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Aicha - 5 jam yang lalu
In the name of Wendy Williams “Too soon little girl too soon” ✋
I am puzzleman
I am puzzleman - 6 jam yang lalu
I like u, sexy
MA Lopez
MA Lopez - 6 jam yang lalu
Entitled space #bye
I am puzzleman
I am puzzleman - 6 jam yang lalu
How much money u got?
Hayley Mize
Hayley Mize - 6 jam yang lalu
some of yall so mean lmao
Sammy Johnson
Sammy Johnson - 7 jam yang lalu
Just stay off of YouTube clearly no one wants to watch you
Sophie F
Sophie F - 7 jam yang lalu
I know why she's getting so much hate, but everyone is hating on her for something that her mom did so can y'all back off just a little:(
biggyunit - 5 jam yang lalu
Sophie F It is ok. It gets overlooked a lot. I agree though. Some comments go overboard. I am more of the crowd of giving criticism than wishing pain on someone.
Sophie F
Sophie F - 6 jam yang lalu
biggyunit oh wow I didn’t know about that! Ok fair enough
biggyunit - 6 jam yang lalu
Sophie F How do you explain her participating in fake photos and being complacent in the college process? I know it isn’t as bad as giving money, but let’s not pretend she is 100 percent innocent here.
Lisa L
Lisa L - 7 jam yang lalu
Rebecca Heckenbach
Rebecca Heckenbach - 7 jam yang lalu
Your an idiot! Girl you and your family have MASSIVE issues! Stop trying to make people feel sorry for you! There’s absolutely no reason for people to feel sorry for you! Your mom is a criminal and a liar and a deceiver! Your not a whole lot better!
Anna Arendelle
Anna Arendelle - 7 jam yang lalu
NO. You can’t just “return” after a few months. We all know your mom asked you to take a quick break. We know you’ve been filming and partying and hanging with friends in your little break. None of us want you back. You took a spot someone could’ve had. Someone who was smart and worked their whole life for it. It’s disgusting that you live off of Daddy and mommy’s Money. Welcome to reality, sweetie. You’re brave to have comments on. Welcome to the real world. Welcome to adult hood. You’re no longer a little child anymore who’s spoiled rich. I hope you lose subscribers. This isn’t OK.
Lindaann 74
Lindaann 74 - 7 jam yang lalu
you just want attention. you and your parents did wrong and you all know it.
Next Level Nugz
Next Level Nugz - 8 jam yang lalu
This generation sucks
TotallyNot Trolling
TotallyNot Trolling - 8 jam yang lalu
Sweetheart the only people who are gonna watch ur vlogs will be ur parents behind bars
Peely & Jonesy
Peely & Jonesy - 8 jam yang lalu
Hey let's stop this hate bro lets all just be bronanas🙂🍌🍌
biggyunit - 6 jam yang lalu
Peely & Jonesy Make sure to get your daily dose of Brotassium!
Regan Collins
Regan Collins - 8 jam yang lalu
“I didn’t know exactly when I should come back to YouTube” honey no one wants you to come back
keyan florio
keyan florio - 8 jam yang lalu
she’s sexy ash
Kianna Corona
Kianna Corona - 9 jam yang lalu
just turn off the comments people are so rude🙄love you😚
Jani Bubbles
Jani Bubbles - 9 jam yang lalu
Omg you HYPOCRITES. I hope you guys are having a good ass day but most of you guys are just being so fucking MEAN. Have you all not made any mistakes your entire life? Can y'all honestly say you've been completely perfect your entire life? First of all, her parents decided to do it. Yes she did not stop it but overall your parents win especially when you still live under their rooves. It was her parents' idea. She was obviously doing fine earning money off of social media and YouTube and a platform that she had been working hard for years. You don't have to be a school-loving person (which she NEVER claimed to be) to be successful on YouTube. She incorporated her passion in fashion, style, vlogs, makeup, etc. The platform she gained were all from her own drive and passion. The school thing, that was her parents' decision. No they were not right to do that. But guys. THEYRE NOT THE FIRST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TO DO IT. Doesnt make it okay but they're just not. So give her a break. It's like giving one murderer in jail a harder time than other murderers. They all committed the same sin. Her and her family were so wrong. Hands fucking down they were. But SHE HAS OBVIOUSLY changed watching this video. Shes more humble. She learned her lesson. It's not like she posted this video and quickly tried to get on youtube right after the scandal. She was out for months. I think what happened really changed her I can tell. Look at the way she's dressed in this video. Very little make up. Nonexpensive shirt. Shes in an average looking room. The way she talks is so much less bratty-like and now nicer and more enlightened. These comments sadly depict how miserable and bullies our society has become.
