The winning overtake & World Title celebrations! | 2019 #ThaiGP

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Al imron Embong
Al imron Embong - 2 hari yang lalu
MM memang predator moto GP 👍👍👍💪👍 sepanjang sejarah 💓💓💓❤️💝 the dochtor lenyap di mangsa MM 😘👍
irwansyah iwann
irwansyah iwann - 4 hari yang lalu
Luzer champion
Just in honda you winner
J.D. Saldivar
J.D. Saldivar - 14 hari yang lalu
Did you see how Marquez was jumpin around?? Actin all kinds of crazy?? Hootin and hollerin? As if he done summthin important?? ( He did ). When I graduated Recondo school I was jumpin around all crazy!! Just like Marquez!! What a great fukkin feelin!! CONGRATS to Marquez!
Maricel Valerio
Maricel Valerio - Bulan Yang lalu
Where is Rossi? Did he compete or not? I didn't see him 😂🤣🤣🤣... OMG MM93 is excellent, superb and at his age, maybe he can still take a lot of victories and trophies. Congratulations Marc, u are a legend
KUM LOMBOK - Bulan Yang lalu
iMVD1nner - Bulan Yang lalu
Is it just me or just my ears.. I hear that on the 0:25 - 0:26 the commentator said Buriram but the one that I hear was Brno hmmm?
Philipp Danz
Philipp Danz - Bulan Yang lalu
Ihr könnt alle sagen was ihr wollt, auch wenn er Jetzt fast genauso viele Titel wie Valentino Rossi hat, er wird nie an den "Doctor" rankommen.
Rossi fährt jetzt fast 20 Jahre MotoGP und war bis auf die letzen beiden Saisons immer ganz oben mit dabei.
Und wer jetzt sagt, dass er hinterher fährt, dem kann man nur sagen: was meint ihr wo Marquez mit 40 ist? Nichtmehr in der MotoGP. Hätte Rossi immer so eine Konkurrenz wie aktuell Marquez gehabt, hätte er noch mehr WM-Titel.
Game_ TH
Game_ TH - Bulan Yang lalu
JR LEE - Bulan Yang lalu
HMSGP News - Bulan Yang lalu
Fabio Quartararo has been the biggest surprise 2019..!
Bear Good
Bear Good - Bulan Yang lalu
Sono cresciuto a pane e Valentino Rossi...e per me è un Grande delle 2 Ruote...Pero' devo riconoscere che Marquez...e'un Uragano della Motogp...😜Complimenti davvero.
Faraday Zein
Faraday Zein - Bulan Yang lalu
Bosan liat MM juara terus. Semoga Tahun depan ada yang lain jadi juaranya. Kek kurang seru walau saya fans MM93. 🤣🙏🙏
fatur satu
fatur satu - Bulan Yang lalu
Yamaha semakin didepan tapi Marc Marquez yang juara. Gimana sih ? Kok seperti menyesatkan yak ?...
Lisna Lisna
Lisna Lisna - Bulan Yang lalu
#93 mantab...
subagio bagio
subagio bagio - Bulan Yang lalu
mm 93 is a good bike and the team.
Fabien Tonda
Fabien Tonda - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc marquez est le meilleur.
Elson Garcia
Elson Garcia - Bulan Yang lalu
#93 $implesmente um fenômeno....
naming atang
naming atang - Bulan Yang lalu
the 8est le93nd
Eka Nur Wahyuni
Eka Nur Wahyuni - Bulan Yang lalu
Fabio luar biasa dengan tunggan besi saat ini bisa mengimbangi rider lain
Edmon Marquez Riu
Edmon Marquez Riu - Bulan Yang lalu
Este tio esta llamado a ser el mejor de todos los tiempos ,es el puto amo sobre dos ruedas 👍
Raghvendra singh Solanki
Raghvendra singh Solanki - Bulan Yang lalu
Vitoon Bkk
Vitoon Bkk - Bulan Yang lalu
3.22 เสี่ยเลย์ซ่า เรสซิ่งเข้าไปถึงตัวมาเกวซเลย
Djailan Purba
Djailan Purba - Bulan Yang lalu
Marquez 2 times beaten by dovi n rins in the last corner then he learned n revenge it to quartararo.. Poor quartararo
pak opex's
pak opex's - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc... Your the best.. 👍👍
papino xxx
papino xxx - Bulan Yang lalu
2015? 93 sempre una merda resti.🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮
MA FRESH - Bulan Yang lalu
Zenny Saints
Zenny Saints - Bulan Yang lalu
MotoGP with never see a rider like him....... The most dominant sportsperson I've seen in any sport 🙄 he's so fast so accurate so always on the edge 😎 amazing 🏆 the greatest ever 🏆
budak bangor
budak bangor - Bulan Yang lalu
Mm93 mantap
Luis Fajardo Moreno
Luis Fajardo Moreno - Bulan Yang lalu
Inclemente lamentablemente una pena que España no aprecie los grandes deportistas que tenemos. 8 veces campeón del mundo a sus 26 años enhorabuena Mac eres un campeón del mundo.....
BladeRnnR Matthews
BladeRnnR Matthews - Bulan Yang lalu
Mix Master Marquez!!!!!!! Tha MAN!
okta265 - Bulan Yang lalu
Massive congratulations to Marc Marquez for winning the title once again. So proud of you, champ!
