100 Eggo Waffle Challenge DESTROYED

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FLUFFY - 27 menit yang lalu
He doesn't fear diabetes
Diabetes fear him
openmindedperson - 32 menit yang lalu
4:30 This is how our government and parliament eat our money in post-soviet union😅
Lucas Fabian
Lucas Fabian - 53 menit yang lalu
🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️How can you be so thin??? 😱😱😱
no one
no one - 57 menit yang lalu
*eleven enter the chat*
Slendy - 58 menit yang lalu
Remember kids, stay in drugs, eat your school, and dont do vegetables.
mrralan gaming
mrralan gaming - Jam Yang lalu
Matt: whats up everybody, today we-
Toilet: Why You HUMANS make me swallow SH-T ALL over again?
BlackHome - 2 jam yang lalu
Hahahaaa keiner wird das lesen können
Maria LOVE
Maria LOVE - 4 jam yang lalu
Hello Matt! How about Balut eating challenge?
Ollie - 5 jam yang lalu
To busy reading the comments to actually watch the dam video...
Roi Pantaleon
Roi Pantaleon - 5 jam yang lalu
Hey how can you stay fit even you eat allot of calories
Lee Villarta
Lee Villarta - 5 jam yang lalu
Hey person scrolling through the comments have a nice day :D
Sneha Pandey
Sneha Pandey - 6 jam yang lalu
rip his insulin sensitivity
President Admiral General Kai
President Admiral General Kai - 7 jam yang lalu
Wait that's not legal ❌🚫😱
Sander Horvli
Sander Horvli - 7 jam yang lalu
I think you beat Eleven.
Tuler Wee
Tuler Wee - 8 jam yang lalu
you should try some of the man vs food challenges lol
Hazell Anne Rosales
Hazell Anne Rosales - 8 jam yang lalu
Eleven beat that guy
Killua - 8 jam yang lalu
upload :c matt plz stonie :[
AM videos
AM videos - 9 jam yang lalu
Me during fasting in sehri morning time when 2 mints left
Amelia B
Amelia B - 9 jam yang lalu
Do SEA food
Theo Irving
Theo Irving - 9 jam yang lalu
My stomach hurts just watching this video.
DREWSAI YT - 10 jam yang lalu
2013 : lvl 1 crook
2019 : lvl 100 Boss
Channita Moosanko
Channita Moosanko - 10 jam yang lalu
ฉันอยากให้คุณกินอาหารไทยให้ดูจังเลย ของคุณ🇹🇭
xXThiNnY_NiKkYXx YT - 10 jam yang lalu
Nice kitchen 😮
Food N Fun
Food N Fun - 11 jam yang lalu
OMG.How it is possible
Cieria moore
Cieria moore - 12 jam yang lalu
You did this 3 years ago lol
ARISH Ayub - 12 jam yang lalu
Do chicken/mutton biryani challenge
Eat 20lb of biryani in less than 30min.
Franklin Robinson
Franklin Robinson - 13 jam yang lalu
Matt Stonie: leggo my eggo
peppa4 - 13 jam yang lalu
it look like it hit him to eat😂
Jay Vejendla
Jay Vejendla - 13 jam yang lalu
Mr Beast: buys all the food from the store
Matt Stonie: Eats the food from the whole store
shakira shakira
shakira shakira - 13 jam yang lalu
How the fuck is he so skinny my guy whats ur workout routine i mean u have to workout each video u eat 8000 calories u make 1 video per month I eat a slice of pizza and gain 27 pounda
Video Works
Video Works - 13 jam yang lalu
What Matt spends the most at: Plumbing and Toilet Paper
Trying to reach 1k subs
Any help is appreciated
Eclipse Gaming
Eclipse Gaming - 14 jam yang lalu
Matt: Eats 100 waffles in 15 minutes
Me Eats 2 waffles in 15 minutes
It would take me 750 I think to eat 100 waffles
Zach Vraa
Zach Vraa - 14 jam yang lalu
Bring back the 1 minute series!
Logan Xiong
Logan Xiong - 14 jam yang lalu
can u do a Alfredo challenge
Vilimity - 14 jam yang lalu
Now eat the whole fuddruckers menu
EAGLE EYE GAMING - 14 jam yang lalu
eat wordl hottest chips "paquil" iam vry seur you cant handle it...
Си Ла
Си Ла - 15 jam yang lalu
Чувак, го одним кадром 😂
glσяια кαωαιι
glσяια кαωαιι - 16 jam yang lalu
vistaxx - 17 jam yang lalu
make pls 200 or 300 nuggets challenge Most can eat 100 you can more make this challenge
Logan Alvira
Logan Alvira - 17 jam yang lalu
How in God's name are you not obese?