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15 902
Fabrixiio - 38 detik yang lalu
I liked the stranger things 4 trailer
lasarith2 - 44 detik yang lalu
To be fair Paul wouldn’t know about the 2016 movie - considering he was in the Quantum realm.
bubble gti
bubble gti - 48 detik yang lalu
I feel so funky 🤘🏻 officially soooo excited about GB 🚨🙌🏻👻
jherrenor - Menit Yang lalu
This reminds me of the feeling I got after watching Bumblebee, i.e. the real Transformers film. Now this looks like we're finally getting the right treatment for a real Ghostbusters film since 1 and 2. The 2016 one did not happen.
WarGamerGirl - Menit Yang lalu
This looks like a lot of fun.  I'm really excited to watch this =)
JOSHUA GROSS - Menit Yang lalu
Who you going call
Otaku Omega
Otaku Omega - Menit Yang lalu
Sooooooo much better then that feminism ghost busters like they doing this movie right
Matias Jacobs
Matias Jacobs - 2 menit yang lalu
Stranger things prt 2
fehim - 3 menit yang lalu
Merakla bekliyorum
Hard Work
Hard Work - 3 menit yang lalu
Just the right amount of black people in the film :)
alligatorrr - 3 menit yang lalu
like it. if you also liked the trailer
serigraph73 - 4 menit yang lalu
Ugh....wish the stranger things kid was not in this, but I will be seeing it and hope it does well.
Stephen Jennings
Stephen Jennings - 4 menit yang lalu
Where's the original cast?
Screen Apple
Screen Apple - 5 menit yang lalu
Evan Longacre
Evan Longacre - 5 menit yang lalu
This actually seems original while staying in the 80s ghostbusters universe, this put a smile on my face, the new decade is going to start off right
spektakelkd - 5 menit yang lalu
oh ffs
Malachi 96
Malachi 96 - 5 menit yang lalu
The ghost of the ghostbusters are here
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins - 6 menit yang lalu
As of this post Ghostbusters 2016 cast made 15,811 fake accounts to dislike this movie.
soulbytes - 6 menit yang lalu
Ghostbuster ?
Jovocop - 7 menit yang lalu
Are we ever gonna get an actual movie and not a remake or prequel or whatever else we need new movies with creativity.
AwesomeGamzer yt
AwesomeGamzer yt - 7 menit yang lalu
Finn Wolfhard gets hired for everything
Rony wmt
Rony wmt - 7 menit yang lalu
Si una formula les funciono repitan eso, espero esta sea buena aunque esperaba una historia de ellos como adultos
Tesla Kuhn
Tesla Kuhn - 7 menit yang lalu
We ain't got nothin left 'cept ALL THIS HERE LAND and possibly abandoned mining operatioin of some kind. Yep.
Mud Dobber
Mud Dobber - 8 menit yang lalu
Yay! They kept the car!!!!
SNBoomer - 8 menit yang lalu
Not one Cameo...🤨
Wicked Comics
Wicked Comics - 8 menit yang lalu
15,000 SJW's, that wanted the 2016 cast included in this. The majority has spoken, never mention 2016 again.
Myikie Kam
Myikie Kam - 8 menit yang lalu
That stranger things acting is coming in handy now, eh?
Adám - 8 menit yang lalu
Chris Hemsworth, Paul Rudd, what’s next ? Rdj!!?
GhostermanYT - 8 menit yang lalu
It's a new take on a beloved franchise and I love it!
EpicSexGay - 9 menit yang lalu
remember when ghostbusters used to be funny and lighthearted?
ReticularTunic7 - 9 menit yang lalu
Wait, this isnt a reboot ?! Its a sequel to the original ?!
Michael Pierce
Michael Pierce - 9 menit yang lalu
Inb4 bill Murray pulls a space jam , shows up at the end with the photon pack on and the voiceover we here in the trailer is that dialogue as he comes on the screen.
Anaemic Epidemic
Anaemic Epidemic - 9 menit yang lalu
Guys they act like 2016 doesn't exist because it takes place in a different universe
Lets Get These Certs
Lets Get These Certs - 10 menit yang lalu
omg wow!!!!!
This is the ghost busters we have been waiting for!
madsqgardensnyk - 10 menit yang lalu
Staring Paul Rudd. Playing Paul Rudd.
Miranda D
Miranda D - 10 menit yang lalu
I liked the female ghostbusters movie. They did so well!
New 24 for 7 Divya
New 24 for 7 Divya - 10 menit yang lalu
Anaemic Epidemic
Anaemic Epidemic - 10 menit yang lalu
م جهانی
م جهانی - 11 menit yang lalu
چه کوسوشر ....سیکتیل
Citizen55 - 12 menit yang lalu
"There hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years."
So this is set in 2029?? Ghostbusters II was set on Millenium New Years Eve... 31 Dec 1999