Stranger Things 3 | Official Final Trailer | Netflix

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Ousman Ceesay
Ousman Ceesay - 38 menit yang lalu
Season 1: Where is my son
Season 2: What is wrong with my son
Season 3: What is wrong with my magnets
Andrea Valdovinos
Andrea Valdovinos - Jam Yang lalu
I feel like they gonna stop this show like at season 4 or 5 😑
UnityPrime Robotics
UnityPrime Robotics - Jam Yang lalu
Vanessa Arellano
Vanessa Arellano - 2 jam yang lalu
I want more seasons❤️
TECH savage
TECH savage - 3 jam yang lalu
I want to see this
YungBL - 3 jam yang lalu
Yes now Dustybun!
HeyImMr potatoe !
HeyImMr potatoe ! - 3 jam yang lalu
I'm so sad I want stranger things4 I can't wait but I look at tv so was triggered and recap :(
EmRys - 5 jam yang lalu
was this a copy of “Dark”? also in netflix?
Pubg Gamer
Pubg Gamer - 6 jam yang lalu
“You cant spell america without erica”
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez - 7 jam yang lalu
Jonathan Byers is look like a teenage Rob Corddry..
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer - 8 jam yang lalu
Hi there
I love watching stranger things but
icant fully watch it beacause i dont have netflix acc and tv so i can enjoy it
by the way i realy realy like eleven idk her full name.I LOVE STRANGER THINGSSSS
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan - 8 jam yang lalu
Season 3 was fun to watch. Good job Duffer brothers. Can't wait for season 4!
MáññaM RáJ
MáññaM RáJ - 8 jam yang lalu
8.2k dislikes 🤔🤔 I think it's from upside down 😎😎
Jibreel's Movies Productions
Jibreel's Movies Productions - 6 jam yang lalu
You are so right
Aamir - 8 jam yang lalu
i love how they didn’t spoil that billy was evil even though they kinda did but not in an obvious way lol
Riley Mason
Riley Mason - 9 jam yang lalu
El:B-But I closed the gate
Me:this show is freaking popular like duh
Russians:did you lock da gate
Marissa Nava
Marissa Nava - 10 jam yang lalu
Man I just watched the trailers of season 1 and 2 and everything's changed😂😢
o l g a
o l g a - 10 jam yang lalu
Oh God, tell me Hopper is alive
Bartek Klonowski
Bartek Klonowski - 11 jam yang lalu
Now im waiting on season 4 trailer
Thanos Bhau
Thanos Bhau - 11 jam yang lalu
I closed the gate...
yeah.. but
the Russians opened it 3 inches.
ThatGuy - 12 jam yang lalu
Dude if Season 4 happens, it wouldn't the same without Billy and Hopper...
ThatGuy - 23 menit yang lalu
@Philip Moreland His body vanished from that blast so it's crystal clear he's dead..
Philip Moreland
Philip Moreland - 2 jam yang lalu
Why does everyone think he is dead, Jim Hopper didn't suffer the explosion.
JA Twist
JA Twist - 13 jam yang lalu
should have studied ferraris
Anti Dydek
Anti Dydek - 13 jam yang lalu
I WAITING FOR SEASON 4 OMG IM CRYING 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤ season 4 in Tschernobyl 😷
REZA7XZ - 13 jam yang lalu
One very big lesson

don't fall in love with Joyce, don't try to date her just stay away from her because she is even more dangerous than the Mind Flayer in this show
Philip Moreland
Philip Moreland - 2 jam yang lalu
That's not true
J Mason
J Mason - 14 jam yang lalu
If they never made another season I’d be happy with this one. Bravo Duffer brothers.
calladium15 - 15 jam yang lalu
Max does not deserve this series.When she appear from season 2,i stopped watching.
Fisher Jones
Fisher Jones - 15 jam yang lalu
funny how i don’t even watch this show but i love it cause everything is so aesthetic
Philip Moreland
Philip Moreland - 2 jam yang lalu
I suggest you watch the series because it is confirmed the best series on Netflix and is a science-fiction horror and drama series that takes place in the 1980s. I guarantee you'll love Stranger Things. It's worth watching again and again because it's a unique, extraordinary, emotional, awesome, and great series.
Boneca de cristal
Boneca de cristal - 16 jam yang lalu
Eu assisto está temporada
ha ha
ha ha - 16 jam yang lalu
They could have killed wills a useless piecd of idiot. Nothing but a cause of problem
The predictors
The predictors - 16 jam yang lalu
It gives me vibes Everytime I watch it !!
who Guess
who Guess - 17 jam yang lalu
I love this show/series so much. STRANGER THINGS FOREVER!!!!
jadoretae - 17 jam yang lalu
el: **closes gate**
russians: I DONT THINK SO
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan - 18 jam yang lalu
After watching stranger things when i try to watch anything else its feel like everything else is just a "bullshit"
Alexander Enriquez
Alexander Enriquez - 18 jam yang lalu
S1 Where is my boy?
S2 What is wrong with my boy?
Solar ClipZy
Solar ClipZy - 18 jam yang lalu
Marvel: We made the saddest ending ever
Stranger Things: Hold my Cherry Slurpee
Elaine Cunliffe
Elaine Cunliffe - 19 jam yang lalu
Marvel we made the saddest ending of all time
Stranger things hold my beer
PinkDinoYT - 19 jam yang lalu
Russians in this show: *I aM eViL rUsSiAn MaN, dIe!*
Alexei: 🥤👁👄👁 SLuUuUuUrRrRp ☺️
Itz Cing
Itz Cing - 19 jam yang lalu
I need season 4 what happen to heather!!!
Lavos - 19 jam yang lalu
Heather was consumed by the Mind Flayer
bennie bennie
bennie bennie - 20 jam yang lalu
insert song: zimzalabim (red velvet)
Giannis Terzis
Giannis Terzis - 20 jam yang lalu
Just finished season 3...omg this was awesome. 2nd best series on Netflix after dark series.
That my opinion
Lider_vip - 21 jam yang lalu
The seven deally sins ????
The Random Director
The Random Director - 22 jam yang lalu
Eleven: "I closed the gate"
Russian bad people: *try to open again the gate*
Eleven: "Am I a joke to you?"
Klaudia Mohr
Klaudia Mohr - 22 jam yang lalu
Kto z polski? 😂
Booste356 - 22 jam yang lalu
El: I closed the gate
Netflix: Yes, but actually no
Go_Ranger_Go! - 22 jam yang lalu
SHAME on Netflix and the Stranger things writers to include in their plot Russian bad guys. This is not helping anyone. Distracting the American people with Russian conspiracies.
Adeen Bajwa
Adeen Bajwa - 23 jam yang lalu
"You can't spell america without erica"😂😂 I love erica
Shivanshu Singh
Shivanshu Singh - 23 jam yang lalu
Hope we find agent hopper alive in season 4
Suman Sharma
Suman Sharma - Hari Yang lalu
Hawkins Opened the gate
El closed the gate
Again Russian open the gate
le el:Am I a joke to you?
Garfield the nice cat
Garfield the nice cat - Hari Yang lalu
Alessandro Cortese
Alessandro Cortese - Hari Yang lalu
first season was ok...
Jangler333 - Hari Yang lalu
less than 1% of the world is gay and yet 25% of all tv and movies characters are gay. no agenda here...
Lavos - 19 jam yang lalu
Only gay person is Robin. Out of the characters in this season, she's the only one. A bunch of people think will is gay, but I'm pretty sure he "doesn't like girls" because he was trapped in the upside down and tortured with visions for so long that he never got the chance to mature, putting him a few years behind the group in maturity, explaining why he "doesn't like girls"