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Faiz Arkhan
Faiz Arkhan - 28 hari yang lalu
excuse me, what song title is at the beginning of the video
Firmansyah Firmansyah
Firmansyah Firmansyah - Bulan Yang lalu
Dont wory by hapy...hah hah hah
SUHO Jun KoreaNEW - Bulan Yang lalu
PeDe ArTur
PeDe ArTur - Bulan Yang lalu
R.I.P Rossi &YMH
โอมโอม story
โอมโอม story - Bulan Yang lalu
fantastic :) :) ;)
Aakash bhardwaj
Aakash bhardwaj - Bulan Yang lalu
93 will break all the records made by 46.
José da Cunha Filho
José da Cunha Filho - Bulan Yang lalu
I'd love to see Quartararo in a faster bike. I can imagine some excellent dispute with MM, which, in truth, is what everyone wants to see, instead of a race dominated this way. Leave that for F1, because MotoGP should be filled with excitement from beginning to end, as it was in Italy. That was amazing to watch.
Sean McCabe
Sean McCabe - Bulan Yang lalu
Jesus titty-fucking christ. Here we go again with another shitty video of 2 second clips with no context compiled by some piece of shit asshole who just graduated film school. MOTO GP PLEASE GET RID OF THIS DOUCHE THAT MAKES YOUR VIDEOS! I'm sure I speak for the majority of fans when I say that your YouTube channel should resemble F1 or ANY other race channel. (actual highlights with commentary) Please! For the love of all things holy stop this BS and give us normal highlights.
Motard 72
Motard 72 - Bulan Yang lalu
Ayman Ayman
Ayman Ayman - Bulan Yang lalu
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ رووووووووعة
Πέτρος Τσουκνάκης
REPSOL HONDA the best team ever in moto gp
lenni klemetti
lenni klemetti - Bulan Yang lalu
Marquez best rider ever in motogp
Michela Marotta
Michela Marotta - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc good but no Rossi, stoner would of beaten him as would simoncelli RIP , Lorenzo and vinales all capable there's no co petition now plus all electronics.
Michela Marotta
Michela Marotta - Bulan Yang lalu
@Dontcallmeshirley your a dreamer it was to easy for him on the repsol look at the stats he won 55% of raves Marquez 45% ! Not to !entipn Rossi went to a team that won fuck all and wasn't allowed to test the bike when he left the repsol boys done fuck all Marquez is a repsol puppet you are obviously a Marquez puppet why doesn't he go to aorillia and dp a Rossi simple he can't Take your head from your arse
Dontcallmeshirley - Bulan Yang lalu
@Michela Marotta Rossi left Honda, because he felt "undervalued"... So because of his ego, not because "it was too easy"... And why would Marc leave Honda ? Here's a quote by Rossi himself about Marc in 2018: "He doesn’t have to change the bike. He has to think, [but] if he feels good with Honda, he can make all his career with Honda". So here are your "FACTS"...
Michela Marotta
Michela Marotta - Bulan Yang lalu
@Ken Patterson wrong and wrong again when Rossi was on the repsol he won everything he changed moto gp to what it is today fact.He left repsol because he said it was far to easy , why doesn't Marquez GI to zorillia and prove everyone wrong ,as cir stoner one world title on ducsti and that's it then went to repsol which was a great bike and won then no more I suppose your a Marquez fan who has no clue when it comes down to FACTS Rossi at 25 was untouchable ,its all electronics these days Marc is a puppet and stoner stoner who ????
Ken Patterson
Ken Patterson - Bulan Yang lalu
Not good, Great, and certainly better than Rossi by a mile. Stoner was also better than Rossi and would probably give MM his closes challenge, but we shall never know for sure. Simoncelli? I liked him a lot, but your stupid if you think he'd challenge MM. And if you think MM is winning because of Electronics then you really haven't been following the sport closely. I'm guessing you're a casual fan who watches race highlights on the internet.
Dubravko Janusic
Dubravko Janusic - Bulan Yang lalu
Stop smoking that shit. It's starting to do damage zo your brain. 😀
Woles Praya
Woles Praya - Bulan Yang lalu
I will Look MM93 with other team in Mandalika Cirquit Indonesia 2021, my be ducati, yamaha, suzuki. MM93 champion 2019
Woles Praya
Woles Praya - Bulan Yang lalu
Best MM93.
