CATS - Official Trailer [HD]

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Ultimate Riot
Ultimate Riot - 13 jam yang lalu
All right Sonic movie this is your time to shine I believe we judged you too harshly
Transpicious - 13 jam yang lalu
Thanks universal, *we hate it*
Neeh Nay
Neeh Nay - 13 jam yang lalu
No god please no
Picassos Enemy
Picassos Enemy - 13 jam yang lalu
Mark my words, this movie is going to end up stealing a Oscar, no matter how stupid everyone looks.
linkLoverAG - 13 jam yang lalu
Aside from the visuals, at least the musical aspect looks promising
Villham - 13 jam yang lalu
HSM - 13 jam yang lalu
in the end y'all going to the fucking cinema to see it
Henry Crun
Henry Crun - 13 jam yang lalu
1m30 jennifer hudson singing...terrible!
khu fra
khu fra - 14 jam yang lalu
So many dislikes hahahahaha
Thechlebek - 14 jam yang lalu
Please end me
Bibba Nibba
Bibba Nibba - 14 jam yang lalu
Actual cats must be kinda embarrassed to have people dance in their fur colours
Please dont subscribe me
Please dont subscribe me - 15 jam yang lalu
Why people are complaining, this is a good horror movie.
TuRtle momo
TuRtle momo - 15 jam yang lalu
Excuse what the fuck
Elden247 YT
Elden247 YT - 15 jam yang lalu
watch 1:20 at 0.25 speed
yxxki - 15 jam yang lalu
i didn't think something could look as ugly if not more ugly than sonic in the new movie.
Lamour - 16 jam yang lalu
Wow. This is... terrifying.
Jeo Hernandez
Jeo Hernandez - 16 jam yang lalu
My cats are disgusted and disappointed and this
Seif Aldin
Seif Aldin - 16 jam yang lalu
Is anyone gonna watch this yes:comment no:like
xnovaa - 17 jam yang lalu
This is a whole new level of being a furry
Edward Hernandez
Edward Hernandez - 17 jam yang lalu
The people who complain and are paid to complain or make 10 minute long videos about stuff like this should really STFU. This stuff keeps all you idiots talking about the film.
Artsy charmander Char
Artsy charmander Char - 17 jam yang lalu
Honestly if the cats where humans probably would see it
kangaroostew 16
kangaroostew 16 - 18 jam yang lalu
Mike Smallman
Mike Smallman - 18 jam yang lalu
Da hell is that supposed to be¿ Aristocat remake? A nightmare?
ThatBowiefan - 18 jam yang lalu
I can't be the only one who thinks this looks creepy as hell.
Neakuddy - 18 jam yang lalu
чё за дич?)
ʟᴜxx - 18 jam yang lalu
I could care less about the CGI, I've seen way worse.
Besides, the sets were built. They could've animated it too. And as a fan of the musical I'd see this. Don't think it'll top it, just hope its good to watch again.
Lance1223 - 18 jam yang lalu
this is some *weird* sht

i have a feeling this is gonna be good 😂
notapro dude
notapro dude - 18 jam yang lalu
Nobody asked for this... Nobody
Connor - 19 jam yang lalu
The music is good at least lol
Demon Bunny
Demon Bunny - 19 jam yang lalu
I would watch it...I don't think I would like it...don't like that it's therapy cat skins on humans. Do it like puss in boots style it would be better. Just make it a cat that stands up. I think rated R warriors would be better to spend your money on even if it's not that good. It's something people have been waiting on for a wile. Why not do that?
d3riuz - 20 jam yang lalu
Never underestimate the power of a paycheck
Aditya Akolkar
Aditya Akolkar - 20 jam yang lalu
Wtf is this shit😂
DollinDerpy - 20 jam yang lalu
Furries: i wish catgirls where real
Universal Pictures: *Are you sure about that*
Louie Man Gaming
Louie Man Gaming - 20 jam yang lalu
It looks kinda Like The Cat In The Hat staring Mike Myers.
John - 20 jam yang lalu
Japan after the third nuclear strike. The fourth soon followed
TheModernTaco - 20 jam yang lalu
Someone plz play the plankton clip

