Andrea Dovizioso Race Highlights | 2019 #AragonGP

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Omid Henry
Omid Henry - Bulan Yang lalu
Omid Henry
Omid Henry - Bulan Yang lalu
Andrea is the best
Andriya Pradipta Karim
Andriya Pradipta Karim - Bulan Yang lalu
Ducati 2020 :

Marc Marquez
Andrea Dovizioso
Andriya Pradipta Karim
Andriya Pradipta Karim - Bulan Yang lalu
Real Avintia Ducati : Danilo Petrucci Ben Spies
Andriya Pradipta Karim
Andriya Pradipta Karim - Bulan Yang lalu
Alma Pramac Ducati 2020 : Francesco Bagnaia Alex Marquez
Abhijith Suresh
Abhijith Suresh - Bulan Yang lalu
The music is disconnected and irritating
Fred Siagian
Fred Siagian - Bulan Yang lalu
Beast in the straight ,
Reza Nubee
Reza Nubee - Bulan Yang lalu
Yess dovi good driverg
Peter Wilkinson
Peter Wilkinson - Bulan Yang lalu
Great work MotoGP ... Dovi is the class act of the field. What he can do on that Ducati. Remarkable
Dinesh Baskaran
Dinesh Baskaran - Bulan Yang lalu
Back ground music suuuucccckkkkssss
hadi sofyan
hadi sofyan - Bulan Yang lalu
Highlights edited F1 = Pro
Highlights edited MotoGP = Noob
Chief Denis
Chief Denis - Bulan Yang lalu
Lol, dovi was like motogp 19 on easy mode
RR Video
RR Video - Bulan Yang lalu
Dovi came from Top Ten to Top Two. Bravo for Ducati too.
Rizky Reiza
Rizky Reiza - Bulan Yang lalu
dovi is pedrosa 2.0
Quebec Patriot
Quebec Patriot - Bulan Yang lalu
pfff... braking for corners is overrated for Dovi
luca scaroni
luca scaroni - Bulan Yang lalu
Frangg - Bulan Yang lalu
Menos a Miller los ha adelantado a todos en el mismo punto y por velocidad punta....
The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman - Bulan Yang lalu
You can really see how fast a ducati is when it is running on a straight. Poor yamaha very slow.
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke - Bulan Yang lalu
keep feed loyal audience
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke - Bulan Yang lalu
how about change soundtrack to disco music?
Djone Tan
Djone Tan - Bulan Yang lalu
poor Yamaha.. they need more horse power
andre p
andre p - Bulan Yang lalu
solid riding desmo dovi, great performance after all the struggle in qualifying.
Mnur Fasya
Mnur Fasya - Bulan Yang lalu
Im like dovi 04 baby alien not
junaedi fadilah
junaedi fadilah - Bulan Yang lalu
SKF Indonesia hadir☝
uses0ap - Bulan Yang lalu
Bring back Simon's on-board hot lap videos
c3k pgdnrcml
c3k pgdnrcml - Bulan Yang lalu
Sampai berjumpa di Indonesia..
Chris Martin
Chris Martin - Bulan Yang lalu
MotoGP bikes are so hideous in design compared to the older bikes...
Chris Martin
Chris Martin - Bulan Yang lalu
@Dinara Did I say they were slower ? Bikes still look like $hit
Dinara - Bulan Yang lalu
They are also at least 2 seconds faster on average, thus, taking out the whole ugly bikes argument right out the window
master Golf
master Golf - Bulan Yang lalu
I Love Lorenzo
Milton Paulo
Milton Paulo - Bulan Yang lalu
Andreas melhor piloto moto gp tira leite de pedra.
Caro - Bulan Yang lalu
10th to 2nd, never stop impressing me. Wonderful riding! 👏
Ferguso Gamerz
Ferguso Gamerz - Bulan Yang lalu
This is the second time dovi finished in 2nd place
Joel Raj
Joel Raj - Bulan Yang lalu
Some lame guy added music to this! A like for dovi! He's a champion without a championship! He was the Man of the Race! I wish he was awarded something for that
julioaze - Bulan Yang lalu
Faisal Adi
Faisal Adi - Bulan Yang lalu
upload the race highlight
jerry yeow
jerry yeow - Bulan Yang lalu
Motogp not entertaining at all good riders not getting the good bike boring too watch
코알라 - Bulan Yang lalu
ducati power!!
