Unboxing 100 MIL YouTube AWARD!!

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left twix
left twix - 11 jam yang lalu
I am so proud of you. I remember my brother showing me your videos when I was just a young child. I loved watching your videos especially horror ones, even though at the time, no one knew who you were when I mentioned you. Seeing you come this far is amazing!! You inspired me to keep pursuing what I want to do. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished!
hobsdigree2 - 11 jam yang lalu
Congrats pewdiepie!
NineTailsGaming - 11 jam yang lalu
You know where you would be!
*In a flat selling some h o t d o g s!*
Theus Santos
Theus Santos - 11 jam yang lalu
pewdiepie monster, congratulations bro come many signs ahead, brazil in the area,Big fan here HAHAHAHA
Themarifa 17
Themarifa 17 - 11 jam yang lalu
I love Brazil
내구독자 수 일본 망할확률
eu joão vitor
eu joão vitor - 11 jam yang lalu
O seu f************ você vive imitando o Felipe Neto😠
Fatih rizki Utomo
Fatih rizki Utomo - 11 jam yang lalu
Please substitute Indonesian
TheRichest WithNothing
TheRichest WithNothing - 11 jam yang lalu
I'm glad I was able to witness your growth
Bagus Prihastomo
Bagus Prihastomo - 11 jam yang lalu
Congratulations pewd, thanks for your hilarious & funny comments
ureenumba_1 - 11 jam yang lalu
someone please take me to
ThatOneWeeb_ _
ThatOneWeeb_ _ - 11 jam yang lalu
Anyone else remember his old prop hunt videos with Jack, Cry and a few others
Those were the good days. My favorite video of them playing prop hunt is when Cry was acting like a teenage girl and one of the people i can’t remember the name of was acting like the dad and they were arguing and the ‘dad’ Accidentally shot Cry and was fake crying 😂😂
BEAR ROBUX - 11 jam yang lalu
Yang Indo Mana Ni Suara Nya :[
Yang Mau Bantu Cheenel Gua Silahkan Di Pencet
Tanda Subscribe Nya Pewdipie Dulu Nya
By Bye
Ronald Rusev
Ronald Rusev - 11 jam yang lalu
2mins advertising stupid site .i.
Jose Alyson
Jose Alyson - 11 jam yang lalu
Felipe Neto deve tá com muita inveja
Amazing Gamer
Amazing Gamer - 11 jam yang lalu
Bandi: wow you did great vome here and get your prize:
Dawko crying showing 100, 000,000
park TV
park TV - 11 jam yang lalu
Hello i'm korean fan
Kiwi - 11 jam yang lalu
Who remembers the dj fortify remix
* Kirb *
* Kirb * - 11 jam yang lalu
The play button should have been a block of diamond ore
aesgd esgd
aesgd esgd - 11 jam yang lalu
الي عراقي لايك
vullut - 12 jam yang lalu
ozneroL ruerepmE uD elaS enèmaM
Ducoup le prochain c le molliard
Levy Sandoval
Levy Sandoval - 12 jam yang lalu
mnic - 12 jam yang lalu
Arthur - 12 jam yang lalu
اووو يههه
Daniel Richardson
Daniel Richardson - 12 jam yang lalu
Who has been here since the beginning?
LostEnzo - 12 jam yang lalu
Eae Felix tudo bem contigo?
김승재 - 12 jam yang lalu
pewdiepie i love you!!! god of youtube
David Arrese
David Arrese - 12 jam yang lalu
Alguien que hable español por favor pucha vine para ver al youtuber con más seguidores y encontré esto :o
Blahblah Think
Blahblah Think - 12 jam yang lalu
Максим - 12 jam yang lalu
Mr Spooks
Mr Spooks - 12 jam yang lalu
He literally has 1000000 times more subs than he did then
Edgar Gutierrez
Edgar Gutierrez - 12 jam yang lalu
Marlise Almeida
Marlise Almeida - 12 jam yang lalu
Ainda acho que isso nao oque ganha ! E sim um botao de safiraaaáaaaaaaaaaa!
Who Dat4262
Who Dat4262 - 12 jam yang lalu
Me: *remembers* when PewDiePie played happywheels
Also me: :') he has come so far
Kelly Martinez
Kelly Martinez - 12 jam yang lalu
I’m 14 and I watched his videos since I was 9 😂
Luiz Eduardo Aragão da Cunha
Luiz Eduardo Aragão da Cunha - 12 jam yang lalu
please send save to guys from brazil
roblox fan clun
roblox fan clun - 12 jam yang lalu
Stop being rude to t series
seno zhab productions
seno zhab productions - 12 jam yang lalu
Congratulations for 100 mil subs
Black Cuenta
Black Cuenta - 12 jam yang lalu
I cried with the bro fist.
Tata Mario
Tata Mario - 12 jam yang lalu
Me in porta un comino tus malditos videos más en si ma peleas con los más YouTuber
Mariann M
Mariann M - 12 jam yang lalu
I swear he’s so cute
pedro games
pedro games - 13 jam yang lalu
Sou o único brasileiro aqui?
Nadeem khan
Nadeem khan - 13 jam yang lalu
Support me please guys
Nadeem khan
Nadeem khan - 13 jam yang lalu
Very good 👏👏👏👏
Agustin Sotelo
Agustin Sotelo - 13 jam yang lalu
Minh Quan Nguyen
Minh Quan Nguyen - 13 jam yang lalu
Fan vietnam
Emily An
Emily An - 13 jam yang lalu
the channel is finally a 9 yr old
TTV_ eandanish163
TTV_ eandanish163 - 13 jam yang lalu
your vids are trash
Skull000 - 13 jam yang lalu
No u
TTV_ eandanish163
TTV_ eandanish163 - 13 jam yang lalu
you suc
aa dd
aa dd - 13 jam yang lalu
Selamun aleykum gardaşlar
aa dd
aa dd - 12 jam yang lalu
Smile woman plugging
Emily An
Emily An - 13 jam yang lalu
It didn’t hit 10:00 min. He didn’t get paid for over 30 mil veiws 😭😤
NarumiU Narumi
NarumiU Narumi - 13 jam yang lalu
ok which one of u fuckers cutting onions in here?? 7:59
Black Ninja
Black Ninja - 13 jam yang lalu
The amazing PewDiePie everyday ❤️🔥
Chartis - 13 jam yang lalu
KZL SQUAD - 13 jam yang lalu
In Indonesian?
Connor Wadsworth
Connor Wadsworth - 13 jam yang lalu
What the fuck yt people on yt are stuck a specific amount of subs like syndicate on the 17 you to 9 k from him and u took like 120k from pewds
Rebo Dou
Rebo Dou - 13 jam yang lalu
RAM KRHOAKS - 13 jam yang lalu
operação games
operação games - 13 jam yang lalu
Mustafa alzaidy
Mustafa alzaidy - 13 jam yang lalu
العربي لايك
DadyIsHere DAD
DadyIsHere DAD - 13 jam yang lalu