GoPro: Bradley Smith tells all we need to know about MotoE™

Fritz Krieger
Fritz Krieger - Bulan Yang lalu
Was that Maria @ 0:20?
Circahh H
Circahh H - Bulan Yang lalu
262kgs holy shit
Enrico - Bulan Yang lalu
Amazing Motor's sound
Mishael Brand
Mishael Brand - Bulan Yang lalu
This guy should just ride...
C NN - Bulan Yang lalu
Ok pro
Алексей Андрианов
Aaaaah Electric voice! 8)))
Bruno A.
Bruno A. - Bulan Yang lalu
doni daniello
doni daniello - Bulan Yang lalu
at least formula e have some sound in changing gears.. this is more like a scooter
wes emboh lah
wes emboh lah - Bulan Yang lalu
No VALE no Party🤣
โอมโอม story
โอมโอม story - Bulan Yang lalu
:) :) ;)
nischal4444 - Bulan Yang lalu
goodness, 262 kilos😶. somehow these electrics don't really cut it with petrol heads.. dread the day when there will be only these..
Flip - Bulan Yang lalu
Hopefully one day Bradley's voice will break! Good luck in E class.👍🇦🇺🍺
Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler
Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler - Bulan Yang lalu
Bradley Smith is actually quite handsome.
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson - Bulan Yang lalu
Has he been huffing helium?!
ray Nic
ray Nic - Bulan Yang lalu
Sorry, but this is never going to work out. I was apart of an electric powered race team 20 yrs. ago, and it's not he same. Without the sound effects it just doesn't work for the spectators, no spec., no money... maybe as a filler but eh...
Maze maze
Maze maze - Bulan Yang lalu
Micha K.
Micha K. - Bulan Yang lalu
Don't post moto e shit on motoGP channel.... do it on moto e.....
Dave P
Dave P - Bulan Yang lalu
You ride to totally different classes, love the Aprilia and the Electric bike ( is with head in hands) is the way forward😱👍
jany xx
jany xx - Bulan Yang lalu
MotoE 🤮🤮
abhi r
abhi r - Bulan Yang lalu
The MotoE is better than Samsung or OnePlus
snowalka - Bulan Yang lalu
Go bradley!
Gavin Hill
Gavin Hill - Bulan Yang lalu
Go Brad!
Anthos Lykos
Anthos Lykos - Bulan Yang lalu
Show us more MotoE dont tell us about it.
This series really dropped the ball with giving fans race highlights and getting more people interested. It's a shame because the racing in motoE is close and exciting but it's not really celebrated like formula e. Hell I know more about electric rallycross racing and they havent even started their series yet because they SHOW people their progress, meanwhile motoE only has 6 races, 4 of which are over already, and you guys cant do anything more than a "what is motoE?" Video 2/3's of the way through the season??? This video explaining everything should have been out MONTHS before the series even started.
If you dont want it pulling focus from MotoGP, I understand. but you could easily make a MotoE youtube channel and actually post content unlike the MotoE Facebook page people keep getting recommended to by THIS CHANNEL, that hasnt posted a single thing since *JUNE*
Are you hiring in your marketing department? I'll gladly make a YouTube channel for you if it's too hard.
FF /
FF / - Bulan Yang lalu
Just not the same....😔
I simply want loud engine sound from a RACING BIKE.
BALITA101 - Bulan Yang lalu
goooo gooo bradley!!!!!!! epic
Maze maze
Maze maze - Bulan Yang lalu
Moto E 🤨👎
xr4igaz - Bulan Yang lalu
ADB 223
ADB 223 - Bulan Yang lalu
No one cares
Leo Martín
Leo Martín - Bulan Yang lalu
Too heavy for that hp
FF /
FF / - Bulan Yang lalu
RMMvA Still, this isn't the same. I simply want loud engine sound from a RACING BIKE.
RMMvA - Bulan Yang lalu
Give it some time, the technology will improve.
Edwin Edwin
Edwin Edwin - Bulan Yang lalu
Electric ?
China used Moto E ..first time..