MY EYES!!!!!
Vitor Henrique Farias
Vitor Henrique Farias - 21 jam yang lalu
when you try to find cat girls in area 51 but instead you find this 1:15
James Lyman
James Lyman - 21 jam yang lalu
I just have to say that that shot of Victoria with the knife and fork is so cute.
Shirley Melo
Shirley Melo - 21 jam yang lalu
Andrew Mejia
Andrew Mejia - 21 jam yang lalu
Why y’all hating on this it’s actually looks cool
AyaTheCat - 21 jam yang lalu
This Is Scary And Ugly
Ashlyn laing
Ashlyn laing - 21 jam yang lalu
I'm kinda looking forward to this on second thought o*gets gun and kills myself* (but i still wanna watch it)
Random Films
Random Films - 21 jam yang lalu
Seems like it could be a good movie, but PLEASE make the design look... better.
Richard Compton
Richard Compton - 21 jam yang lalu
Who thought this was a good idea
SappyMe - 22 jam yang lalu
when a deviantart fan fiction comes to life
SolarPup - 22 jam yang lalu
Shit guys, the furries got universal studios....
Your Dad
Your Dad - 22 jam yang lalu
Tamara - 22 jam yang lalu
God this looks like shit
Charles St. George 1
Charles St. George 1 - 22 jam yang lalu
You guys are overreacting it looks just like the costumes for the CATS musical but animated. Y’all are jus uncultured
Tangetstone979 - 22 jam yang lalu
Movie Sonic, we are sorry for harassing you.
Luel Almonicar
Luel Almonicar - 23 jam yang lalu
These are the actual cat girls we will find in area 51
Cockatoode - 23 jam yang lalu
Is that mr mistofolees at 0:42? Why tf is he so shy? Where the hell is my unitard wearing cat Pulling kittens out of his ass?? I swear to god
CatLever240 :3
CatLever240 :3 - 23 jam yang lalu
Is this what my sleep paralysis demon looks like
Kit da cat
Kit da cat - 23 jam yang lalu
i came across this looking up warrior cat movie trailers...
Benjamin Hewitt
Benjamin Hewitt - 23 jam yang lalu
I don’t get why everyone hates the cgi, from a technical perspective there’s actually nothing wrong with it, the cgi is fine, they were going for a human/cat hybrid and they did it, the only problem is that they were going for a human/cat hybrid, good god why does this monstrosity exist?
Ellenor Haye
Ellenor Haye - Hari Yang lalu
Should of gave them more cat like features and maybe it would be kinda cool.
Katherine - Hari Yang lalu
Sorry uh what the actual fuck
D L - Hari Yang lalu
Is there a original movie
Hugh Salin
Hugh Salin - Hari Yang lalu
Gee and I thought Foodfight was gonna give me nightmares.
Bb Frank
Bb Frank - Hari Yang lalu
Jason derulo’s little wiggle at 1:38 is cute tho I’m excited to see his take on snuggle rum tugger
Cherry Berry Beatz
Cherry Berry Beatz - Hari Yang lalu
* *choked back tears * what the fuck*
ember the fire dragon
ember the fire dragon - Hari Yang lalu
Moosh - Hari Yang lalu
this is why we arent allowed nice things
Ana Galaxye
Ana Galaxye - Hari Yang lalu
Cruzes os bixo parece o satanais
Claire The Cat
Claire The Cat - Hari Yang lalu
*Cough* This is why humans and cat furries should not date.
Santiago Garcia Lopez
Santiago Garcia Lopez - Hari Yang lalu
awesome ozzy
awesome ozzy - Hari Yang lalu
They have destroyed the cats
lacymom1109 - Hari Yang lalu
Although the CGI looks odd, I've always been such a huge fan of the musical that I'll definitely go see it.
Albus Severus prior
Albus Severus prior - Hari Yang lalu
Lucazith - Hari Yang lalu
Besides this being nightmare fuel, I like the cast.
Mona Cheema
Mona Cheema - Hari Yang lalu
The fuck am I watching?
Anonymous Avocado
Anonymous Avocado - Hari Yang lalu
Garfield is disappointed.
Francesco Enzo
Francesco Enzo - Hari Yang lalu
Oh my god, what a fuck is this shit
The cats is so creepy and scary
This film looks more like a horror than a musical
Pinksheep Baa Baa
Pinksheep Baa Baa - Hari Yang lalu
it's oddly appealing.
Lindy Moon
Lindy Moon - Hari Yang lalu
Why is everyone being to negative? It's an odd movie, yes. But I am actually excited to see this. Personally, I find the CGI very good and seamless and the premise is cool.

And don't attack me, let people like what they want. I'm a furry, so me liking this isn't a surprise. (I also don't see any uncanny valley because anthropomorphic cats are not a new concept for me.)
JA Silverwolf
JA Silverwolf - Hari Yang lalu
If we were to raid Area 51 we’ll find these “cats” most likely.
Edit: dam I’ve never seen a like:dislike ratio like this in my entire life in all of YouTube.
Bonbon plays
Bonbon plays - Hari Yang lalu
wtf is this crap
Wall nut
Wall nut - Hari Yang lalu
Congratulations! Your furry had evolved into sonic + sleep paralysis
Motanul - Hari Yang lalu
"this holiday season you will belive"
oh god what the fucc is that supposed to mean????!!!?
Ale - Hari Yang lalu
At least furries get their own movie.
Fizzex dAnimation
Fizzex dAnimation - Hari Yang lalu
They had too much cat nip