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Kayla Hilaire
Kayla Hilaire - Jam Yang lalu
Oh come on, I know they said that this house is because they are gonna grow their family, but, really? How many kids are you gonna have? 75? And there's no need to waste their money on things they don't need, what about the ppl who need it? Plus, they got MOST of their money from YouTube, its not unlike they had to work HARD like a real job for it.
Bertha Meza
Bertha Meza - Jam Yang lalu
Roman 7
Roman 7 - Jam Yang lalu
Вините перевод на русски
Erika morata
Erika morata - Jam Yang lalu
Jada Queen
Jada Queen - Jam Yang lalu
Elle is so cute
Molly and Alexa Funtime
Molly and Alexa Funtime - Jam Yang lalu
My birthday is May 28
macarena valenzuela
macarena valenzuela - 2 jam yang lalu
Wishing I could swim hahha
Young California
Young California - 2 jam yang lalu
You should put rails around the pool for safety
alicia - 2 jam yang lalu
hey ace family me and my cuz are number one fan and we wacth evey video
macarena valenzuela
macarena valenzuela - 2 jam yang lalu
Jessica Massey
Jessica Massey - 2 jam yang lalu
done and love you all💞
Desiree Odle
Desiree Odle - 2 jam yang lalu
Love you guy's. Xoxo Congratulations on finally moving in!
clarisa calderon
clarisa calderon - 3 jam yang lalu
I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️
Avry ToysReview
Avry ToysReview - 3 jam yang lalu
You guys should pick like 10 random ace family members to help you unpack and organize your home. Giving back in a way 🤷🏻‍♀️😩😩😩
paige michalowski
paige michalowski - 3 jam yang lalu
that pool is the most unsafe thing ever
Alex Luke
Alex Luke - 4 jam yang lalu
Hope it doesn’t get robbed again oh wait
Natalia Sanchez
Natalia Sanchez - 4 jam yang lalu
Omg i love mr catepillar‼️💗
aintthatsum - 6 jam yang lalu
Where the house tour I swear pls don’t cap
Jojo Unicorn
Jojo Unicorn - 6 jam yang lalu
I held my breath the same time as Austin when he was swimming and it actually quite easy
Princess Bae_K!
Princess Bae_K! - 6 jam yang lalu
Me watching the ace family working out and being skinny legends
ALSO ME: eating ice cream while sitting down being lazy💀😂
MAHI & KID VLOGS - 6 jam yang lalu
hello youtube we are ethiopian youtubers ,we are doing so well but we are not gaining any views please motivate us by subscribing help us reach 10,000 subscribers ACE FAMILY pin our comment
Valentina Cordova
Valentina Cordova - 6 jam yang lalu
Dyane Diaz
Dyane Diaz - 6 jam yang lalu
When is there going to be a house tour
Bryleigh Moore
Bryleigh Moore - 6 jam yang lalu
all i gotta say is.. the amount of pool parties that elle and alaïa are gonna have ...
وصفات نعيمة Wasafat Naima
بصحتكم أنتم عائلة جميلة ❤
Caroline Burkett
Caroline Burkett - 6 jam yang lalu
Faviola Carrion
Faviola Carrion - 6 jam yang lalu
Kimberly Mayen
Kimberly Mayen - 6 jam yang lalu
Why is the ace family pure lies. They show off their richness. I'm unsubbing. They don't care if they lie to you guys. In my opinion the bramfam is better. They are true and they are funnier. Everyone unsub to them.
Axel Hernandez
Axel Hernandez - 6 jam yang lalu
Use me as a dislike button
Mimi Mc
Mimi Mc - 8 jam yang lalu
Homework is the most important thing!
shelby chrastil
shelby chrastil - 8 jam yang lalu
We love u guys for u not were u live
Ganiu Bawa-Allah
Ganiu Bawa-Allah - 8 jam yang lalu
R I c h h o e m.
Ganiu Bawa-Allah
Ganiu Bawa-Allah - 8 jam yang lalu
$ 100000 Rich House 1 billion 200000,0000
Dianne Jimenez
Dianne Jimenez - 9 jam yang lalu
Layla Tollevsen
Layla Tollevsen - 9 jam yang lalu
I love the ace family 💖🔥
Kristen C.
Kristen C. - 9 jam yang lalu
you guys are still a thing?
Vids by Aaliyah
Vids by Aaliyah - 9 jam yang lalu
Jayalee Hardstaff
Jayalee Hardstaff - 10 jam yang lalu
Done please can I have a post notification shoutout
Florrie Mason
Florrie Mason - 10 jam yang lalu
I’ve got that caterpillar!!!!
