It's Time To Move On...

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Selen Cicek
Selen Cicek - 10 jam yang lalu
I’m cryiiiing 😭😣
Aidan Burich
Aidan Burich - 10 jam yang lalu
Please don’t stop making videos, you guys are my favourite ☺️
Darian Shimizu
Darian Shimizu - 11 jam yang lalu
i’m so proud of them for doing this ❤️
Adventurous Captures
Adventurous Captures - 12 jam yang lalu
Damn I’m gonna miss Tuesday’s but this is a really good decision and we all support you 💜🖤
Gracie Grinsteiner
Gracie Grinsteiner - 13 jam yang lalu
so proud of you guys, the best is yet to come!!
Noreen Akhtar
Noreen Akhtar - 13 jam yang lalu
You guy’s need to do what’s beast for you.
chocolate lover
chocolate lover - 13 jam yang lalu
It's ok to cry every tough guy has a soft spot......and if a man crys he isn't afraid to show how he is feeling
Katelyn Jueneman
Katelyn Jueneman - 13 jam yang lalu
thank you for inspiring me, motivating me, humbling me, and making me smile for so many Tuesday’s!! i may not have tuesday tattooed on my skin, but it’s definitely tattooed on my heart.... lmao that’s grayson level cheesy.. srry 😁
Genius Yoongi
Genius Yoongi - 14 jam yang lalu
No offence but the dolan twins kinda don't have friends other than other youtubers. Its mostly always just the two of them. Its only fair that they live their lives just like we, they viewers want to live ours.
Zee - 14 jam yang lalu
Start by changing your channel name.
Floyd1504 - 14 jam yang lalu
No outro. I really hope you boys don't change it. Your outro is class!
Olivia Franks
Olivia Franks - 14 jam yang lalu
People probably aren't going to tell you their life story it I am. I think I posted a comment like almost 1 week ago but going to do it again. First thing in going to say is sorry. What happened to you was terrible and shouldn't happen to anyone ever. I never lost a parent but I have lost people in my life. And in the same way you lost your father. I don't know what your going through cause I never had a father. I never had that best friend or person to look up to. Yes I have a mom but you know how moms are. Anyway I never had someone to talk to. I've always had to depend on my self cause my sister had grandfather my older brother had grandmother and my younger brother had mom. I was tossed to the side forgotten continues times. At school, which is fucking hell, I would get bullied everyday all the time so I know how that feels. After some things happened we moved to Arkansas. Not going to say where cause that's wired but yea. When I moved I found Sam and Colby and they became my home my everything. They made me happy. Then I found yall. Twins that were goofy, awkward, good looking and some how made me laugh and smile when you weren't even doing anything. So I would watch your videos like it was my mom telling my to do the laundry every Tuesday. Y'all became my life. Yea I hate to see the Tuesdays go but if y'all need time to process things or to find yourself again do it. I rather watch happy people making videos 1 a mounth than unhappy people who and videos 1 a week. Being your self is they only thing I want you to do even if you loss every single subscriber cause there is only one of you and you will never loss me cause of mental health issues. Your my world even if I can't get your merch or even see you on tour your my world. And I felt like I've known you for years every if I haven't even seen you. Ethan as Grayson please don't be people you don't want to be for videos oiff it stresses you out or if you hate it cause I don't know about others but I could tell something wasn't right. The little things that y'all did and said in this video. Especially you gray. I don't know I just....... It was the way you did some things you normally did I don't know. Do what you love not what random ass 3year olds tell you what to do and what to say in YOUR videos. I know this is VERY fucking long but I just hope you know that I don't care how much you post. I just care if you both are happy doing what your doing. Cause you life stated at the age I'm typing this out right know. Fucking 14!! That's scary but also not at the same time. I always wanted to do this cause of you and other people who made me think about life differently everyday. I want people to look at me and say "cause of you I didn't give up." And know I'm telling you cause you you both I didn't give up. I didn't kill myself cause of people treating me differently. Cause you made my life have purpose. So thank you for that. Love you both so very much. See you soon I hope. Peace ✌✌✌✌✌
Sophia Carroll
Sophia Carroll - 14 jam yang lalu
When they were describing their tattoos and they started laughing ( 1:02:18 I think) that’s the laugh I missed from when they were 15. I love them and I knew that they weren’t in their best place like a couple months ago and to see them doing something better for them makes me happy. Wish y’all luck because 2020 is going to be great for you two!!