BUT Just champion on 1 team, he can't with other team. Let's do with other team if MM93 can do
PeDe ArTur
PeDe ArTur - Bulan Yang lalu
and Rossi continues to lose against the satellite team
Dontcallmeshirley - Bulan Yang lalu
He won on Suter and Derbi... next excuse ? He hasn't won on a 500cc ? 🙄
พงศธร อุ่มสาพล
ผมติดตาม 93
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma - Bulan Yang lalu
Show the highlights already. Stop making all that dramatic slow mo movie trailer. By the time the highlights come out the next race is about to begin.
Sid Smith
Sid Smith - Bulan Yang lalu
Can anybody tell me for the love of god which channel these races come on TV lol
Sid Smith
Sid Smith - Bulan Yang lalu
Notmy Name thanks man that’s probably what I’ll have to do but thanks for taking the time!!
Notmy Name
Notmy Name - Bulan Yang lalu
Sid Smith sorry bud I can’t help you I’m in australia. Might just have to subscribe to the app, expensive but then you can watch any race you want when ever you want.
Sid Smith
Sid Smith - Bulan Yang lalu
Notmy Name thank you!! Unfortunately im from the US lol
Notmy Name
Notmy Name - Bulan Yang lalu
Need more info, what country are you in?
Hermann Kleinert
Hermann Kleinert - Bulan Yang lalu
Valle is and always will be, my favorite 👍👍👍 !!! Give the Marquez, but sometimes a Yamaha to drive. Let's see if he still keeps up front. I do not believe 👎👎👎 !!!
Gino Pacino
Gino Pacino - Bulan Yang lalu
because of marq the motogp is boring than f1!=)
Mikey - Bulan Yang lalu
Please handover the Moto GP title to Marques. The only chance left is fighting to be 2nd best. That is how dominant No 93 is!!!
Noorazlan Noordin
Noorazlan Noordin - Bulan Yang lalu
MM93 is King of Motogp
Jamie Thompson
Jamie Thompson - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc marquez is on such a different level I'm sure he would fight for the title on a factory ducati or Yamaha because the Honda is not the best bike look where the next Honda is in the standings Marquez has 3 times the points of crutchlow
Auto blipper
Auto blipper - Bulan Yang lalu
This video sucked a$$
A Gallagher
A Gallagher - Bulan Yang lalu
Rossi the helmet salesman.
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke - Bulan Yang lalu
lol good one
Budds adventures
Budds adventures - Bulan Yang lalu
Nice moto Gp
Shibu Lal
Shibu Lal - Bulan Yang lalu
MM 93 fan.... From God's own country
Lorenzo Serafin
Lorenzo Serafin - Bulan Yang lalu
Why not just do a highlights reel like formula 1 does? Show clips, narrate what happened, is there a complication I'm not seeing?
Isaac Kauffoman
Isaac Kauffoman - Bulan Yang lalu
Marques Vai ser o melhor de todos os tempos
Ferdi Zulian
Ferdi Zulian - Bulan Yang lalu
Ferdi Zulian SMS yaitu Rossi harus menang. Kalau sempat ferdi zulian kabur dari negara indonesia hingga Allahu Akbar Ciptakan Kehancuran Lebih Besar Lagi Alhamdulillahirabbil Alamin. Dikarenakan bentuk-bentuk Rakyat Indonesia Mengerjakan Kezoliman Kepada Ferdi Zulian.
Ferdi Zulian
Ferdi Zulian - Bulan Yang lalu
Ferdi Zulian membalas yaitu Alhamdulillah ferdi zulian kontol anjing. Daripada budi herman kontol babi ngepet, tuhan palsu, Allahu Akbar Palsu. Hahahaha😂😂😂😃
budi herman
budi herman - Bulan Yang lalu
Ferdi Zulian kontol anjing
Robie Stevens
Robie Stevens - Bulan Yang lalu
Waman Dongarwar
Waman Dongarwar - Bulan Yang lalu
1 Honda man marc Vs all factory team in every race fight ....
Edis Hilvia
Edis Hilvia - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc M ,,,you is the best ,,,we love Marc,,,,,,from indonesia ...
