Every Kyler Murray Play vs. Ravens | NFL 2019 Highlights

Marc Rover
Marc Rover - 3 hari yang lalu
"Great Throw!" @ 2:52. Cris Carter can be a pretty big idiot.
Any coach will tell you that was a GOD AWFUL throw, and it was PURE LUCK. That ball will be picked-off a large portion of the time.
Chris Ochoa
Chris Ochoa - 10 hari yang lalu
Can’t stand his throwing motion
Joshua Pendergrass
Joshua Pendergrass - 13 hari yang lalu
He can play. He’s got the arm strength and can make all the throws. Just needs a better line and some weapons
Timothy Perkins
Timothy Perkins - 14 hari yang lalu
He way too little to be a success as a nfl QB sorry but its not happenin
rock stero
rock stero - 17 hari yang lalu
top 5 kyler murray catch me if you can moments https://youtu.be/tMeZgiNNq3E
Shelter Pet
Shelter Pet - 20 hari yang lalu
This offensive system is awful.
For Cause
For Cause - 21 hari yang lalu
How many run plays did the Cards run in the redzone?
jshada11 - 22 hari yang lalu
He needs to go to the cowboys
iswatmoths - 23 hari yang lalu
Wow. Defense has to cover and respect the whole field with Murray at Q. Dude looks so comfortable back there buying time, and when he unloads it's so on the money. Future Hall of Famer!
Maks Mir
Maks Mir - 24 hari yang lalu
Weird throwing motion and doesn't look comfortable.. And what's with the clap snap LOL
kwonsolo - 24 hari yang lalu
Boy Kyler has to throw the ball in 2.6 seconds every snap. That's like Playoff Tom's level.
BardockThaRawest - 25 hari yang lalu
God their O line is ass
Jonathan - 26 hari yang lalu
You can see that pin point release accuracy..from his baseball days
Eddie Kim
Eddie Kim - 26 hari yang lalu
I like to believe that he gets his talent from his Korean side.
ezekwu - 25 hari yang lalu
his black side was the baseball player...
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex - 26 hari yang lalu
I hope the cardinals organization knows they have to get help for kyler this dude is no joke!
Lazor _US
Lazor _US - 26 hari yang lalu
jw08 - 27 hari yang lalu
1st minute im wondering if this is a highlight
Josh Deaton
Josh Deaton - 27 hari yang lalu
that o line is pathetic
Daniel vaughn
Daniel vaughn - 27 hari yang lalu
Fire the offensive coordinator please lol
White Wolf
White Wolf - 27 hari yang lalu
Throw at 3:40 is ridiculous
P B - 27 hari yang lalu
Re-building time. At least they seemed to have found their franchise QB. He needs to realize his height is gonna result in more batted down balls. But other than that. Looking good!
Ares 1
Ares 1 - 26 hari yang lalu
Even tho he didn’t have one batted ball that game lol
soundplug - 27 hari yang lalu
K1 proving the doubters wrong!
Riggs Murtah
Riggs Murtah - 27 hari yang lalu
Murrray needs a better Oline
Shady Boy
Shady Boy - 27 hari yang lalu
Now that he’s doing well everyone is saying he’s good🤦‍♂️
Shady Boy
Shady Boy - 13 hari yang lalu
Timothy Perkins ur stupid af
Timothy Perkins
Timothy Perkins - 14 hari yang lalu
He not doin good stupid he still aint win a game fool
Neek - 24 hari yang lalu
Shady Boy Facts!! I could’ve swore half of these bandwagon fans was saying to take Bosa and keep Rosen 🤦🏽‍♂️
Moonroof - 27 hari yang lalu
Damn Murray is under deressed everytime
Moonroof - 27 hari yang lalu
He is gonna be fine. Larry is gonna help him
Daniel Kintigh
Daniel Kintigh - 28 hari yang lalu
Powerful arm, just needs to get accuracy better. Many of the throws would've been caught had he put it in the right spot
get buckets
get buckets - 27 hari yang lalu
Due to his height lol
get buckets
get buckets - 27 hari yang lalu
Yeah his accuracy is really bad rn
Wright J
Wright J - 28 hari yang lalu
별로다 오늘은
steven escobedo
steven escobedo - 28 hari yang lalu
Once those fgs turn to tds teams are going to be taking losses left and right especially once our starting corners come back and we can put Byron Murphy in the nickel with budda or man up on a t.e
3kidsnwifey - 28 hari yang lalu
He looks great... However, it really bothers me that he just falls down instead of being sacked. I don't know if that's coming from ownership, but if it's not that's a serious concern. You can't be afraid of being hit if you're going to be a star QB. His potential will be capped if it's from fear... Hopefully he just needs to get used to the size of NFL players. Anyway, glowing reviews otherwise, was definitely in the pro Kyler camp when he was drafted. With the way that arm looked in college and especially on pro day, you could tell he was going to be good.