bavi Nathan
bavi Nathan - 15 jam yang lalu
Its fucking insane how they going thru such hard time mentally and they are still some stupid girls out there oversexualizing them on their ig instead of wishing them well... absolutely disgusting smfh
dana coppock
dana coppock - 15 jam yang lalu
You could just set work hours. You could work from morning until late afternoon. That would leave you with tour evenings and weekend. It's a job, right? Put in 40 hours and save the rest of your time for yourself.
dana coppock
dana coppock - 15 jam yang lalu
260 Tuesdays inside of 5 years. Quick reminder...there are 52 weeks in one year.
Kalyani Deshpande
Kalyani Deshpande - 15 jam yang lalu
I'm just putting this out there that honestly idgaf abt the breaks you guys take if you guys feel like its what you need then obviously go for it, because you guys have a life outside of youtube and if you just wanna take a break no ones stopping you we all love you both so much that your mental health is way more important than some videos❤️❤️
Valeria Rosario
Valeria Rosario - 15 jam yang lalu
:D I love it I subscribed
Valeria Rosario
Valeria Rosario - 15 jam yang lalu
Valeria Rosario
Valeria Rosario - 15 jam yang lalu
h i
h i - 16 jam yang lalu
whatever makes you happy :) posting weekly doesn’t make a difference to how everyone thinks of you and especially love you. 💘🥰
take as long as you want, if you want to move on do whatever actually makes you happy. carry on with your lives because you have an amazing future ahead of you two. 😘❤️😌
CuteFluffy Wolf
CuteFluffy Wolf - 16 jam yang lalu
It’s gonna be hard without them these next few weeks 😔
Kenleigh Barnes
Kenleigh Barnes - 17 jam yang lalu
I’m 18 and seeing how they change helps me realize how much I have changed. I’ve always been told to take car of yourself before you can think or do something about someone else. This is exactly what they need to do. Get your stuff together before you worry about other people. It’s hard, but you can get through it 💕
Frederik Rokamp Pedersen
Frederik Rokamp Pedersen - 17 jam yang lalu
You are two very strong people. You’re doing great 💪🏼
Alex Rickli
Alex Rickli - 17 jam yang lalu
You guys really have been going through a lot and it makes me happy to see that you're taking the time for yourself to relax and become who you really are. i myself have been in the position where i do so much that it drags on my mental health too and im glad to see you guys maturing your you tube selves to the level of maturity that you already have in real life. you guys are doing so well and im happy to see that.
Jenna Lasky
Jenna Lasky - 17 jam yang lalu
Got tired of pranking each other so they decided to prank us
Everydayweeb - 18 jam yang lalu
Ok so your 19 go live your fucking life if we truly love your then we would be supportive your guys mentle health is helping me and other people and if it means I have to wait then I'll wait bc I no that your happy and you being happy means I'm happy knowing that I'm not watching a fake person and we fucking love you so take you break and process what your going through bc we are loyal an we love you spend time with your family and love your self bc you need to worry about your self before anything else and your not disappointing anyone 😊💜💜❤❤❤❤💗
Dayton Stockwell
Dayton Stockwell - 18 jam yang lalu
1:20 is this a coming out video?
