SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer

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Gary Cruz
Gary Cruz - 40 menit yang lalu
Spidey clearly hasn’t met miles
Krish - 42 menit yang lalu
“Captain Marvel?”
“Carol’s dating?”
Brian brush
Brian brush - 47 menit yang lalu
Imagine if some stupid theatre played this trailer before endgame
Zerayne Harvey
Zerayne Harvey - 47 menit yang lalu
1:47 got me cracking UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hunter Rouleau
Hunter Rouleau - 47 menit yang lalu
I would've never seen Mysterio, one of Spider Mans biggest enemy's, and spider working together. Mind blown
Varun Ravindran
Varun Ravindran - 48 menit yang lalu
MISS U TONY.......
darin darin
darin darin - 50 menit yang lalu
Mj:am spiderman
Peter:no i am the next iron man
Marhaniza Niza
Marhaniza Niza - 52 menit yang lalu
I haven't watching avengers endgame yet but I know that Iron Man and Black Widow are passed away...
Loka Indra Sukma
Loka Indra Sukma - 53 menit yang lalu
Eh Kok ada api nya goblog 2:25
Kratos and Atreus
Kratos and Atreus - 55 menit yang lalu
Sorry but there cant be another Iron Man. He is unique.
Carlee Unger
Carlee Unger - 57 menit yang lalu
“Thor is off world”
Does this mean a Asgardians of the Galaxy coming???
hoon han
hoon han - 57 menit yang lalu
막판에 스파이더맨노래 소름
SeFruit INFO
SeFruit INFO - Jam Yang lalu
Cek my Channel 5 Fact Spiderman:Far from home
Super Techs
Super Techs - Jam Yang lalu
Anabelle comes home but
Spiderman is far from home
Fantastic Chelsea A
Fantastic Chelsea A - Jam Yang lalu
Fantastic Chelsea A
Fantastic Chelsea A - Jam Yang lalu
I’m watching this movie
Uncle - Jam Yang lalu
My boi mysterio is coming
Jack Vaughn
Jack Vaughn - Jam Yang lalu
I wonder how Mysterio will play out. Knowing he’s a villain in the comics, how many of you think he’s definitely going to have a hand with all of the monsters popping up?
To me I think absolutely but I’m curious about what will happen
PizzaForest - Jam Yang lalu
I saw AVENGERS ENDGAME and it played the Spider Man Far from home movie trailer at the end.
Shxdow _
Shxdow _ - 2 jam yang lalu
How many of y'all think that he is gonna kiss mj upside down?
Nina Nightshakcer
Nina Nightshakcer - 2 jam yang lalu
Dang 1.7 million likes
Gamingwithlukas Siegegaming
Gamingwithlukas Siegegaming - 2 jam yang lalu
caitlyn aquino
caitlyn aquino - 2 jam yang lalu
rach green
rach green - 2 jam yang lalu
they’re like walking memes omg
Akaganime Max
Akaganime Max - 2 jam yang lalu
Im sure that marvel will bring the cat woman to the serie in the next spiderman movie .
What do you think??????
Gabriella Ortiz
Gabriella Ortiz - Jam Yang lalu
Is this a joke or a serious question because if its a serious question then you’re stupid
Richmond W
Richmond W - 2 jam yang lalu
A trailer with both the Avengers theme and Spider-man theme in the music? Yes!!!
Kamen Pony Gaim
Kamen Pony Gaim - 2 jam yang lalu
Does anyone think that this movie is hinting at “Secret Wars”?
Maria Bland
Maria Bland - 2 jam yang lalu
Peter Parker: Please let this be a normal fieldtrip
Class: With Nick Fury? No way!
XxMagic VideosxX
XxMagic VideosxX - 2 jam yang lalu
I rlly don't like how everyrhing is gonna change now that steve rogers(captain america) and Tony Stark(iron man) r not part of the Avengers anymore😭😭😥😥 but I hope Spiderman and Falcon make a big change and make it work for the future of more Marvel Movies💖💖💖😘😘😍😍😍🙏
Layla M
Layla M - 3 jam yang lalu
Sofia Valencia
Sofia Valencia - 3 jam yang lalu
Olive Potato
Olive Potato - 3 jam yang lalu
Who knew Tom Holland was a Brit!?!
Florence S.
Florence S. - 3 jam yang lalu
Peter looks so broken 🥺🥺
Jesse Gonzalez
Jesse Gonzalez - 3 jam yang lalu
I love this trailer
Jackson Stuhr
Jackson Stuhr - 3 jam yang lalu
I want to here the full version of that theme.
Renegade - 3 jam yang lalu
My theater doesn't put this trailer because their afraid that people didn't watch Endgame.
Vanessa Lopez
Vanessa Lopez - 3 jam yang lalu
I am soooooo EXITED
Lil SkeleBoner
Lil SkeleBoner - 3 jam yang lalu
All round me JJ JJ
All round me JJ JJ - 3 jam yang lalu
I love Spider-Man so much he so curious I’m glad they added a kid
Butterfly Girl
Butterfly Girl - 3 jam yang lalu
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Spider-Man: Finally Going Home
Zyo987 - 3 jam yang lalu
Here I am watching the trailer, and I still haven’t seen endgame
Mr.SaltyBagwan - 3 jam yang lalu
Lol they had Tom Holland warn us about spoilers
Fernanda Ramírez
Fernanda Ramírez - 3 jam yang lalu
The accent pLEASE I love hiS VOICE
Tell Dalzon
Tell Dalzon - 3 jam yang lalu
Doctor strange introduced the multiverse first .
extroverted not perverted
extroverted not perverted - 4 jam yang lalu
oof can't waittt btw we already miss ironman sir ure the legend so who's with me
Trex79 - 4 jam yang lalu
Please let this be a normal field trip!