3kidsnwifey - 28 hari yang lalu
@Samuel Young 1:53 - Could have attempted to evade (right side) but didn't he just falls 4:07 - Afraid to step into the throw because of the pressure, missed throw because of fear. 4:41 - Just falls down BEFORE even being touched 6:54 - Could have sprinted up into the pocket. Couldn't afford a sack at that juncture in the game, it out them in a 2nd and long and killed the drive. I get being safe, I'm not saying go heads up with a player like Can Newton. But when the pocket collapses he ALWAYS just falls when he could've had a chance to extend the play. Russell is like a inch taller and since his rookie year hes consistently escaped pressure vs succumbing to it. That's why I believe it will cap his potential because I think he plays with fear. So yes, if he's wrapped up, take the sack. But if a guy has JUST a hand on you then evade the pressure instead of just falling.
Samuel Young
Samuel Young - 28 hari yang lalu
3kidsnwifey thats called being smart...ask tom brady
DeAsUnJa - 28 hari yang lalu
1 thing might help Mr. Murray the most is humility to own / acknowledge his off target throws, especially in the endzone....in the few interviews I've seen this year I haven't heard him acknowledge this yet, even when asked about it. Good example he has in Coach K who took the rap for not defeating the Lions in week 1. I am certainly impressed with Kyler Murray, glad he's a Cardinal, and I'm impressed with the team in general (excepting the poor play of the O Line at times. The Defense has outplayed all the naysayers. Go Cardinals! I'm rooting for you from Tumacacori Arizona. God bless this season and the next. We're just warming up yo !
Good showing against a strong contender last week. Once they become well oiled they'll be lighting it up like I've never seen. Go Cardinals, win it all for Fitzgerald by next season !
UCE MECCA - 28 hari yang lalu
im here laughing at this bust lol! MFs thought he was better than Tua.
Svvntos - 28 hari yang lalu
This guy is not a 5’10
John Ackerman
John Ackerman - 29 hari yang lalu
Matt Hill
Matt Hill - 29 hari yang lalu
Murray clearly has some high level abilities. Generally, he is a pretty accurate thrower, and he obviously has arm strength.
As others have mentioned, the Cardinals RZ playcalling needs work. This is a tough area of the field for the offense because things compress significantly, which favors the defense, as they now have an "extra defender" (e.g. the back of the End Zone). Those back-to-back fades to Fitzgerald are very frustrating because fades are (relatively) very low percentage passes... gotta be
Dennis Edwards
Dennis Edwards - 29 hari yang lalu
He needs to learn to create more time for himself so his receivers can get open so he can make safer throws. Also needs to use his alleged speed to pick up a few yards. Im not sure if he is reading the field before the snap but he throws the ball quick to prevent the pressure from getting to him. Not a bad strategy but I think if you got a 4 man rush with a qb spy or a 5 man rush and you have your tailback in the backfield blocking there's room to slide around in the pocket and create time to get off throws. His o-line isn't the best but he can do better in those area
Dayle Sanchez
Dayle Sanchez - 29 hari yang lalu
3:40 That Throw Cant Get Enough Of. Best Throw I've Seen In A Minute Cause He Gets Pressed At The Line n He Throws It Exactly Where Its Supposed To Be
User Zero
User Zero - 26 hari yang lalu
the play before that drives me nuts (the announcer, not the actual play). "he threw it a little too far in front"... nah. he threw it exactly where it needed to be. any closer to fitz and it's a pick.
Aidon Shaw
Aidon Shaw - 29 hari yang lalu
This lost is to blamed on bad play calling in red zone and trash o line
bigsolidsnake 23
bigsolidsnake 23 - 29 hari yang lalu
God he’s so inaccurate. Missed larry about 5 times
T South
T South - 25 hari yang lalu
Nah, that line crumbles in less than 3 seconds, you can't even find good checkdown routes for long with that little time. Worse than I thought
Samuel Young
Samuel Young - 28 hari yang lalu
i wouldnt say innacurate but he did miss a few
rudy rush
rudy rush - 29 hari yang lalu
I like the thumbnails that are not spoilers.  I'm going to watch the highlights either way though.