Joyce Mata
Joyce Mata - 18 jam yang lalu
57:31 part is so sad. The purple couch being gone awwww. But you guys,its for yourselves. u both now growing up and wanting new path than filming every week. I will miss you both doing videos ethan and ❤
Karina Villagrana
Karina Villagrana - 18 jam yang lalu
You should talk to us your humans and all humans have emissions you should lessen to him do videos with your mom
Wilhan burger
Wilhan burger - 19 jam yang lalu
Love you guys can’t wait till the future ❤️🤟🏼🤙🏼
Kristina Morales
Kristina Morales - 19 jam yang lalu
Good luck
Charity Robins
Charity Robins - 20 jam yang lalu
Hey dudes. Never ever feel guilty for taking time off. You are human beings too. You need time to rest. You need to have fun. Your first priority should be you, not everyone else
DJrissaJ - 20 jam yang lalu
This is the first Dolan Twins video I have ever watched, because I saw Shane in the thumbnail. It was actually published on my dad's birthday (he passed away 2 years ago from cancer) and it helped me process and relate. Keep up these types of videos
Flora The Gabs
Flora The Gabs - 20 jam yang lalu
I was thinking that they were gonna like end their channel, omg
Cerenity Moreno
Cerenity Moreno - 21 jam yang lalu
The Dolan Twins saying people probably wont like their new sleves just breaks my heart because the deserve the world and no matter what choice they choose i will always and forver support them
YagirlWisdom - 21 jam yang lalu
am i the only one who almost cried when they said it was the last intro?
H Y - 21 jam yang lalu
Guys. Let me just tell you that after about an entire year, THIS is the video that I decided I would watch. Because my life slowly started falling apart, I was like "oh well no more time for yt videos" and also your videos became more pressured. I felt it. The purely genuine vibe was replaced with a hurried panicked pressured "big boy job" vibe cause this is just how you make money. So I was like the videos will just make me feel more sad because it reminded me that real life is tough and ruthless and unforgiving and it makes you do things you don't want to, because you need to survive. And I realized that being almost the same age (I'm 3 months older than you) we're both slowly being caged in by the reality of adult life AT THE SAME TIME. So even though I never stopped checking in every like 2 months, I did stop watching every single video cause watching your anxiety gave me anxiety. You hid it well but for someone who was also experiencing anxiety in the transition from a teenager to an adult, and discovering themselves and the world and the "why" of things, it wasn't really hard for me to imagine all the pressure behind every single video.
And here I am after a year because you made another sit-and-talk video. I like these the MOST because they're literally real life and right now the only thing that could make me feel good is watching people being people and not money-making machines whose only purpose in life seems to be survival.
And I swear to everything holy that if you quit yt forever and found another regular job I wouldn't mind the slightest bit and if anything, I would be assured that somewhere out there two people made a decision to prioritize themselves and live a healthy life.
Bottom line, YOU COME FIRST. I'd say I'll support you no matter what, except it's really not about support. It's about taking comfort in knowing the fact that at least two people in the world are just that much genuine, enough to drop everything and start building a life all over again because they are REAL people and not another messed up product of the system.
You're the center of your own universe. Don't ever forget.
Normal Human
Normal Human - 21 jam yang lalu
My Dads in hospital right now because of his cancer and hasn’t had a break from it because he’s had it 3 times in the past 4 years so I can relate to how you felt at that time with your own father❤️
Grace Mahlman
Grace Mahlman - 21 jam yang lalu
Shane is the YouTube therapist
Anna's Corner0562
Anna's Corner0562 - 21 jam yang lalu
I lost my aunt in 2016.... so watching this video it’s definitely made me cry because when the twins are mentioning how life is for them without their dad, makes me look at my cousins and see that once my cousin becomes a mom or walks down the isle that’s gonna make her flash back to reality that her mom isn’t going to be there to help her with this kind of things. So Ethan and Grayson you guys need to take as much time to heal from the damage that has happened and I know that once this has happened than you will come back and the videos will have the same feeling and vibe as back when you just started posting at 14
Tori A
Tori A - 22 jam yang lalu
Honestly, mad respect for both of you. You really deserve a long break to gather all your thoughts, spend time with your family and just to be teenagers. I think I speak for all your viewers when I say... we understand and love you. Keep strong and you guys are awesome.
See you whenever you guys are ready.
Natalie T
Natalie T - 22 jam yang lalu
I hope Jenna marbles sees this video. It has to be hard to put a video up every week. I think the podcasts she does are genuine and i like the streams but a part of me wishes her videos would push the limits of what she can do. Shes mad talented but i cant help feeling having a weekly deadline is holding her content back.
