LEE HI - '누구 없소 (NO ONE) (Feat. B.I of iKON)' M/V

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Ariana Hannie
Ariana Hannie - 2 menit yang lalu
Why you so 😔 coldblooded?
notyourlloyd _
notyourlloyd _ - 5 menit yang lalu
i just miss Hanbin's part 🤧
Najukka don
Najukka don - 5 menit yang lalu
B.I 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
saidayeon ٰ
saidayeon ٰ - 6 menit yang lalu
anyways, congratulations my angel hayi 💘 you deserve every little ounce of success that you're having! you are an incredible artist and things will get better from now on! i love you so much and thank you for working so hard.
saidayeon ٰ
saidayeon ٰ - 9 menit yang lalu
all of you who keep talking about hanbin don't even have any idea of how much this influences lee hi. instead of talking about her and how great she did with this comeback, you keep bringing hanbin up and only talking about him. hell, i've even seen people telling lee hi to bring him back as if she could do something about it! lee hi worked so so hard to put out this incredible album and video and waited so long for this comeback for it to be sabotaged by yg. dont you think that is enough? i understand the situation with hanbin is tough but just go somewhere else to talk about it. every single comment on lee hi's videos is about hanbin. instead of talking about him you should praise lee hi for having to endure with all this fiasco. she had enough. this isnt fair for her.
zChoPiNziiz - 13 menit yang lalu
I miss B I 😢
주륵주륵 - 16 menit yang lalu
ㄹㅇ 이하이가 최대피해자다...
진짜 오랜만에 컴백했는데 이게 뭐람..1위 해도 기뻐할수가없어..진짜 힘내세요..
목소리가 이렇게 묻히기엔 너무 아까워요..
탈 YG하길 바라요..
Ross - 19 menit yang lalu
Love it...so great ...comeback yeah..and strong great collab with B.I. #Ikon
khansa Noureen
khansa Noureen - 24 menit yang lalu
A queen and a king?
Samar Sameer
Samar Sameer - 26 menit yang lalu
Reza Putri Novita Sari
Reza Putri Novita Sari - 28 menit yang lalu
Will always support you unnie🤗💖 your comeback now the music on album is a good😍
Mijael Ciampa Rockefeller
Mijael Ciampa Rockefeller - 36 menit yang lalu
BLINK big fans indonesia
BLINK big fans indonesia - 42 menit yang lalu
B.I Where are you going to be, always healthy😭😭😭😭
luiza lentz
luiza lentz - 43 menit yang lalu
ok so i hope that amongst the 192920202929 ikonics in the comments there is some shawol and like can anyone tell me if they realized the jjong references as well?
Yg Stan
Yg Stan - 52 menit yang lalu
* Dogbrother
* Dogbrother - 52 menit yang lalu
drugman b.i
Analogi Fantasi
Analogi Fantasi - 53 menit yang lalu
Fatim Syuhada
Fatim Syuhada - Jam Yang lalu
I always love hanbi ..
ANDRAFKY BORNEO - 56 menit yang lalu
Mean Hanbin
masyitah aina
masyitah aina - Jam Yang lalu
be strong lee hi
Michelle Naranbaatar
Michelle Naranbaatar - Jam Yang lalu
But the chorus sounds like Chungha's Gotta Go song's chorus tho!!!
Moon Sun
Moon Sun - Jam Yang lalu
Congratulations for your 2nd prize, Hermosa. Please, do not be sad, we will fight for you and things will improve.
Mandy Mbb
Mandy Mbb - Jam Yang lalu
Hanbin ❤
Shama Ahmadzai
Shama Ahmadzai - Jam Yang lalu
B.I 😭

Safitri Nur'Aini Fadhilah
Safitri Nur'Aini Fadhilah - Jam Yang lalu
Miss u my leader, B.I ❣❣
Citra Zuina
Citra Zuina - Jam Yang lalu
hanbin 😭😭😭😭
Saranghae Edukada
Saranghae Edukada - Jam Yang lalu
iKON will always be a 7 member group
adlyn sufi
adlyn sufi - Jam Yang lalu
pleasee don't delete this video😥
Dakilang Multi-Fangirl
Dakilang Multi-Fangirl - Jam Yang lalu
I miss you a lot Hanbin-ah :(((
nice사 핟
nice사 핟 - Jam Yang lalu
💜💜💜💝💝💝💟💟💟💚💚💚💛💛💛💙💙💙💓💓😍😍😍l Love you you so cute.👑👑👑👑you is king
killingmesoftly _
killingmesoftly _ - Jam Yang lalu
I just realized Lee Hi looks a lot like Zara Larson
Eli Meza
Eli Meza - Jam Yang lalu
HaYi I miss your presentations with B.I, they really make a good duo. We will continue being strong and supporting you
Peachii Yeonjun
Peachii Yeonjun - Jam Yang lalu
stay stong our hanbinnie!! 💪 we'll keep supporting you no matter what happens 💞 please know that we're always here for you!! 🐣💕 one like to show your support for b.i. 👍 one comment of encouragement to show that your love 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧🌈
Fira Ramadani
Fira Ramadani - Jam Yang lalu
Awas aja staff YG sampe apus partnya hanbin. Segitu nya menjijikan kah hanbin kami :)) tolong hargai karya nya hanbin
i am Gkey
i am Gkey - Jam Yang lalu
Because No One (Dispatch ver)
"Knock Knock I'M HERE, Knock Knock RIGHT HERE"
that part doesn't exist now😭
"I don't wanna be alone anymore"
this part becomes more meaningful😢
Knock Knock B.I Eobseo :''( stay strong B.I
we are still waiting for you No Hanbin No IKON
IKON is still 7 members 💓
tyamuts - Jam Yang lalu
tyamuts - Jam Yang lalu
We love you Hayi!!!