No Luck JK
No Luck JK - Bulan Yang lalu
4 things to remember in this race:
1) Marquez's dominance.
2) Dovi's climb from 10th to 2nd.
3) Miller's well deserved podium.
4) Aleix beating Rossi.
Amiya - Bulan Yang lalu
How much more embarrassment will Yamaha riders have to face because of their slow accelerating bikes??? Something like this should happen: Fabio should go to pramac ducati and Maverick should replace Danilo in factory Ducati..
No Luck JK
No Luck JK - Bulan Yang lalu
He did it again! Once again MM93 had a lonely, yet absolutely dominant race in his home soil by leading for the entire race! With this race victory, he will clinch his 6th Premier class title if he expands only 2 more points the next Grand Prix.
AD04 had a fantastic ride which saw him climb all the way up from 10th to 2nd. While his title hopes are pretty much over, he could however, secure the runner-up spot for the championship again and try to capture the team championship as a consolation prize for the Factory Ducati. Meanwhile, JM43 had a splendid performance here in Aragon by scoring his 3rd podium finish of the season.
MV12 had a slightly disappointing race here in his home soil as his hopes for his 3rd consecutive podium finish had ended after slipping down from 2nd to 4th in the final 3 laps of the race. Meanwhile, FQ20 had a decent 5th place finish after being at the podium spots early on. And CC35 had a decent ride here by finishing in a solid 6th place here in Aragon.
Continuing his streak of great results here in one of his home Grand Prix, AE41 converted his 5th place start to a great 7th place finish here in his home soil. He even had a spotlight by squeezing himself into the Top 5 early on!
Other shout-outs go to TN30, who had a solid Top 10 finish here in Aragon. Meanwhile, AI29 had a somewhat decent ride here in Aragon despite just missing out the Top 10. And finally, MO88 became the Top KTM rider once more by finishing in a decent 13th place.
On the flip side, VR46 had a rather disappointing race here in Aragon which saw him only finish in 8th despite being in contention for the podium spots early on. And FM21 became the only rider to suffer a DNF here in Aragon due to the first-lap incident with AR42. While DP9 had an even worse race here as he finished two place lower than the previous race (12th), and JL99 suffered his worst finish of the season by barely holding off HS55 for the 20th position (2nd last) after a promising start early on.
Arguably, the Suzuki riders had the worst day as AR42 was involved in a first lap incident with FM21 and fell to the back of the grid afterwards. Coupled with the long lap penalty given to him, he could only finish in a disappointing 9th place here in his home soil. Meanwhile, JM36 had a horrible start which saw him drop to the back of the grid and could only manage a 14th place finish here in his home soil.
Will MM93 capture his 6th Premier class title in the next race? Will AD04 delay MM93's crowning until Motegi? Find out in the next race on 6th October at Buriram!
MVPs of the race: MM93, AD04, JM43 and AE41
Dinara - Bulan Yang lalu
Good write mate
No Luck JK
No Luck JK - Bulan Yang lalu
@Sanji Vinsmoke Joan Mir.
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke - Bulan Yang lalu
who the hell is JM36?
Fans of Vandichakram
Fans of Vandichakram - Bulan Yang lalu
(Bad race review) Make a race review like chapter 12 (the best race review of all time) Or learn from Formula1
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman - Bulan Yang lalu
They make review for all races😂😂..just search *chapters 1/2/3..../13 MotoGP* Watch this
Arma Nida
Arma Nida - Bulan Yang lalu
The best marc marquez93
Belung Kak85
Belung Kak85 - Bulan Yang lalu
MM#93 Again
KUM LOMBOK - Bulan Yang lalu
The Untouchable Marc Marquez 93 Aragon 2019
Ian Lanford
Ian Lanford - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc made other riders looks like an amateur moto3 rider. Lol
Ken Patterson
Ken Patterson - Bulan Yang lalu
@Dinara So you think Dovi get's a pass because he fluffed Qualifying? Where a rider lines up on the grid is 100% in their hands.