Chris Till
Chris Till - Bulan Yang lalu
MotoGP need to react to the accelerating transition to electric and the deteriorating climate and alter their plans for Moto E. The current plan is incredibly unambitious and gives me the impression that almost no one in the paddock wants it to exist. Which is not a recipe for success. More rounds, more manufacturers, longer races, more prestige. If you wait years, as per the current road map, then you’ll miss the boat.
Uttamjeet Singh
Uttamjeet Singh - Bulan Yang lalu
No one wants to get on the damn boat and rightly so. Motogp doesn't even pollute all that much and there is still ample of initiatives being taken by electric two wheeler manufacturers. Premier class racing isn't a significant source of pollution. These elite machines use the best possible fuel in the most efficient manner, it burns clean.
THE INDIAN - Bulan Yang lalu
This is the most disappointing representation of electric motorcycles in Moto GP class.
Why in the world would you take slow electric bikes with such low power when the series could have had Lightning Motorcycles LS 218 with 200 bhp ,220 Nm torque, 218+ MPH top speed with it's lowest battery pack weight of 490 lbs , we could have witnessed monstrous standing 0-100mph launches which could beat Moto GP bikes and mad top speeds which may crack at the heels of GP bikes .
The LS 218 is no Moto GP bike but it is just as fast and mad . It also has everything required to race out of the box all the body work is carbon fiber , ohlins suspension , forged alloys wheels. In 2 years time super capacitor batteries would be out and the battery weight would be lot lower and charge faster.
This is what Moto e should have used .
Not the energica ego bikes .
Uttamjeet Singh
Uttamjeet Singh - Bulan Yang lalu
The range of ls 218 would barely last five laps at that pace. It'll overheat and besides I think lightning is bankrupt.
Giorgi Laluashvili
Giorgi Laluashvili - Bulan Yang lalu
Lol this guy is everywhere
Uncle Design
Uncle Design - Bulan Yang lalu
A Drool a Day
A Drool a Day - Bulan Yang lalu
Exciting technology, it's the thing under these covers, where did that excitement go.
BALITA101 - Bulan Yang lalu
nice sound don you!!!
inkitatus1 - Bulan Yang lalu
Give it a few years & these will render the motogp bikes obsolete.
Go Brad! 👍👍
LeNomEstYves - Bulan Yang lalu
Holy mother... 577lbs?! That's insane.
Blue Lamb
Blue Lamb - Bulan Yang lalu
Would be interesting to see a MotoE bike race a Moto3 or Moto2 bike. A GP bike would just be gone from the start and I think a Moto3 bike would win too.
Cwshty-Griff - Bulan Yang lalu
Learned nothing 😠
xSMOKED - Bulan Yang lalu
@Cwshty-Griff True lol Shoulda been Brad tells all he knows about motoE! Lol
Cwshty-Griff - Bulan Yang lalu
@xSMOKED Bradley Smith tells all we need to know about MotoE' lol 😒
xSMOKED - Bulan Yang lalu
I learned that Brad is the first rider to podium in all classes lol
Colin Frith
Colin Frith - Bulan Yang lalu
Nice one Brad!
United Republic Of Zakkia
United Republic Of Zakkia - Bulan Yang lalu
MotoGP: hey, can I copy your homework?
Formula One: sure, but change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious that you copied.
Blue Lamb
Blue Lamb - Bulan Yang lalu
O that explains why they are so slow 577 lbs and 145hp.
tangmo - Bulan Yang lalu
Wow wow wow
Adinda Cinta
Adinda Cinta - Bulan Yang lalu
Go win bradley smith✊✊✊
Mr Z
Mr Z - Bulan Yang lalu
Hello MotoGP fans!
xSMOKED - Bulan Yang lalu
Hello 😁
WildanOkt - Bulan Yang lalu
There is motor powerbank
Pavimento Non liscio
Pavimento Non liscio - Bulan Yang lalu
0:21 Moto *E*
Silvia Comparato
Silvia Comparato - Bulan Yang lalu
Chanya Kongnok
Chanya Kongnok - Bulan Yang lalu
Wahyu Bakti
Wahyu Bakti - Bulan Yang lalu