00cute arse00
00cute arse00 - 9 jam yang lalu
Denisha Layne
Denisha Layne - 9 jam yang lalu
This to shall pass Olivia, you will be fine.
Millie ieie
Millie ieie - 9 jam yang lalu
Kathryn McMillan
Kathryn McMillan - 9 jam yang lalu
Olivia jade please ignore the hate!!!! Don’t let that stop you from filming and posting! You still have soooo many people who love you and were all soooo excited that you are coming back!
Mr X
Mr X - 9 jam yang lalu
Piper-Brynn - 9 jam yang lalu
puppypoo1978 - 9 jam yang lalu
So rather than spending 10 minutes saying you can’t say anything you only spent two minutes saying you can’t say anything. Thank you??
Diana Smith
Diana Smith - 10 jam yang lalu
👎🏽 Girl bye 👋🏽
thatjulez - 10 jam yang lalu
Welcome home❤️
Fawn Whisperer
Fawn Whisperer - 10 jam yang lalu
The more I think about it, the more sorry I feel for you. Clearly your parents love themselves too much to allow you to have any amount of character building experience in life. My parents may not have been able to buy me the perfect education, the perfect body (with trainers and chefs) and the perfect lifestyle but creating success from scratch has made me so much more aware of who I am and what my strengths and limitations are. You are going to stumble through life having no idea who you are and what really makes you happy because your mother is too vain to let you be a normal human being.
Bianka Guerrero
Bianka Guerrero - 11 jam yang lalu
I had to get a bag of chips to start reading this comment section cuz jesus christ
Nismo1jz - 11 jam yang lalu
i want to say some fucked up shit because i love to hate but your too hot
Roxycorn - 11 jam yang lalu
Ngl I actually like her content and yes the whole college thing definitely ruined her image but honestly were any of us really surprised that people bought their way into college? i'm not saying that makes it okay, i'm just saying that the problem is bigger than what it seems and it's the whole higher education system that's problematic and her involvement in this scheme is to be blamed but people are lashing out on her because she's a public figure when I would lash out at the education system (if that makes sense). I'm not saying people shouldn't just forget about everything and go back to being cutesy subscribers, but they should direct their anger to the actual source of it all to spark actual change. However, I do think that she should try to do something to redeem herself like idk start a project to help high school students get into universities but I get how doing so could also make a court think that she's guilty and trying to redeem herself (us viewers are not 100% sure she was involved, and if you say something about the emails then show me proof of said emails). Nevertheless it's also important to remember that she is a child and god knows how this whole ordeal has impacted her mental health, you don't have to like her but don't waste your time or energy on people you dislike, there are so many other productive ways you can spend your time.
Marchiche Abdo
Marchiche Abdo - 12 jam yang lalu
Pls pls back
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - 13 jam yang lalu
she is fk beautyfull
joey montesano
joey montesano - 13 jam yang lalu
rich queen
joey montesano
joey montesano - 13 jam yang lalu
i love you so much you're my idol
joey montesano
joey montesano - 13 jam yang lalu
tracy shine
tracy shine - 13 jam yang lalu
Go away! You sound like a dumb bitch!
Sea Because
Sea Because - 14 jam yang lalu
People here are calling her a rich snob but than go on to bully her . Both sides are terrible and hypocrite. But atleast one side isn’t melacious. UPES themselves were corrupt. And a lot of colleges do admit student on donations. Which her family was able to do but they didn’t wanted to make it like she was in because of it. Any student applying their is better of without it. In all fairness she was 17 and her parents whose job is to do the right thing , humble her down, teach empathy, teach the privilege she is living in and put in good ethics. I honestly as a parent think that majority of it like 99.99% is her parents fault. Their personality and ethics doomed them and her daughter. And yes anyone arguing 17 is a young age . Don’t come at me with legal age. Maturity comes from experience and life. Or atleast knowing what it takes to make it in life. Which her parents did horrible job . Please stop with the bullying her. You are not any better than her. Show grace and kindness. Stop with the hatred.
なかもりふじ - 14 jam yang lalu
Say it with me, “I’m Sorry”.
NB Frostyy
NB Frostyy - 14 jam yang lalu
Will she be back in a year? Hopefully not.
Brendan - 14 jam yang lalu
I like how she's turned off comments on a lot of her videos now. What's the problem you spoiled brat? Can't take the criticism of the fact you're a fraud and your whole family is frauds?