Chapter 14: Big Fish

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KneeDragon99 - Bulan Yang lalu
Vinãles might change to Ducati or others next year.
ab bule
ab bule - Bulan Yang lalu
Like #MM93😎
Firmansyah Firmansyah
Firmansyah Firmansyah - Bulan Yang lalu
aspiring world champion..wkwkwkwk
jason lazenby
jason lazenby - Bulan Yang lalu
Yamaha flat out dovi Passes with ease 😐😐😐😐 what happened to the bike
Dimitrios Tzialas
Dimitrios Tzialas - Bulan Yang lalu
MotoGP was never more excited!!! In every race MM93 makes history by breaking old records and setting new record levels!!!
TRAIE K47 - Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone that hates on Marquez is just missing out on enjoying a legend, he will go down in history as one of the world's greatest
TRAIE K47 - Bulan Yang lalu
If I was Rossi I'd give up my factory ride for a fast young one and just blast round on a satellite n have fun that way
Hector Betancourt
Hector Betancourt - Bulan Yang lalu
Excellent video editing
aiman watagoal
aiman watagoal - Bulan Yang lalu
That shake of the head from MV12 @2:34 is painful to look at..Tells you the massive difference between Ducati and Yamaha engine horsepower...
Jimcy Cy
Jimcy Cy - Bulan Yang lalu
Marquez in MotoGP and Hamilton in F1 killing. Other riders
Mr.X 97
Mr.X 97 - Bulan Yang lalu
#valeyellow46 is daddy of the all time🏆🥇🇮🇹
Johannes Christ
Johannes Christ - Bulan Yang lalu
Dear MotoGP Channel: can you show us Race and Qualifing Highlights on this Channel?
Maybe Something like an analysis before the Weekend with the guys from MotoGP? Simon,Amy and so on...
Would be really cool and an update to the YouTube Channel!
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero - Bulan Yang lalu
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar - Bulan Yang lalu
I like the way he celebrates in the end, fishing an other victory. 93
Miguel Vasquez
Miguel Vasquez - Bulan Yang lalu
Manuel Edwin Meneses
Manuel Edwin Meneses - Bulan Yang lalu
MM93 an alien! Watch him on the next MIB.
JACK OGGY - Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck marq
โอมโอม story
โอมโอม story - Bulan Yang lalu
:) :) ;) fantastic
M - Bulan Yang lalu
These race highlight videos are fantastic.
Dimitrios Tzialas
Dimitrios Tzialas - Bulan Yang lalu
What an awesome race!!! MM93 is by far the best rider ever!!!
azrul nizam
azrul nizam - Bulan Yang lalu
Yamaha got terrible amount of Horsepower
Shaoching Wang
Shaoching Wang - Bulan Yang lalu
MM93 !繼續向前衝刺!泰國站期盼你封王
low key
low key - Bulan Yang lalu
MM is the LH of motogp
Albena Jeikoff
Albena Jeikoff - Bulan Yang lalu
Digvijay Patil
Digvijay Patil - Bulan Yang lalu
Feel bad for mav though 💔
Eko Ari Kurnianto
Eko Ari Kurnianto - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc Marquez I love u
denz 5
denz 5 - Bulan Yang lalu
Big fish...
eric walker
eric walker - Bulan Yang lalu
That Ducati is Motherof a???????????????????????
Rebel Star
Rebel Star - Bulan Yang lalu
We r marc fans
Akbar Haryanto
Akbar Haryanto - Bulan Yang lalu
pok pok pok 46 :D
chicken 46 pok pok po petok chicken wkwkwkw :D
Sean Tran
Sean Tran - Bulan Yang lalu
Maverick Vinales: Moto2 engine, Moto2 engine, ARGH! 2:34
Slim Shady
Slim Shady - Bulan Yang lalu
Where's palmer????
9enius - Bulan Yang lalu
Whys the sound so shitty now
Zone07 - Bulan Yang lalu
If Yamaha gets their shit together in 2020 with their top end speed, they'll be a real threat to MM93. Quartararo and Viñales can put a hurting on Ducati and Honda. They need to throw some real money at their development.
Zone07 - Bulan Yang lalu
@Ken Patterson I'm not saying disregard everything else for the sake of top speed, but they need to fix their top speed issue or else they won't beat Honda or Ducati. The Yamahas are so easily overtaken in the straightaway that rivals don't feel the need to take risks and just wait to overtake them. Is not that Yamaha won't increase their top speed, is that they haven't figured out how to balance it; perhaps in 2020. Suzuki has been very impressive; they should be a factor next season.
