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Izzi Alejandro
Izzi Alejandro - 20 jam yang lalu
"I have foreign friends" , proceeds to say "Why no song Korean?", hmm...that is not how you say it and his "friends" didn't help him out, highly suspicious
Pramuk U
Pramuk U - Hari Yang lalu
From the interview it shows Koreans are not that smart.
None of them questions about the accuracy of the news or stay neutral before the judgement.
Let these fools blindly walk on the media leash and proud of its high moral standard society.
YG should leave Korea and set up in other countries like Japan or US.
Prettiest isme
Prettiest isme - 2 hari yang lalu
LgndRV - 2 hari yang lalu
all expectedly, you foreigners are very naive to believe yg for yourself. every korean who knows the right point of this scandal thinks like 1:19 person.
Photo Maker
Photo Maker - 3 hari yang lalu
This really sucks for the rest of them. Blackpink is "fairly" a new group and they are trapped in between these scandals! I feel bad for them. No agency at this point would want those girls!
Rhema Philip
Rhema Philip - 7 hari yang lalu
Am I the only one who got shook at the Jenny AND Yang Hyun Suk comment??? I'm remembering the Idol who committed suicide & left a list of the people her company forced her on.
I don't care about the drugs (◔_◔) but the prostitute thing?
Are Companys Pimps now?
The thing I hate most about this industry is that you never know whats going on exactly; they present themselves oneway but covertly do things that will blow your mind (or not) in another.
Mungyathei Shokwungnao
Mungyathei Shokwungnao - 9 hari yang lalu
I hate that people are so obsessed with putting up a good image
Andre TML
Andre TML - 12 hari yang lalu
YG Ent.promotes a very different music and so even the artists like 2ne1,Big Bang and the likes of Blackpink portrays a more to heavy rock metal image.From a certain point it's more on the badass skinheads,rap and swaggering feel which captivates a large number of young korean audience.From the visual and songs this is highly depicted.Look at it from the image point,it's got everything from a well blended west meets k-pop cultural trait.Having said this,nothing is out of the abnormal.
No Body
No Body - 13 hari yang lalu
Bila isu drugs di kaitkan rasa nya semua entertainment akan melindungi artis2 mereka, yg semua tahu melalui zaman training dan menunggu masa untuk debut akan bagi depression yg sangat tggi. Bagi aku, yg ent jadi mangsa bagi pihak yg ingin menjatuhkan compeny yg besar ini.. Kalau dlu cuma ada 3 nama besar dlm industry korea skrg ada 4... Persoalan nya sepatut nya begini. Siapa yg ingin jatuhkan YG dan kenapa. Isu dadah mula di kaitkan dgn artis yg dari zaman bigbang dan 2ne1.. Masalah nya, kenapa mereka menyerang hanya YG ent??
Ever Cano
Ever Cano - 13 hari yang lalu
This affect not only K-pop music image, but Korea image to the rest of the world. I mean every country had it's own problems, but Korea seems to feel like growing opportunity of busines.
ellie corden
ellie corden - 17 hari yang lalu
I just wish dat things get better about YG , and YG artist .People are dragging dem so much .Ok now it's enough . I know dat wat they did was wrong.But They might have learn something from their mistake, and they might be trying their best to not commit their mistakes again. Let's just give dem another chance🙏
And let's stop Hating dem
YuDprAomg - 17 hari yang lalu
I still love all YG artist. Nothing has changed. of course, they have to be held responsible for what they did but that does not mean we can't listen to their music. I am not going to stop listening to Winner, or GD. I do hope that they change the way they manage their company. There must be a reason why these artist are trying to use drugs or have used. As for Seungri, I always believed that there was something fishy about him. That is why he was always my least favorite. I don't know, there was always a weird vibe about him since the beginning.
Krystal Line
Krystal Line - 18 hari yang lalu
After these scandals, how about the actual smuggling of CJ Group heir Lee Sun ho? Since CJ Group is a big company (which holds a lot of sectors), I wonder how Koreans are viewing this. I'm just putting it here in case you can do an interview or maybe not.