Jeffrey Ray
Jeffrey Ray - 10 jam yang lalu
L use to ride on it
Rotodo Godiva
Rotodo Godiva - 10 jam yang lalu
These guys are rich asf it isn’t even realistic ! Damn
Nomuhle Sithole
Nomuhle Sithole - 11 jam yang lalu
I'll come if you pay for my flifht and take me from the airport
M & C Nation
M & C Nation - 11 jam yang lalu
This week plz Catherine’s right
Chloe Saunders
Chloe Saunders - 12 jam yang lalu
Done ✅ ❤️
Emma Kate Shafer
Emma Kate Shafer - 12 jam yang lalu
give me a like if they should give us the house tour
gabriella braile
gabriella braile - 12 jam yang lalu
seeing the caterpillar gave me nostalgia 😩
Alexa Cooney
Alexa Cooney - 12 jam yang lalu
You guys should do a challenge in the pool last to leave the pool wins
emmabvlogs vlogs
emmabvlogs vlogs - 13 jam yang lalu
This is how many people love Alaia

Taryn Lake
Taryn Lake - 13 jam yang lalu
I swear I was not as smart as Elle when I 3 was abt as smart as her when I was like 5 or6
Jayleen Melendez
Jayleen Melendez - 13 jam yang lalu
I love u guys😃
Noemi Rosas
Noemi Rosas - 14 jam yang lalu
When Austin is in the other side of the pool and says hey ace family got me dead😂😂
ThatBadGuy - 14 jam yang lalu
Unicorn Lati
Unicorn Lati - 14 jam yang lalu
My goodness Elle such a smart and beautiful baby girl!
willie Washington
willie Washington - 14 jam yang lalu
i love elle and alhe they cute
no joke
no joke - 14 jam yang lalu
Braylen Pleasant
Braylen Pleasant - 14 jam yang lalu
Emily Horning
Emily Horning - 15 jam yang lalu
Omg I just released that the beats in the back in of the intro music match’s the foots steps of austin😮😊❤️
Nahaila Willey
Nahaila Willey - 15 jam yang lalu
Doooneeee, I was done like a million years ago, but I just never said it
ANGEL STAY LIT - 15 jam yang lalu
Paul Unterburger
Paul Unterburger - 15 jam yang lalu
elle looks like liza
Jo Gemma
Jo Gemma - 16 jam yang lalu
two two
two two - 17 jam yang lalu
Briana Landa
Briana Landa - 17 jam yang lalu
How about instead of flaunting your wealth buying an unnecessarily gigantic house and unnecessary expensive cars and clothes you did something meaningful with your wealth you been blessed with and give .. you live in LA .. I’m sure you know all about the Los Angeles homelessness crisis. when we have more than we need we have an obligation to give .. but just goes to show your true character.
Chronic Law
Chronic Law - 18 jam yang lalu
Their bed is bigger than my whole room literally
Chronic Law
Chronic Law - 18 jam yang lalu
Anyone peep Elle got a 6 pack , im 5 times her age and ion got a 1 pack 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Saffron Bailey
Saffron Bailey - 19 jam yang lalu
OMG I have a Wallis in my house
kojo funds
kojo funds - 19 jam yang lalu
The intro is good
Tallyn McCullough
Tallyn McCullough - 20 jam yang lalu
Thier just liars!! You can like them/ and believe them if u want but..they lied about dating for 3 years..Catherine lies about no surgery/a nose job..Catherine used to be in a group with these girls who are paid EXTREME amounts of money to sleep with RICH!! And FAMOUS men..
Anne Ventura
Anne Ventura - 20 jam yang lalu
house tour!!!!
Slayy_ channel Forever
Slayy_ channel Forever - 20 jam yang lalu
I have the same shoes as Elle
Hsin Je Lim
Hsin Je Lim - 20 jam yang lalu
My families one and mines is called mickey and you guys are wally
Carla Ferreira
Carla Ferreira - 20 jam yang lalu
Omg thats so cool!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Dellorco
Joe Dellorco - 21 jam yang lalu
Done. I was already subscribed but you tube took me off so I had to re subscribe. You guys should say that in the next video so people check. Love yous
Alisa Wood
Alisa Wood - 22 jam yang lalu
sidali1couture - 22 jam yang lalu
House tour! House tour!House tour!
joe elhalabi
joe elhalabi - 22 jam yang lalu
I have a feeling that Ella’s surprise in the backyard is a sandpit and the older people’s surprise is a place to sit and relax
Leonna Maghiari
Leonna Maghiari - 22 jam yang lalu
My b-day is may 28
michaels truly
michaels truly - 23 jam yang lalu
it’s crazy because i’ve been watching the ace family for so long i’ve watched elle grow up and it’s so crazy 😢
emily figueroa
emily figueroa - 23 jam yang lalu
I’m subscribed to y’all give me a apple giveaway iPhone X or I will delete y’all,
Kevin SEO
Kevin SEO - Hari Yang lalu
Why he swim like that 😫