Pita Pie
Pita Pie - 22 jam yang lalu
we wind be upset with you, you guys need the break, you guys need to slow down with you uploads if that’s what’s best
Pita Pie
Pita Pie - 22 jam yang lalu
265 tuesdays in 5 years
Nakia Sutton
Nakia Sutton - 22 jam yang lalu
I’ve known who you are but I am not your demographic. I am 44 and stumbled on this video. The mom in me is screaming for you to sit down and please go to therapy. It’s too much. I am so sorry you two are going through so much and haven’t had time to be your true selves. You really need a break.. and hugs...and cookies.. start traveling, go to school, live a life, have joy...your agents are not looking out for you at all...please start living your life...
Mariam Lifestyle
Mariam Lifestyle - 23 jam yang lalu
Atlist you realize that sooner than later 😍you guys are amazing and if you need time you should take time and im sure your fans will understand,you don’t have to feel like you letting your dad down if your happy that what will make your dad proud and he will be happy for you,...he wouldn’t want to see you suffering just because you want to continue to do the same thing and same way its okay to change as they say “people grow and change “ others change in bad way and other in good way. what i see you grow into good,and wise men
Linda Maria
Linda Maria - 23 jam yang lalu
Kaitlyn Giarrusso
Kaitlyn Giarrusso - 23 jam yang lalu
“brace for cheese”
-ethan dolan 2019
Dhruti Ghedia
Dhruti Ghedia - 23 jam yang lalu
Accidentally... The last message they gave with the sad, excited music made me cry aloottttt! But it is for those bros right there.
Johnson Daniella
Johnson Daniella - Hari Yang lalu
i want you guys to know that no matter what u decide to do in life all of us supports will love you. your emotions mean more to us then you will ever know and we want you to actually be happy. please take all the time you need and just know that we love and support you always 💖
Dhruti Ghedia
Dhruti Ghedia - Hari Yang lalu
You guys really need a break...
You have worked for all of us for sooooo long, sooooo hard that you guys have literally have spent all your week for a video.
I can understand what you were feeling while you were going through the stage where you lost your dad.
At that time, you did not make videos for us, you made videos for your dad. You just wanted him happy.
Love you guys so much and care for you guys even more!! Please, you need to take a break, you have done a lot for all of us and we reeaaallllyyy appreciate that!!!
Do you agree too?
Summer Salazar
Summer Salazar - Hari Yang lalu
When they were talkin bout their tattoos I was thinking what if their kids are born on a Tuesday😂❤️❤️
Lily Clem
Lily Clem - Hari Yang lalu
It’s took me 2 weeks to actually watch this video. Babes take as much time as you need we totally understand ♥️
Simona Däni
Simona Däni - Hari Yang lalu
Guys, you don't have to post every week. It is more important that you're healthy and you put your heart and soul into the videos. You should do what you enjoy. You should be proud of yourselves and your creation, your videos. You should show your growth and your emotions. Because we will adapt and understand. You should process everything that happened to you and only then continue with Youtube again. Also you should leave out one to several weeks, if your not feeling well once again. You have to look to yourselves and not to us, because we also have to be able to do that ourselves.
Atiana Gutierrez
Atiana Gutierrez - Hari Yang lalu
REMEMBER back then when they made a video with the psychic twins they said that there will be a point that they will keep wanting to impress there fans and it will become to much pressure, there fore they will feel like they need to upload less.
Danny Kent
Danny Kent - Hari Yang lalu
Shane Dawson, for a twist, record workouts with Dolan twins. Title the series "Transforming Shane Dawson?"
Unity Marure
Unity Marure - Hari Yang lalu
I think you guys are great!!! Look forward to seeing you guys grow as people 💛
Unity Marure
Unity Marure - Hari Yang lalu
Kawaii Potato Bean XD
Kawaii Potato Bean XD - Hari Yang lalu
Do you really think I watched this whole video without skipping?

Well yes I did 😂