Lalisa Blackpink Tea
Lalisa Blackpink Tea - 24 hari yang lalu
I think all started suddenly this year to blame at once on many issues on YG to bring him down because they are somebody that’s associated with the ‘Big People’ who are involved in some illegal acts. They just wanna cover it up by blaming many faults of YG who knows ‘what happened and who was involved. ‘
Lot’s of people are not stupid to see the overall scenarios here. We are smart enough to see the picture here.
YG has been in the entertainment business since 1990 ( 20 years ago).
Why this year suddenly after that Seungri scandals started ( which is closer to exposing the ‘big people’ involved in illegal acts such higher ranks local enforcements and some big shots people ) , then all of the sudden, all these targets has been suddenly finding faults on YG. it’s a part of a diversion towards the bigger culprit up above who are powerfull in SK. Somebody wants to put him down coz he knows too much. Use your logical sense of thinking, it’s soo obvious that people can think and see that.
lychin jenny
lychin jenny - 25 hari yang lalu
I pray BP will stay strong 💪 and release new album. Hope everything will be fine.
Nadia Silva
Nadia Silva - 29 hari yang lalu
¿cuándo investigarán a las agencias que maltratan a sus aprendices? ¿No piensan que ellos sienten?
BlazinNSoul - Bulan Yang lalu
I've seen this coming for years. As a YG stan it's hard to watch. But YG's bad management practices are well known.
But even I didn't expect YG to go this low. But then again we are talking about the same CEO here. Who basically ruined his wife's debut.
Just so he could marry her, scumbag lol. Now with the latest developments adding money laundering to the growing list of troubles.
I'm beginning to wonder if YG will recover from this. I just hope Lee Hi & CL can finally escape this nightmare.
The way both of them have been treated lately constitutes abuse as far as I'm concerned. But what happens to YG now is anyone's guess. :/
Precious Hearts
Precious Hearts - Bulan Yang lalu
"they're filled with a bunch of troublemakers" I don't know if I should smirk because it's partly true or just nod in solemn
Adima Jul
Adima Jul - Bulan Yang lalu
YG entertainment should be closed ... bcoz that entertainment is very dirty yg should disappear they are ruining there idol how sad to bp
Kpop Cover
Kpop Cover - Bulan Yang lalu
All I can say is....only the artist of YGE are being attacked since the first day of this year.

Jennie dating issue ( it's not a scandal for me)
Yunhyeong dating issue
GD issue in military
B.I attempt to use "marijuana" not drugs on 2016
Yang Hyun Suk's scandal

About the burning sun scandal, I can't trust Seungri rn but I can't trust the media too.

It's obvious that there's something wrong happening yet people use this as an opportunity to bring down yge and yg artist.
Blink lisa
Blink lisa - Bulan Yang lalu
People are narrow minded
Witch clown sucks
All these needs to stop
Give us fact with evidence not only suspects.
Korea never deserved YG artists lets this be stop
Amor a la MexiCorea
Amor a la MexiCorea - Bulan Yang lalu
Dream Footage
Dream Footage - Bulan Yang lalu
"People all over the world know about YG entertainment, it's been a company that has promoted Korea to other countries."
And, it's just so easy for her to say she wanted the company to dissapear.
Bethel Quezon
Bethel Quezon - Bulan Yang lalu
They change the CEO but the system is still the same. They don't appreciate and respect their artists. They don't give justice to anyone. They don't treat them well.
ChillsxNini - Bulan Yang lalu
The second girl that was talking with that tint green hair is gorgeous (I mean they all are gorgeous and handsome but she caught my attention)
tahya tayo
tahya tayo - Bulan Yang lalu
I'm not understand:(
Sumpa g ngertii ih:(( padahal pengen tau tentang YG:(
Samphors Smart
Samphors Smart - Bulan Yang lalu
Say something about 2NE1 pleasessssss
Dee - Bulan Yang lalu
Lol so much hypocrisy tbh. Like they criticise the use of drugs but drink till they pass out in the streets. Or the actual prostitute service going on in the country.
Honestly the biggest problem in Korea is the fact that they try to paint everything on pink when the reality is so different.
Ps: Foreigners dont really give a fudge about this kind of scandals.
LEXUS LOVELY - Bulan Yang lalu
Lol if that new CEO lady have a brain should take that cursed YG name off before she takes over, that name will bring her down and whomever takes over after that. It’s got a black mark now, that name is beyond repair. I hope this doesn’t link to JYP in anyway since they’re best friends.
