Sabir
J. Sabir - 12 jam yang lalu
Haan bhaan satii meda yarrrr.. Honr aa doo mekon dy chaa muft :P :P
BB FANDOM GAMEING - 13 jam yang lalu
Love you pls give iPhone 6s pls bro pls bro
iTzz VEN0M
iTzz VEN0M - 16 jam yang lalu
The calling one depends on your height
Tevin Belk
Tevin Belk - 16 jam yang lalu
My phone literally just tapped the ground and now it’s cracked a little. I’m so pissed.
Soudimar Ahamad
Soudimar Ahamad - 17 jam yang lalu
Please give me...
Alex Uribe
Alex Uribe - 17 jam yang lalu
No mames, yo nisiquiera puedo tener el 5 :v y este men dañando el 11 :c triste realidad jajajaja asss, no lo regala así dañado? Ajjajajaja
Karla Rivera
Karla Rivera - 17 jam yang lalu
Done with the give away entering and can I have the iPhone 11 purple plz
Hamringdao Langthasa
Hamringdao Langthasa - 18 jam yang lalu
I want one iPhone can u buy it for me....??
Vannyce Miles
Vannyce Miles - 19 jam yang lalu
Is it just me ... I stop breathing with every test😖😩
unknown user UNKNOWN
unknown user UNKNOWN - 19 jam yang lalu
When has apple ever lied to u
1xx. xx1goldg
1xx. xx1goldg - 21 jam yang lalu
I Gotta admit that he’s kind of cool I don’t drop tests. It also dumb to
Inspired Aliyah
Inspired Aliyah - 22 jam yang lalu
Apple is so lazy their iPhone 6 is probably the best by the videos I’ve seen they are going backwards and aren’t truly putting in their best work 😤
Inspired Aliyah
Inspired Aliyah - 22 jam yang lalu
This hurts my soul
avneet singh
avneet singh - 22 jam yang lalu
Awesome quality maintained by apple
Ding Fro
Ding Fro - 23 jam yang lalu
Just shut the fuck up and drop the phone already
Adrian Sosa Sosa
Adrian Sosa Sosa - Hari Yang lalu
valer vrga. pinche imbecil, denmelo a mi mejor. idiots.
Bacon Dinner
Bacon Dinner - Hari Yang lalu
I've entered just about a trillion giveaways and never won anything
Maciek marksman
Maciek marksman - Hari Yang lalu
That is too much luck for those iPhone
Abdulla T
Abdulla T - Hari Yang lalu
My heart breaks🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕
Martin Xu
Martin Xu - Hari Yang lalu
Does anybody need iPhone 11 pro max clear case? I could provide you guys to test for free!! Just leave a comment, I'll contact you soon.
heroic officer
heroic officer - Hari Yang lalu
Nokia for win LoL
Caleb D
Caleb D - Hari Yang lalu
This hurts me because I still have an iPhone 6 an I desperately want an pone 11
yumlembam kimi
yumlembam kimi - Hari Yang lalu
Okay this video gave me numerous heart attacks😅
Batuhan Özgül
Batuhan Özgül - Hari Yang lalu
Mada fak
Allie Foreman
Allie Foreman - Hari Yang lalu
I’m sorry but I actually find this content disgusting, purely wasting money. How can someone think this is okay, people out in the world that don’t have any money and you are wasting thousands of pounds for a you tube video. If you don’t want the I phone give it to someone that will be thankful for it. Disgusting
Renato Jr
Renato Jr - Hari Yang lalu
hi could you give me an iPhone 11 please
Ramnath Gosavi
Ramnath Gosavi - Hari Yang lalu
Bahi pagal hai Kay.mere address la ka I phone bej de
Shahzaib Chaudary
Shahzaib Chaudary - Hari Yang lalu
Yeah apple is right it is really toughest glass
Empire Club
Empire Club - Hari Yang lalu
bhai shayad tu bahut amir hai
Alessandro Solimeo
Alessandro Solimeo - Hari Yang lalu
who care babe???
who care babe??? - Hari Yang lalu
I drop my iphone 11 and its break. Wth
Sumit Babu Jr
Sumit Babu Jr - Hari Yang lalu
Give Me A iPhone Please Brother 🥺🙏🏻
eddie dane
eddie dane - Hari Yang lalu
wow just imagined owning one of these 😊🤞
Shnookums - Hari Yang lalu
This gives me anxiety
Valentina Barca
Valentina Barca - Hari Yang lalu
I want to see “How to turn an iPhone XR into an iPhone 11”!
I love those type of videos!😍
PB23 PRODUCTION - Hari Yang lalu
Me too
Apna Dashe Style
Apna Dashe Style - Hari Yang lalu
My dream was to baye any one iPhone but i dont have money freand
Shah Izhar
Shah Izhar - Hari Yang lalu
refine refine refine like its much ahahaha
Dinker Kaushal
Dinker Kaushal - Hari Yang lalu
When you gonna try Apple logo light mod on iPhone 11. Regards
Saurabh Tatawat
Saurabh Tatawat - Hari Yang lalu
Very nice video
Pawan kumar Gupta
Pawan kumar Gupta - Hari Yang lalu
l love iphon
but i can't afford that
Todd Samson
Todd Samson - Hari Yang lalu
So interesting how we expect quality packaging and presentation.