The Elder Scrolls: Blades Nintendo Switch Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

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RaLLyKaTz OoO - 11 hari yang lalu
skilarbabcock - 15 hari yang lalu
It sucks I'm the only one that appreciates this game and think it looks fun
Mark Mauk
Mark Mauk - 18 hari yang lalu
Whatever, guys - dislike it or not.
I like the game, I will download it on the Switch, log into my phone account and have fun - without any use of real money. I like to grind, i like to compete. Its a game I like, thats all I can say.
Machi - 21 hari yang lalu
Very nice I like how they brought back the arcade / dungeon style with a bit of complementary informations to the saga. This mini game doesn't deserve all the hate it gets.
Alexey Oreshkin
Alexey Oreshkin - 22 hari yang lalu
Where Fallout 3 and New Vegas on Nintendo Switch?!
Neolinal - 25 hari yang lalu
wait WHAT
Suki Gaming
Suki Gaming - 27 hari yang lalu
this game looks so bad...why would anyone pay or play this game...i feel bad for the 1.1k people who liked this video and is about to waste there money
Mindelekas - 28 hari yang lalu
this game FOV is like 30
Hex Elahne
Hex Elahne - 29 hari yang lalu
Do we have a release date yet? :/
Robert Stankoviansky
Robert Stankoviansky - 29 hari yang lalu
okay so now they are doing gameplay videos of F2P MOBILE GAMES? wonderful tome to be alive..
Rimshakerc - 29 hari yang lalu
The Nintendo reps are doing a good job sounding enthusiastic about this "game". Not getting this nonsense though.
Tomáš Bouzek
Tomáš Bouzek - Bulan Yang lalu
No, just NO!
Rubbe - Bulan Yang lalu
Looks the same as Oblivion on the PSP.
David Martinez
David Martinez - Bulan Yang lalu
Infinity blade pffff
Tyler - Bulan Yang lalu
Am I the only one that likes Blades? Seriously, I don’t understand all the hate. Yes this is a mobile game, but it has crossplay, this is very likely a game put in place to test the waters with crossplay for Bethesda. I see this as a step forward for Bethesda. Yes this is not what we asked for, but this is free, so stop complaining; Bethesda is working on elder scrolls 6, and very likely the next fallout as we speak.
Christian B.
Christian B. - Bulan Yang lalu
Why would you play this when you can play Skyrim?
Akkusky - Bulan Yang lalu
Greedy bastards.
Yipi Yayo
Yipi Yayo - Bulan Yang lalu
the combat is absolutely horrible. u guys enjoy fighting these?
CPWG - Bulan Yang lalu
Looks like crap. Give us Oblivion or Morrowind remastered over this bull.
Drake Wilson
Drake Wilson - Bulan Yang lalu
It just works
Ahzafera - Bulan Yang lalu
So, what I got from this is that nothing else matters as long as they got the core gameplay done. So... They worked on Elder Scrolls 6, got movement and swordplay down, then gave up.
Lord Poppy
Lord Poppy - Bulan Yang lalu
No thanks i love my skyrim switch
RPGeez Louise
RPGeez Louise - Bulan Yang lalu
Boon I want Zelda BotW 2
RPGeez Louise
RPGeez Louise - Bulan Yang lalu
full metal horseman
full metal horseman - Bulan Yang lalu
Sorry Nintendo I already have Skyrim on switch. Maybe this could have been DLC?
ahojahojish - Bulan Yang lalu
Bethesda watched the Blizzard scandal and they thought to themselves “hmm....lets try to mimic that move....might be good”
Alex Klim
Alex Klim - Bulan Yang lalu
mobile TES,thanx!
Leandro Honório
Leandro Honório - Bulan Yang lalu
This simply sucks. A lot!
MrRandomtastic - Bulan Yang lalu
still waiting for mod support on switch
Blue Ninja
Blue Ninja - Bulan Yang lalu
Why am I the only one who likes this game
Memento Mori
Memento Mori - Bulan Yang lalu
Releasing a pat to win mobile game on a console doesn't make it any less of a pay to win mobile game. Nice try Bethesda.
J V - Bulan Yang lalu
This looks so boring and repetitive to me. It looks like a mobile game
wear3cr4zy - Bulan Yang lalu
Best game on switch
TVG28 - Bulan Yang lalu
Excuse me but that is a phone game. What's next, Pocket Camp?
Random Player
Random Player - Bulan Yang lalu
Not gonna lie... I'm low key hyped. Bring in the hate comments
Pawix Jegons
Pawix Jegons - Bulan Yang lalu
Its not motion controlled?
aen nunez
aen nunez - Bulan Yang lalu
i gotta admit the graphics here is actually good its in high graphics the lightning
Svaar - Bulan Yang lalu
game sux, control in game sux, battles sux
Kevin M
Kevin M - Bulan Yang lalu
its basically a trashy pay to win persona Q2
Sergio - Bulan Yang lalu
"dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS?"
Mr Lockpick
Mr Lockpick - Bulan Yang lalu
I suggest if it's a money grab to hold tight to your money. That's the best way to prevent future theft.
The Entitled Gamer
The Entitled Gamer - Bulan Yang lalu
I hate to say, but I'd rather play Skyrim.
Can't believe you're "treehouse-sing" a freaking *mobile game* (that wasn't made by Nintendo).
Cabko2691 - Bulan Yang lalu
THIS IS SOME HOT GARBAGE!!! Release Oblivion instead and i will buy at day one!
Gun Shy Mystes
Gun Shy Mystes - Bulan Yang lalu
It's like they hear all the hate but is like na we know u guys love it so here you go it's on a console now.
Orpheus - Bulan Yang lalu
If this wasn't a F2P mobile game, it could be good. A more traditional style of dungeon crawler. But nope, it's trash.
abcelu - Bulan Yang lalu
This is crap. Don't ridicule players and fans like this man
Robertas Jabroni
Robertas Jabroni - Bulan Yang lalu
This game is trash lol
Look outside my window
Look outside my window - Bulan Yang lalu
Everything this man said is a lie. Nintendo just because you're into portable gaming dosnt mean you fall into mobile gaming. Save yourself.
kevin jones
kevin jones - Bulan Yang lalu
Do we really need all the hand holding flashing objectives? I swear, they think gamers are getting dumber and dumber
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez - Bulan Yang lalu
The Wizard 101 Pet Mobile Game on switch would be better than this garbage.
tHe GrEy MaN
tHe GrEy MaN - Bulan Yang lalu
How about Bethesda bringing a Fallout 3 and New Vegas remaster for switch and a Fallout 4 port.