PHXSTATEOFMIND - 29 hari yang lalu
The same way they went all in on revamping the WR's they need to do the same with the O-line next draft. Get some serious beef up front So they can grow together. Dont get smittened with another badass wr or hb thats falling. Take the best lineman available with your first three picks. And see what veteran G you can get via FA. Leave the sexy pic alone. We are closer than we get credit for. #fixthelinekiem
Don Wade gaming
Don Wade gaming - 29 hari yang lalu
He should have played baseball
Elusive Poet
Elusive Poet - 29 hari yang lalu
Yeah you should.
Alex Urdinarrain
Alex Urdinarrain - 29 hari yang lalu
As a cards fan, I can 100% say we would be 2-0 if we had Peterson / or Alford. And rookie coach bad play calling in red zone.
David Vice Bangura
David Vice Bangura - 29 hari yang lalu
Give this boy a o line he will be great for the cardinals
Andre Tillman
Andre Tillman - 29 hari yang lalu
Jered Garcia
Jered Garcia - 29 hari yang lalu
The fact that Kyler Murray is putting up the numbers he is with the pressure he's underneath with that o line is impressive, to say the least. Dude has a very bright future is Arizona can build around him.
Josh Allen still haven't thrown for 300 yet with the biggest arm in the NFL
Samuel Young
Samuel Young - 28 hari yang lalu
Igotyourhoeinthebathroomwefuckinglikenikko&mimi Not really a passing offense
Yawn Sleep
Yawn Sleep - 29 hari yang lalu
David johnson out here lookin like a WR
gschopp - 29 hari yang lalu
Finally...Kliff and Kyler will bring some life to AZ...Lord knows us fans have been dead for years
Yawn Sleep
Yawn Sleep - 29 hari yang lalu
#71 trash
Camera Buff
Camera Buff - 29 hari yang lalu
Imagine Murray with a good team.
TEAM BWILE - 29 hari yang lalu
That Lil bastard is playing scared. Stop ignoring it.
Winston Wood
Winston Wood - 28 hari yang lalu
TEAM BWILE Its not too late they throwing him in the fire right away with a first year head coach and a bad roster all things considered he not doing to bad out there at least he keeps the games competitive
TEAM BWILE - 28 hari yang lalu
Winston Wood Exactly, Pat sat behind Alex Smith his 1st year. And BOOM 💥. Now you see what I’m saying. But it’s to late for KM, he’s already taking the stage. And this is with a offseason, OTAs, Preseason. This is 6 games in. But I hear you. I’m pulling for him. But damn....
Winston Wood
Winston Wood - 28 hari yang lalu
TEAM BWILE Having a good o line would def help the run game out and DJ needs to start running it hard like he did before the injuries do you not realize this team went 3-13 last year you expect Kyler to come in like Mahomes and take them to the playoffs or what? All I’m saying is give him some time instead of saying he a bust after 2 games the offense already looks 10x better than last year and it’s only going to get better
TEAM BWILE - 29 hari yang lalu
Winston Wood Them Oklahoma Qbs as of late don’t pan out, huh.
TEAM BWILE - 29 hari yang lalu
Winston Wood Go check Kyler and Bakers and Watson’s QBR. Maybe you see numbers better than words.
Linzie Rogers
Linzie Rogers - Bulan Yang lalu
Murray has no line.
EET FUK - Bulan Yang lalu
Larry is playing so good right now
Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Nice Guy - Bulan Yang lalu
Its like watching a midget run its funny
iyon oravitz
iyon oravitz - Bulan Yang lalu
Man this is the definition of your team making it extremely hard for you to succeed he has no time in the pocket whatsoever constant pressure
sanbell - Bulan Yang lalu
Imagine Kyler with protection. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fitz gets recharged for 1 more year.
Samuel Young
Samuel Young - 28 hari yang lalu
sanbell I really hope so...He could get 1000 yards this season lol
Bret Frost Sports Podcast
Bret Frost Sports Podcast - Bulan Yang lalu
Give the kid some protection..
Zevnn - Bulan Yang lalu
Shid he’s doing all he can do everybody else gotta step up🤦🏽‍♂️
Nororax - Bulan Yang lalu
Kyler Murray looks pretty good, he's exceeding my expectations so far.