Dinara - Bulan Yang lalu
Not Dovi though. Dovi had to pass multiple riders and also got mugged on the start because of the tight turn 1. I think he could have come home second with a rather large buffer to thrid. He may not have challenged Marc but he could have easily pulled away from the rest.
GEBOS vloger
GEBOS vloger - Bulan Yang lalu
Valentino rosi👌
Ken Patterson
Ken Patterson - Bulan Yang lalu
is dead...
MH Ramdhani
MH Ramdhani - Bulan Yang lalu
can't you make it like F1 race highlight videos?
tohZ - Bulan Yang lalu
just go and watch your F1 trash then
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke - Bulan Yang lalu
A Gallagher
A Gallagher - Bulan Yang lalu
They can't, coz they're scums.
brad scott
brad scott - Bulan Yang lalu
I would love to see the Doctor go back to Repsol and the battles that would come with Marquez.
Ken Patterson
Ken Patterson - Bulan Yang lalu
Not in a million would they consider a tired piece of useless trash like Rossi.
Noorazlan Noordin
Noorazlan Noordin - Bulan Yang lalu
VR46 have to retired
A Gallagher
A Gallagher - Bulan Yang lalu
Repsol would probably be more interested in Fabio than Rossi.
Jim Willemsen
Jim Willemsen - Bulan Yang lalu
Dovizioso and Miller💪🏻
RMMvA - Bulan Yang lalu
Dovi from 10th on the grid! Great work from him.
Cauan Oliveira Santos
Cauan Oliveira Santos - Bulan Yang lalu
Jah Rastafari
Jah Rastafari - Bulan Yang lalu
Camino a ser el más grande de todos los tiempos !!! Marc Márquez !!
N 1
N 1 - Bulan Yang lalu
MM 💩🐍
Amar Kumar
Amar Kumar - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc and lecrec are on fire 💥💥💥
marc maquez destroy rossi...even alex espargo destroy rossi by 13 second
@Ken Patterson U RIGHT BRO
Stark Raven
Stark Raven - Bulan Yang lalu
@Ken Patterson Guy's old, and it seems like Yamaha isn't having the best season. We and he know he's on his way out, just a question of when. He's had a good run that I doubt will be eclipsed any time soon. I simply have to remark at how the commenter went out of their way to "prove something" for not much reason.
Ken Patterson
Ken Patterson - Bulan Yang lalu
@Stark Raven Doesn't make what he's saying any less true. The man being used as a punching bag for the youngsters.
Stark Raven
Stark Raven - Bulan Yang lalu
Someone's bitter.
cibogo city
cibogo city - Bulan Yang lalu
Kok brutt
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero - Bulan Yang lalu
Tomjes Rivaldo
Tomjes Rivaldo - Bulan Yang lalu
Menjelang main di aragon mm93 msh sempat liburan sambil mancing, sementara para rival sibuk mikiri tuk mengalahkan dia.
budi herman
budi herman - Bulan Yang lalu
Tomjes Rivaldo hahahaha, gimn gk sakit hati di keroyok ducati, di permainkan aprillia 😂😂
SanVerganza - Bulan Yang lalu
Abhijith Abhi
Abhijith Abhi - Bulan Yang lalu
Honda Engines 🔥🔥🔥 Hope MM93 Will never leave Repsol Honda ❤️
Ashutosh Kumar
Ashutosh Kumar - Bulan Yang lalu
Marquez.... Class apart....
Kile Dale
Kile Dale - Bulan Yang lalu
if mm93 came after rossi retired all will be his fans... new riders are better and faster now...
Stark Raven
Stark Raven - Bulan Yang lalu
A clean stuffing is better than a punting. Marc all too frequently defaults to the latter. Being too aggressive is dangerous for both the aggressor and the aggressee. Now, I've said the same thing of Italian Torpedo Iannone. Difference being Marc is faster and usually keeps the bike upright, meaning there's one negatively affected party rather than two. If Marc can temper his aggression with discretion, and have at least a few clean seasons, then perhaps my opinion will change. That's all I have to say.