Joseph Lopez
Joseph Lopez - 2 jam yang lalu
Support for hanbin WE LOVE YOU
(Also side note I freaking love this song so much)
Shintya Risca
Shintya Risca - 2 jam yang lalu
Yen Phung
Yen Phung - 2 jam yang lalu
Love Leehi Love Hanbin forever ♥
Châu Anh Đặng
Châu Anh Đặng - 2 jam yang lalu
Everything in this song is perfect!
Vany Imelda
Vany Imelda - 2 jam yang lalu
fany warman
fany warman - 2 jam yang lalu
Hanbin 😭😭😭😭
ChanuTOP VIPKONIC - 2 jam yang lalu
I hope to see more collaboration of Lee hi and Hanbin. But dispatch ruined everything. Anyway CONGRATS baby for your win.
saf_ - 2 jam yang lalu
We need to hope that Lee hi is staying strong
1like= 1fight for Lee Hi
SLILI 97 - 2 jam yang lalu
Hajar히주 A.R.M.Y
Hajar히주 A.R.M.Y - 2 jam yang lalu
Y De_Video
Y De_Video - 2 jam yang lalu
We love HanBin just B.I
Merli Puja
Merli Puja - 2 jam yang lalu
Kenapa harus terlibat scandal sichhh..
Save B.I 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Nella Raisya
Nella Raisya - 2 jam yang lalu
B.l we always with you💜🇲🇨
Vivian Nguyen Waage
Vivian Nguyen Waage - 2 jam yang lalu
So pretty😍😍😍😍😍
Agnis Maulidiah
Agnis Maulidiah - 2 jam yang lalu
Dispatch meredupkan karir seseorang dalam sehari!🐍
김보라 - 2 jam yang lalu
진짜 개이쁘다
라 أرمي사
라 أرمي사 - 2 jam yang lalu
Lee hi your voice is amazing
라 أرمي사
라 أرمي사 - 2 jam yang lalu
라 أرمي사
라 أرمي사 - 2 jam yang lalu
BI baby i love u 💌💔
레인보우식스명장면 - 2 jam yang lalu
진짜 비아이 너무 아깝다..
babyicecream love jiminie bts
babyicecream love jiminie bts - 2 jam yang lalu
Love this song👏❤
a i
a i - 2 jam yang lalu
Hayi: where are you? Is there anyone who'll take me?
Me: cry a river
Nahouran Deyv
Nahouran Deyv - 2 jam yang lalu
B.I "I don't care about nothing" Frozen mix & match
Lee Hi "I don't care about shit" No one feat. B.I of IKON
Malek Chihi
Malek Chihi - 2 jam yang lalu
Good job Lee Hi ❤❤💪
ᄒᄒᄒ - 2 jam yang lalu
한글 댓글좀 보고싶다 ㅡㅡ 다영어임
3k54 - Jam Yang lalu
ᄒᄒᄒ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ댓글 달아 드릴게욥
Martt 20
Martt 20 - 2 jam yang lalu
Song : Say my name by bebé rexa
Bucuk Masham
Bucuk Masham - 2 jam yang lalu
I hate kpop drama.. I just come here to support and listening this song
windi indri
windi indri - 3 jam yang lalu
yahh bi of ikon.