With Nick Fury? No WAY!!!
Leggan n
Leggan n - 4 jam yang lalu
I haven't watched the endgame oh well F* me
Un Real
Un Real - 4 jam yang lalu
The new version of the 60’s theme sounds great!
Derrick - 4 jam yang lalu
Zendaya should be the next iron man.
Mr.Lyrics - 4 jam yang lalu
So let me be clear:
They asked peter to go with them to their Dimension and cross space, and he said ..no....because ...a girl still..holding him?..NANI?
Nic 2751
Nic 2751 - 4 jam yang lalu
Oh Peter Mr.Stark is very proud of you
Naga Darat Chanel
Naga Darat Chanel - 4 jam yang lalu
Kapan filemnya bisa di tayangkan
Saucy Vox
Saucy Vox - 4 jam yang lalu
2:35...that first spiderman cartoon theme song.I heard it...i heard it....i heard it people...
Ryan Lopez
Ryan Lopez - 4 jam yang lalu
Bartow Jones
Bartow Jones - 4 jam yang lalu
Who r the new superheros
Jecob Kline
Jecob Kline - 4 jam yang lalu
Yo this looks sick
Rauf LKC
Rauf LKC - 4 jam yang lalu
Spoiler Alert! thank you mr smart pants
Dragon Arc2000
Dragon Arc2000 - 4 jam yang lalu
Flash's reaction though
Hellequin - 5 jam yang lalu
“Please let this be a normal field trip”
Sandwich - 5 jam yang lalu
you know maybe he might see a multi-universe iron man some time in MCU
Thanos - 5 jam yang lalu
yess it comes out on my bithday
Livay L
Livay L - 5 jam yang lalu
Guess I know what I’m doing July 2end
Eyedeas Never Die
Eyedeas Never Die - 5 jam yang lalu
2:13 wonder if they're Stark's glasses and he's even left a message or a final lesson for Spidey
R2 Mike
R2 Mike - 5 jam yang lalu
Tom Holland: but I’m a friendly neighborhood spider man
Nick fury: bicth please you went to space
It’s KJ
It’s KJ - 5 jam yang lalu
Press Read More
It’s KJ
It’s KJ - 5 jam yang lalu
GAMING DEBILIHD - 6 jam yang lalu
Thor:playing fortnite and drinking beer
Cap:shaving beard
GAMING DEBILIHD - 6 jam yang lalu
He protecc
He atacc
But most importantly
He watns tony bacc
Brum to sylhet reality word
Brum to sylhet reality word - 6 jam yang lalu
Who agrees first spider man was the best??
Brum to sylhet reality word
Brum to sylhet reality word - 4 jam yang lalu
+spider wolf U reckon ?? i think he was the best man
spider wolf
spider wolf - 4 jam yang lalu
Tobey Maguire was the worst actor to portray spidey in live action
Sam Barrie
Sam Barrie - 4 jam yang lalu
Brum to sylhet reality word Spider-Man 2
Erin O'C
Erin O'C - 6 jam yang lalu
Can't wait for it
Phyliss __
Phyliss __ - 6 jam yang lalu
This looks dumb
Sam Barrie
Sam Barrie - 4 jam yang lalu
Phyliss __ so do you
Reno Uzumaki
Reno Uzumaki - 6 jam yang lalu
Soooo question and I need this answered by real Marvel fans. Why didn’t Captain America make his friend Bucky the next Captain America? I’m black so nothing against Falcon lol cool dude I just didn’t expect that at the end of Endgame?
Sam Barrie
Sam Barrie - 4 jam yang lalu
Reno Uzumaki cause Bucky is still seen as a terreroist to the public and he also killed Howard Stark (the man who made the Shield) so Cap would sorta be spitting on Howard's grave
Mohammad Eskandari
Mohammad Eskandari - 6 jam yang lalu
1:04 😂😂😂😂😂
Kaliyah Ridgell
Kaliyah Ridgell - 6 jam yang lalu
Hopefully Ned doesn't die. In the comics he dies during all of this, so.....
spider wolf
spider wolf - 4 jam yang lalu
Comic ned dies bevauee of the hobgoblin so no he won't die unless they are hiding the hobgoblin
Lemonn Freakk
Lemonn Freakk - 6 jam yang lalu
“Am spider man?”
HushNightBatday - 6 jam yang lalu
Pagi Gacha
Pagi Gacha - 6 jam yang lalu
That hooman who came from another world was in the Spider-Man comics and was his enemy... WHAT IF HE MAKES IT SO THAT TONY APPEARS SCREAM
Dan 7
Dan 7 - 6 jam yang lalu
He participated in a Civil War. Stopped weapons smugglers. Went to space. Lost a father figure. All in less then 3 years. He grew up way too fast 💔
wippip - 6 jam yang lalu
Ow no spooter mon what have you gotten yourself into now!!
You are breathing
You are breathing - 6 jam yang lalu
Wait, Tom Holland has a British accent? O_o