Desmo Mattia
Desmo Mattia - Bulan Yang lalu
Bella corsa dovi! 🏍💨🐴💪
143DREWID - Bulan Yang lalu
I so wish the mishaps of other riders over multiple years had not effected Dovi. During this year as well.
The championships would have been different, or at least the race to be the champion.
Dovi is a gentleman on the track, and great to see him on the podium.
King Henteroliso
King Henteroliso - Bulan Yang lalu
Give that bike to mm93..🤣🤣
Kuya Robbie
Kuya Robbie - Bulan Yang lalu
Ad04 deserves a MotoGP title 🎉🎉🏆🏆
malibu188 - Bulan Yang lalu
That Ducati has got it in spades. Rider skill, power and handling.
Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel - Bulan Yang lalu
Yo no me quiero imaginar a Marc Márquez, en una ducati! 😍
Mat EVO7
Mat EVO7 - Bulan Yang lalu
People who have no clue saying he has the power of ducati. Guys.. is a circuit all straights? OBVIOUSLY there are corners on a circuit.
How did he overtook Miller then who is using the same bike? Look at 2:02. LOOK HOW LATE HE BRAKED. He was behind Miller before the end of the pit straight but he still managed to out brake Miller
Panji Fajar Pangestu
Panji Fajar Pangestu - Bulan Yang lalu
ducati is the most powerfull motogp bike ever !!! & i love this factory
No Luck JK
No Luck JK - Bulan Yang lalu
One of the awesome moments of the race other than Marquez's dominance.
Theo Thesda
Theo Thesda - Bulan Yang lalu
What a shame for yamaha
KEN LUCA MENSI - Bulan Yang lalu
Felix hk
Felix hk - Bulan Yang lalu
It hurts when you are Quartararo, lost in speed, overtaken in a drag battle.
Felix hk
Felix hk - Bulan Yang lalu
@143DREWID gotta agree with that, he has a weak mentality, he doesn't have the guts to take risk like Marquez or Rossi.
143DREWID - Bulan Yang lalu
Also unable to maintain qualifying track speed through corners to compensate and stay with the front. Maverick mostly did.
Peti Hajdú
Peti Hajdú - Bulan Yang lalu
Beautiful race Dovi!
William Vuillet
William Vuillet - Bulan Yang lalu
That's good content!
SilvoLP - Bulan Yang lalu
Next time with commentary please, or engine sounds, nobody is interested in this boring music...
Northern Major
Northern Major - Bulan Yang lalu
Sometimes I do like they added those musics
Mochamad Ghozy Satur Panama
Mochamad Ghozy Satur Panama - Bulan Yang lalu
Insanity from dovi. Bravoo
Muhammad Zayd
Muhammad Zayd - Bulan Yang lalu
No doubt dovi is an incredible driver but if u don't notice the power of Ducati in this case u are making a biased decision
Ducati is way too fast on straights as compared to other bikes so more than half of the plus points go to his bike instead of himself
Chief Denis
Chief Denis - Bulan Yang lalu
The ducatis are fucking rockets, it's like vinales was parked up on the road, damn
Ryder Rc
Ryder Rc - Bulan Yang lalu
The power of ducati
Kori Ori
Kori Ori - Bulan Yang lalu
Moto gp indonesia selalu di depan 😂
Gege Wepe
Gege Wepe - Bulan Yang lalu
He always overtakes in same way :v
Fake Thumbnail
Fake Thumbnail - Bulan Yang lalu
Every pass on straight away
Farisyal B.K
Farisyal B.K - Bulan Yang lalu
once again, just fire the team to edit your video
Nanda kumar
Nanda kumar - Bulan Yang lalu
All he did was to twist the throttle in straight line. This is not racing :-( Feeling sorry for Viñales!
143DREWID - Bulan Yang lalu
Brakes man, gotta have brakes.
He is the best
Splitt3R - Bulan Yang lalu
Yamaha is big BS now...
Yusman Arrahim
Yusman Arrahim - Bulan Yang lalu
Rossi looked like a fool boy