Della Antika
Della Antika - 3 jam yang lalu
We love u, Hanbin💓
Jan jen
Jan jen - 3 jam yang lalu
B. I😭
배고프다 - 3 jam yang lalu
왜 댓글에 다 그 분 이야기뿐이지...ㅋ
Apriliyanti ys
Apriliyanti ys - 3 jam yang lalu
Still love u B.I💕💕
NamJin Soobin YQNew
NamJin Soobin YQNew - 3 jam yang lalu
We love you Hanbin and we won't be tired of waiting for you just to Comeback again will wait for your come back as a leader of ikon cause we love you all of the fandom Love's you stay strong Hanbin 😭😭💕💜
Ismi Hanifah
Ismi Hanifah - 3 jam yang lalu
marciana K-pop
marciana K-pop - 3 jam yang lalu
B.I triste né fora do ikon
Dhany Dhany
Dhany Dhany - 3 jam yang lalu

강민성 - 3 jam yang lalu
피쳐링 부정탔네
Salma Kamila maulani
Salma Kamila maulani - 3 jam yang lalu
Leonardo M
Leonardo M - 3 jam yang lalu
Views butterfly loona and views in clc me
Nina Mina
Nina Mina - 3 jam yang lalu
Haizzzz 😔😔😔😔
Chae Young
Chae Young - 3 jam yang lalu
Lanemie Maticyeng
Lanemie Maticyeng - 3 jam yang lalu
We will be watching this live without Hanbin :( I can't imagine
Rikki Alivio
Rikki Alivio - 3 jam yang lalu
jihoon park
jihoon park - 3 jam yang lalu
yeeena yooo
yeeena yooo - 3 jam yang lalu
Gadis Sama
Gadis Sama - 3 jam yang lalu
Hanbin 💔💔💔💔
erika sanger
erika sanger - 3 jam yang lalu
This is so good, why did it only just popped up on my recommendation after 2 weeks
Kim Taehyung is BAE
Kim Taehyung is BAE - 3 jam yang lalu
*We love you Hanbin no matter what!!😭😭*
Chateline Nadia
Chateline Nadia - 3 jam yang lalu
Lee Hi: I don't wanna be alone anymore
Hanbin: I'm sorry...
Thanh Hiền Nguyễn
Thanh Hiền Nguyễn - 3 jam yang lalu
Hanbin iKON is really so talent
Shaira Bernal
Shaira Bernal - 4 jam yang lalu
Zdenka Danova
Zdenka Danova - 4 jam yang lalu
Lidi... Já vím,že mi polovina z vás teď nebude rozumět,ale věřte v to,že Hanbin bude v pořádku a vrátí se zpět v plné síle!
Stačí pomyslet na to jak ho máme rádi a vše bude tak jako dřív, hlavně musí zůstat silný,
Sosun Abbas
Sosun Abbas - 4 jam yang lalu
Hanbin stay strong❤❤ fighting!!!!!!
kp o
kp o - 4 jam yang lalu
John Timothy Dela Cruz
John Timothy Dela Cruz - 4 jam yang lalu
Fighting iKONIC!
Abigail Luz
Abigail Luz - 4 jam yang lalu
Lee Hi hermosa voz!!
B.I te amamos por el talento.
roddick611 - 4 jam yang lalu
I expect we gonna have 15th millions by tomorrow
Isma Nurus sartania
Isma Nurus sartania - 4 jam yang lalu
Hanbin i Miss you ♥️
miss dope21
miss dope21 - 4 jam yang lalu
U can hold on to hanbin and us!
ishi castillo
ishi castillo - 4 jam yang lalu
This man BI has bright future a head cause he is a hard working man, has passion in his work cause he enjoy and love what he is doing.. But out of no where just 1 issue destroy everything about him. I feel sad I don't know maybe bi don't know how to put back the broken pieces of him. That's why he left ikon he can't face his member, the fans and his company. Just one mistake destroy everything even his talent. I feel sad. We lost gems a gold where people see only his dirt now not how well he is. Why u people don't give BI a chance to change to grow and learn from his 1 single mistake. We all do mistake in life due to many reason and depression. One single mistake not represent on who he was but people grow from it and be a better version of his self for his friends, family and fans. Hope u people give BI a 2nd chance. Don't waste his talent for nothing he work hard on it to be better artist. People can change don't see dirt only on her face what's good on him, how he love his passion how good his heart to his members, friends, family and to his fans who always supporting him around the world. We always at ur back BI and to all ikon. People judge u found guilty so fast but don't know the story behind it. We fan love bi and ikon we don't judge u but we spread love with a warm hugs when u needed bi don't loose hope. Someday sun will shine again at u. Keep praying.. ❤️💕
Dey Kusuma
Dey Kusuma - 4 jam yang lalu
I miss you hanbin.
//Iwubpotatos// - 4 jam yang lalu
The 1st part of the song is SOOO FAMILIAR😂💕 Can anyone help me i cant im struggling cuz I forgot?!?!
Melz Code
Melz Code - 4 jam yang lalu

Check out the Petition for our dear Hanbin guys!!😭🙌😍
Cla Feyy
Cla Feyy - 4 jam yang lalu
lee hi❤