Marco Schaper
Marco Schaper - Bulan Yang lalu
Als Rossi-Fan möchte ich Marc nicht wirklich,seine Leistungen muss man aber respektieren.Ausserdem ist er auch menschlich gereift,so das ich ihn inzwischen sogar gern siegen sehe
Mentaya Croc's
Mentaya Croc's - Bulan Yang lalu
inline engine vs V engine on straight track? V engine is the best ..and Marq is the best rider for V engine
abdul malik
abdul malik - Bulan Yang lalu
Rossi ??🤐😭😭😂🤣
Felix Kjellberg
Felix Kjellberg - Bulan Yang lalu
Im very exited to see what quartararo will bring next year. Marc marquez should be scared.
Iwan Iwan
Iwan Iwan - Bulan Yang lalu
SOCIAL MEDIA - Bulan Yang lalu
i m not mm fan..i know mm will do more then 10 world champion. as longs she at honda..if she change new tim and i will respect mm,if him got world champion
CTR Musik
CTR Musik - Bulan Yang lalu
Salute to Quartararo 😘
chucky cromers
chucky cromers - Bulan Yang lalu
When the world forget about Rossi...
mcgraphics2010 - Bulan Yang lalu
Grande el tro de Cervera!! 🤗
Damii Style
Damii Style - Bulan Yang lalu
Arriba españa
MaTaRó-_- OFF
MaTaRó-_- OFF - Bulan Yang lalu
Felicidades Márquez , 8 veces campeón del mundo , Rossi OFF ahahaahha.
Bradley Tomkins
Bradley Tomkins - Bulan Yang lalu
Boring let him go to Yamaha see how he does bet he won’t do better. Look at Rossi still beating everyone at his age pathetic Rossi is the best
Bradley Tomkins
Bradley Tomkins - Bulan Yang lalu
ali hasmy
ali hasmy - Bulan Yang lalu
Bravooo MM93,👍🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🎱👍
Deciime Pakitho
Deciime Pakitho - Bulan Yang lalu
#Algun dia sere como el 🏍😎😁😅
อั้มมม - Bulan Yang lalu
anak Borneo
anak Borneo - Bulan Yang lalu
fabian gardinali
fabian gardinali - Bulan Yang lalu
mas alla de que marc marquez es un genio,el manejo de el es superior al del resto !!la honda que le dan a el es terriblemente superior a la que corria tanto pedrosa como ahora lorenzo ,pero creo que si la moto de quartararo hubiera tenido un poquito de velocidad final en la recta no le ganaba marquez si con una moto no oficial la lleva terriblemente bien,creo que el año que viene quartararo va a ser el nuevo rossi y se le va a hacer dificil ganarle si va a yamaha oficial!!
Lourdes Cabrera Garcia
Lourdes Cabrera Garcia - Bulan Yang lalu
Pero lo de la mota tambien va en como el piloto informa s sus ingenieros no?
Mohammad Azri
Mohammad Azri - Bulan Yang lalu
MK 93 Lagend
Ross Hamblin
Ross Hamblin - Bulan Yang lalu
I struggle to understand why some people dont like him ?
haris fredericoh
haris fredericoh - 9 hari yang lalu
omarveneno fucking crybaby
MM93 - Bulan Yang lalu
omarveneno tell me one moment where dovizioso didnt like marquez? Their rivalry is one of the most respected not like rossi . Rossi should learn from his compatriot.
omarveneno - Bulan Yang lalu
MM93 even Andrea dovisioso don’t like MM , there’s many riders that don’t like him cuz he’s dirty and arrogant , and I’m also tired of him winning , I want anyone else to win , it’s happening the same that happened to Valentino In Honda , he needs to prove himself in another bike just like rossi or stoner .
Marco Setiawan
Marco Setiawan - Bulan Yang lalu
@MM93 regardless I am tired seeing him keep winning and winning. I want to see someone else
MM93 - Bulan Yang lalu
omarveneno haven’t seen anything dirty from him since argentina 2018
Orlando Biotechnology
Orlando Biotechnology - Bulan Yang lalu
It's sooooooo obvious that Honda has so much more of an advantage...Ducati and Yamaha have a lot of engine work to do this off season
จิราภรณ์ คาดสนิท
He is the one 👍👍👍congraturation marc ,like you so much .
fred h
fred h - Bulan Yang lalu
Kim Nory
Kim Nory - Bulan Yang lalu
เฉียบมากเลย ยอดเยี่ยมจริงๆ
i ride solo
i ride solo - Bulan Yang lalu
I smiled when I saw Fabio really upset. Wake up kid! You're doing more than we expect! You gave Marc a real challenge that most of the rider older than you can't. Live the moment, learn from the mistakes. Marc wins because of experience. But as of skills, you're a master class on your own
Rahul Pawar
Rahul Pawar - Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah dude..he is taking loss too personally...He just want to win in his rookie year and Marquez is denying him...He needs to patiently learn from all this...
Akman Sekh
Akman Sekh - Bulan Yang lalu
2017 and 2019 championship Marc Marquez
maas broo
maas broo - Bulan Yang lalu
Real wheel steering
That amazing!
Roy Szweda
Roy Szweda - Bulan Yang lalu
Syaif Muhamad
Syaif Muhamad - Bulan Yang lalu
MM93 my figure