Notmy Name
Notmy Name - Bulan Yang lalu
Stark Raven the rookie rule I didn’t know about and if that’s correct then you have a valid point, but don’t be bitter towards Marquez for it, hate the game that changed the rules not the player that was given a chance and took it. Yes Marc has a bad history with stupid accidents, but is it as bad as others like Iannone? Marc has a “aggressive get out of my way” style because he grew up with rossi as his idol. If he didn’t ride this way he would be the one getting bullied because that’s racing, be a bully or be bullied. I guess that’s just it, people who don’t like him will always use the same thing that makes him great (his aggressive style) as a reason to dislike him. Or when he uses tactics, parking the bike mid corner to ruin the following bikes corner exit speed, IMO that’s what separates champs from the rest. But apparently everybody else thinks it’s dirty, breaking rules and cheating. I don’t get it, if rossi did that the world would praise how good rossi is but Marc does it and his a cheater.
Larry The Looter
Larry The Looter - Bulan Yang lalu
Auto blipper . A dingoe ate his baby 👶. 😂😂😂😂😂
Auto blipper
Auto blipper - Bulan Yang lalu
Stark Raven stfu bitch. Who are you? Exactly....just a nobody
Stark Raven
Stark Raven - Bulan Yang lalu
To start with, there was a rookie rule implemented that prevented any rookie in MotoGP from getting a factory ride, almost specifically to deter American Ben Spies. But the moment a Spanish Wonderboy with Spanish energy sponsorship is ready to join, the Spanish organizer somehow decides the rookie rule no longer does its job. Even if it's not the fault of Marquez directly, I will be bitter about it. Second, Marquez has a higher density of pushing people off the track or just smashing into them than almost any other rider, and has done so his entire career. I'd like you to remember when he smashed into Ratthapark Wilairot at Phillip Island wile speeding on the cool-off lap of Moto2 qualifying or practice. He's taken a long time to mature to this year's level of restraint, and even that's not certain. For me, he has a long history of banzai charges to get over before I'll respect his mental approach.
Irnawan - Bulan Yang lalu
The chicken race....93 affraid to the other competitor...what a boring race
PeDe ArTur
PeDe ArTur - Bulan Yang lalu
R.I.P Rossi & Yamaho
Joe Bexter
Joe Bexter - Bulan Yang lalu
afraid? he is so fast rossi fanboy
afraid my asss.he to fast for everyone..rossi slow ass loset to alex espargo by 13 second kid
Iwanz Awp
Iwanz Awp - Bulan Yang lalu
Boring race , why u so fast marc 🤣🤣🤣
Aryan Diablo
Aryan Diablo - Bulan Yang lalu
Boring race.
PeDe ArTur
PeDe ArTur - Bulan Yang lalu
R.I.P Rossi & Fansboy,
malmsteenodyssey - Bulan Yang lalu
Rossi has already reached the finish line?
Ridwan Manurung
Ridwan Manurung - Bulan Yang lalu
I think #46, his forgot today is race.... Please tell him to running faster, tell him this is not convoy...or I think #46 still learning how to race fastest...😂😂😂😂
@Scrambled L fuck u mom
Scrambled L
Scrambled L - Bulan Yang lalu
@WARRIOR FIGHTER PAHLAWAN go get fuqqed in your a$$, fagggggot.
DamianS_89 - Bulan Yang lalu
300 points, 5 races to go. The record of most points in a season is 383 (Lorenzo, 2010).
I'm just saying...
Aggressive Rider
Aggressive Rider - Bulan Yang lalu
Previously, Lorenzo used to do "Hammer Down" Now, Marc is doing it ...🤪
Carlos 73
Carlos 73 - Bulan Yang lalu
@Break Rule The zero points of Márquez in Austin is as if that race had not disputed it, Lorenzo in 2010 scored in all (his worst result was 4th), you already have the comparative equality with that zero of Marc, the problem would come if Marc scored in 19, wich has not happened.
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke - Bulan Yang lalu
wow lorenzo must be doing great job in 2010
รัชชานนท์ โสธรรมมงคล
if he win the rest total score will=425
DamianS_89 - Bulan Yang lalu
@Kshow Drama That's true, lets see how many points has with a race left. Anyway he can win all races left, maybe Sepang is the hardest one but Thailand, Motegi, Phillip Island and Valencia seem possible
David Veendorp
David Veendorp - Bulan Yang lalu
Marquez wins everytime😴