(granted, I didn't see any Marvel Spiderman movies, but maybe I'll watch some).
Laiza Koyina
Laiza Koyina - 7 jam yang lalu
Off world
Captian marvel
*face palms*
Denise Chan
Denise Chan - 7 jam yang lalu
Bro if his suit doesnt have karen in his suit i will cry

literally i will cry about the suitlady dont judge
Xiumin Minseok
Xiumin Minseok - 7 jam yang lalu
Mysterio Is The Villain Tho 💖
Foxi Gaming125
Foxi Gaming125 - 7 jam yang lalu
I have seen the end game it's awesome and I can't wait to see this :D
Tsar69 - 7 jam yang lalu
I am groot
I am starlord
I am Ron man
And the latest one

Peter MJ I am
MJ spider man
Richard Quinn
Richard Quinn - 7 jam yang lalu
In the plumbs
Cunning Smile
Cunning Smile - 7 jam yang lalu
Hearing the Spiderman theme makes my eyes want to tear up.
Zlinko - 8 jam yang lalu
The Official AnimeCitizen
The Official AnimeCitizen - 8 jam yang lalu
1:03 I love it 3000!
MA_RA_GAMING08 0 - 8 jam yang lalu
Who else likes the remix of the original Spider-Man theme
그들이좋아 - 8 jam yang lalu
꼭 보러갈게~ 나도 토니가 보고싶어ㅠ
Lord Vader
Lord Vader - 8 jam yang lalu
Please, just please we need one scene in this movie. Maybe a post credit scene, where Peter Parker and Morgan Stark eat cheeseburgers and share a hug at least. Please. 🙏🙏😥😥😭😭
MARIO MOHEB - 8 jam yang lalu
Anyone got Robin (HIMYM) 😂 ?
AMIみろリい - 8 jam yang lalu
Vise Diesel
Vise Diesel - 8 jam yang lalu
Thor? Off world
Captain marvel? Busy
Captain America? Old
Iron man? Who?
Kohelet Calaforex clan
Kohelet Calaforex clan - 8 jam yang lalu
The thumbnail looks weird, the guy on the right’s Head is tooo big! 🤯👍
Sam Baroglio
Sam Baroglio - 8 jam yang lalu
OMG he didn't even die. Nobody knows but me.
Silenthitman44 - 8 jam yang lalu
Iron Man died in endgame
Vise Diesel
Vise Diesel - 8 jam yang lalu
So they are going to pull a Tony from a different universe to this one? or are are they going to start over in a new one? IM SOOOO CONFUSED!!!!! Why is mystrio appearing to help!!!
Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's - 8 jam yang lalu
Growing up Mysterio was always Spider-Man’s enemy...now they are teaming up?
Sharu Nadheem
Sharu Nadheem - 8 jam yang lalu
The theme song❤❤❤