Ken Patterson
Ken Patterson - Bulan Yang lalu
Tuning a bike is about compromise. If Yamaha throw everything at increasing top speed the bike will suffer/loose in other areas like turning, or front end feel. Yes Ducati and Honda have top speed, but both bikes lack agility, and cornering ability. Like Stoner before him Marc is the only one currently able to ride around his bikes limitations. That takes next level talent.
Á đù
Á đù - Bulan Yang lalu
NIBV - Bulan Yang lalu
So far the most boring race of the season
Jay Panjari
Jay Panjari - Bulan Yang lalu
2:10 Look at the ducati's acceleration
Blackpackers ID
Blackpackers ID - Bulan Yang lalu
Masabodo VR46 tetap yg terbaik
No Rossi No MotoGp 🤠|🇮🇩
Samudera Cinta
Samudera Cinta - Bulan Yang lalu
Stop it.. It's hurt rosi fan
Hopefully I will make it to the next GP now I have a better camera 🙄
Joey kolk
Joey kolk - Bulan Yang lalu
Almost #Level8 💪💪
Abuniza Arramiz
Abuniza Arramiz - Bulan Yang lalu
Marc "Touring" Marquez
Denis Railey
Denis Railey - Bulan Yang lalu
Mighty Boomerang
Mighty Boomerang - Bulan Yang lalu
KING fish #93
WoWa_89 - Bulan Yang lalu
The Yamaha is too slow on the straight. No chance against Honda or Ducati.
Ian Lanford
Ian Lanford - Bulan Yang lalu
look back at misano. 2-5 all yamaha rider.
tohZ - Bulan Yang lalu
The Ducati is too slow in the corners. No chance against the Yamahas. Every bike has its perks. And Fabio frequently shows what is more important.
Celso Depo Rico
Celso Depo Rico - Bulan Yang lalu
luqman HAKIM
luqman HAKIM - Bulan Yang lalu
Look at the Yamaha’s top speed.
Jalan Keluar
Jalan Keluar - Bulan Yang lalu
Good job 😎👍😁
The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman - Bulan Yang lalu
Pure ducati power over yamaha. Why can't yamaha see that and make adjustments?
Thunder Chicken
Thunder Chicken - Bulan Yang lalu
Inline 4 can't produce the kind of power the V4's are putting out. If Yamaha dials in more power it's not usable and it eats up tires. That's just my shitty two cents with tho...Blu Cru needs a whole new engine design imo, go to a V4 for Moto GP.
betta green field
betta green field - Bulan Yang lalu
HONDA muôn năm 👍👍👍kkkk
Muhammad Arif
Muhammad Arif - Bulan Yang lalu
2:34 Vinales react My Bike Was SO SO WEAK.....
Zone07 - Bulan Yang lalu
It must hurt to have that throttle open all the way and just see your rival cruise on by as if you're standing still.
Lone Rider
Lone Rider - Bulan Yang lalu
In recent times, if Marc breaks ahead the race is literally boring...
Muhammad Indra
Muhammad Indra - Bulan Yang lalu
Make 20min edit pls
INSLIDE PASS - Bulan Yang lalu
Edy Darno
Edy Darno - Bulan Yang lalu
Desmodovi #04 😎😍
Hang Over
Hang Over - Bulan Yang lalu
Marquez is not better rather best of all 💪
Ratnakar Arumugam
Ratnakar Arumugam - Bulan Yang lalu
Looks like Dovi is the only guy having so much fun trhoughout this year, climbing places!
AFSAL KHAN C - Bulan Yang lalu
Any one from India 🇮🇳
No Luck JK
No Luck JK - Bulan Yang lalu
In short:
- Marquez dominated for the entire race.
- Dovi pursued for the entire race.
- Miller impressed for the entire race.
Ken Patterson
Ken Patterson - Bulan Yang lalu
@Kean TV Is he really? So the fact that they have raced head to head since '13 and MM has 6 titles to Rossi's 0 titles means Rossi is better to you?
Kean TV
Kean TV - Bulan Yang lalu
Rossi is still the best 9>8
jomar lugo
jomar lugo - Bulan Yang lalu
m,arquez and quata teammate next year da best
Ken Patterson
Ken Patterson - Bulan Yang lalu
@Eustube nl Those fans are idiots
Rushabh Joshi
Rushabh Joshi - Bulan Yang lalu
-Yamaha struggled for entire race😂
I Love Formula 1
I Love Formula 1 - Bulan Yang lalu
Marquez - King ok AragonGP
CXSY - Bulan Yang lalu
marquez, youve to get slow down a little bit, so we can be entertained again with your show.
Raya Kagi
Raya Kagi - Bulan Yang lalu
podium for yamaha.. oh no oh no
Dovi: hold my brrrr