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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - 11 hari yang lalu
throwin’ it back to our old school trick shot days 🏸 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️ 🎾 🥏🏐🥍
thanks for watching guys. we seriously appreciate you a ton
Hazards - 12 jam yang lalu
Your the best youtuber ever for me
Gabriele Fontana
Gabriele Fontana - 13 jam yang lalu
Samantha Stephens
Samantha Stephens - 17 jam yang lalu
Dude Perfect thank you for adding volleyball
Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma - Hari Yang lalu
How about a badminton trick shots video
raldyn aclan
raldyn aclan - Hari Yang lalu
can i get t'shirt..😊😊😊😊
Fitness Falcon
Fitness Falcon - 8 jam yang lalu
In the title you guys say that all sports trick short where is cricket dudes 🏏🙅😒
Headshot Spy
Headshot Spy - 8 jam yang lalu
Verry imprrsive,but can you make a airplane stereqtypes
MiNeCrAfT TnT - 8 jam yang lalu
Overtime 13
Mo Playz
Mo Playz - 8 jam yang lalu
Every time they make a shot there's always that sound thats like "YEahhHhhh!!!!!!!!"
Dimas Arya
Dimas Arya - 8 jam yang lalu
Badminton Trick Shots please DP
Mo Playz
Mo Playz - 8 jam yang lalu
They should make a School Stereotype video
Mr. Gamer/Vlogger
Mr. Gamer/Vlogger - 8 jam yang lalu
Stunt Driving Battle 2 anyone?
Tyrone Vlogz
Tyrone Vlogz - 8 jam yang lalu
Do the overtime 12
Syed Rashid
Syed Rashid - 9 jam yang lalu
When is the new video coming out
Sidan - 9 jam yang lalu
Вы тоже листаете в конец, чтобы посмотреть их фэйлы
Nick Shea
Nick Shea - 9 jam yang lalu
Y’all have over 3 times as many subriver as David Dobrik. Yet u still hardly get more views than him per video...
Lylyly lylyly4
Lylyly lylyly4 - 10 jam yang lalu
Hey like this vidio😊
黄大仙儿 - 10 jam yang lalu
The two elders of the mysterious world 😂😂😂😂
SlimPasty - 10 jam yang lalu
مصطفى الباشا
مصطفى الباشا - 10 jam yang lalu
Julia Rab
Julia Rab - 10 jam yang lalu
Can you also do a handball trickshot next time? 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
Yasseen Mohamed
Yasseen Mohamed - 11 jam yang lalu
nooop and donkey
CM Kannan
CM Kannan - 11 jam yang lalu
I will give like to every videos
EsHKa ShoW
EsHKa ShoW - 11 jam yang lalu
Ping pong? Maybe part 2 plssssssss
Roman Pirogov
Roman Pirogov - 11 jam yang lalu
*Please subscribe to my channel,watch VIDOS,give it a like*
Roman Pirogov
Roman Pirogov - 11 jam yang lalu
*Help to get 1000 subscribers,I will delight VIDOS*
Chase Zander
Chase Zander - 11 jam yang lalu
can you do volleyball trick shots plz
Keira Ng
Keira Ng - 13 jam yang lalu
wait twins??
Zinen Barril
Zinen Barril - 13 jam yang lalu
Please do the badminton trickshots, cause I’m a big fan of dude perfect and I am a big fan also in badminton...🏸😍😍😍
Gabriele Fontana
Gabriele Fontana - 13 jam yang lalu
kacep kuh120
kacep kuh120 - 14 jam yang lalu
Subcibers me plisss🙏🙏
Jason Gonzalez
Jason Gonzalez - 14 jam yang lalu
You will have 240 million subscribers by 2024
Brody Lane
Brody Lane - 14 jam yang lalu
You left out Wrestling!!
Om Prakash Lathi
Om Prakash Lathi - 15 jam yang lalu
please make all SPORTS GOLF BATTLE 4
Ronaldo Fan
Ronaldo Fan - 15 jam yang lalu
hey sorry for the late comment but here’s an idea!
dodgeball stereotype!
1) Mr. Excuses
2) The Showoff
3) Rage monster
4)The Scared Guy
5)The No-Aim Guy
6)The Always Targeted Guy
7)The “coach” player
8)The Fake Injury
9)The Trash Guy
10)The Guy Who No One Picks
*maybe even panda!*
edit: could we get another overtime? i love overtime’s.
Lil Gum /Nathan
Lil Gum /Nathan - 15 jam yang lalu
Tech deck addition
Bill Booc
Bill Booc - 15 jam yang lalu
do yo yo trickshot
like if u agree
Jackson Mills
Jackson Mills - 15 jam yang lalu
Just moved away from Prosper, the new stadium looks sick
James PP
James PP - 15 jam yang lalu
Do a school syreotyeps
Ethan Kam (Grade 3)
Ethan Kam (Grade 3) - 16 jam yang lalu
make a grapping hook trick shot
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller - 16 jam yang lalu
Yo ur collab with Jenna marbles ruled
Tucker Formanski
Tucker Formanski - 16 jam yang lalu
I think the bowling trick shot is fake??
balaji kulasekaran
balaji kulasekaran - 16 jam yang lalu
Awesome performance dude
Raja Gaming
Raja Gaming - 16 jam yang lalu
Indo mna suara nya
Jamani Maxwell
Jamani Maxwell - 16 jam yang lalu
I believe you to become the next PewDiePie
Jamani Maxwell
Jamani Maxwell - 16 jam yang lalu
I’ve been watching you since 1 million subscribers
INDIAN REVIEWS - 16 jam yang lalu
*these people are aliens*
Honest YouTube Reviews
Honest YouTube Reviews - 16 jam yang lalu
Video: All Sports Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
Creator: Dude Perfect
Published: Oct 7, 2019
Rating: 8/10
Another classic trick shot video from Dude Perfect, which brings viewers the nostalgia of the channel's humble beginnings. Although the difficulty of trick shots has started to wane, this can be attributed to aging and less creativity. Fortunately, the video is edited and presented very nicely with upbeat background music to go along with their signature celebrations. Overall, this is another quality trick shot video that reminds viewers that they still got their magic touch. 💪💪💪
Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed, please leave a like to show your support!
Cael Fielding
Cael Fielding - 16 jam yang lalu
Trick shots at Prosper stadium? That’s where I go to school.
Charles Asplin
Charles Asplin - 16 jam yang lalu
Overtime 11 plz
Emaad Zaheer
Emaad Zaheer - 17 jam yang lalu
I’m a northern bros
Hannah Mathews
Hannah Mathews - 17 jam yang lalu
Yes!! Finally, my sport is represented! Volleyball for life!
Noah Bryeans
Noah Bryeans - 17 jam yang lalu
Surya Pillai
Surya Pillai - 17 jam yang lalu
next u can try cricket
Rido Nur Hakim
Rido Nur Hakim - 17 jam yang lalu
From indonesia like👍🏻
Storm Media
Storm Media - 17 jam yang lalu
Btw I have a question (just wondering) have you ever gotten a Community Guidelines strike? I'm your new subscriber.
REBMAY C.S - 18 jam yang lalu
Le daras like si te gusta dude perfect 👇
Kaleb Cash
Kaleb Cash - 18 jam yang lalu
I did it
Michel Afton /DjSimeonWeaver
Michel Afton /DjSimeonWeaver - 18 jam yang lalu
Ty, Cody, how was flying with the BA (Blue Angels)?
Tít - 18 jam yang lalu
Video rất thú vị ..,!
Ryder Mansell
Ryder Mansell - 19 jam yang lalu
He makes the shot as he hits his juul
thedraft3r - 19 jam yang lalu
More like perfect dudes
Dick Cheese Tv
Dick Cheese Tv - 19 jam yang lalu
If dude perfect failed her trickshot

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