BlazinNSoul - Bulan Yang lalu
Nothing is beyond repair if reforms start talking pla YG's problems are grounded with Yang Hyun-Suk. A fossel who's time is finally up & change can still happen let's hope. :/
Low Key
Low Key - Bulan Yang lalu
Just move in US.
We don't care about drugs or whatever.
Rafa Cena
Rafa Cena - Bulan Yang lalu
1:30 This guy described what a real life chaebol is like.
minah - Bulan Yang lalu
1:36 a smart one.
minah - Bulan Yang lalu
Wow making a female the CEO is the cherry on top of YG being destroyed forever.
Cha Cha
Cha Cha - Bulan Yang lalu
ms korea kim jisoo
ms korea kim jisoo - Bulan Yang lalu
So dating is considered scandal in korea?? Poor jennie
Ashley Kate Ong
Ashley Kate Ong - Bulan Yang lalu
A lot of people had a misunderstanding with BI's text messages with a random person. I want to let all of you know that HE "DID NOT BUY DRUGS".. BI "ATTEMPTED TO BUY DRUGS" but because of the consequences that he realised, he withdrew the deal.
Azzamarwa Haron
Azzamarwa Haron - Bulan Yang lalu
T. One Zero One
T. One Zero One - Bulan Yang lalu
Kenapa pandangan mereka selalu menganggap bahwa apa yg diberitakan itu benar, dan yang diberitakan pasti salah.
Im so done with k-media & k-net.
Just want bigbang, ygfam dont make come back in their country, they deserve much better than they country do...
Mary Narcissus
Mary Narcissus - Bulan Yang lalu
lol imagine they suspend all the yg artists and conduct a drug test...that’d be a disaster
Mohd Zulhaimi
Mohd Zulhaimi - Bulan Yang lalu
Im feel bad for their artists actually. They got bashed too much especially Blackpink.
Madness Gaming
Madness Gaming - Bulan Yang lalu
Well. I heard this many times. In almost any countries for entertainment.
If you want to become a singer or actor. You must be giving something first. Hehe
If you know what i mean
gabriela selan
gabriela selan - Bulan Yang lalu
I really want to hug the girl in 6:00
Kenya Perez
Kenya Perez - Bulan Yang lalu
what? all that scandal because someone was trying to buy LSD, lmao 😂 butt-hurt weak ass koreans, alcohol is a trend in their country, which is a million times worst than lsd
Venetia Dela Cruz
Venetia Dela Cruz - 2 bulan yang lalu
These scandals are nothing compared to u.s. artists scandals. Park Bom got in trouble for adderall. Kids in the states gets adderall.
Katy_iKONfusion - 2 bulan yang lalu
I just really felt wrong for Hanbin and IKON.
Yuri On Ice_Lover
Yuri On Ice_Lover - 2 bulan yang lalu
Ruing YG name is like ruing the entire agency, the artists and my bias BigBang.
John Terwell
John Terwell - 2 bulan yang lalu
Now kmedia is changing the translation of kkt groupchat where they said Seungri is in that group. Fvck them
Lourdes Silverio
Lourdes Silverio - 2 bulan yang lalu
Tbh am I the only one who didn’t really like how the girl with the green hair was talking? It sounded like she was talking about animals rather than humans when she was talking about how he let them too lose.
Gabby Yang
Gabby Yang - 2 bulan yang lalu
Hell I agree with the friends of the guy in the glasses. Kpop doesn't give that good vibe that it used to :c whenever I listen to kpop im always going to the OG songs. LF> that good vibe again.
Erwin - 2 bulan yang lalu
Yang Hyun-suk was part of Seo Taiji and Boys. He is the exact opposite of Seo Taiji, who stayed true to the music. Hyun-suk sold out and cashed in, creating a system in which a revolutionary band like Seo Taiji and Boys has no chance.
Love Shot
Love Shot - 2 bulan yang lalu
I like how this channel only bring up yg company and his artists scandal and zip about scandal from other agency.
Ana Petrovic
Ana Petrovic - 2 bulan yang lalu
I get your point, but did you read the title?😂 I like your idea though, it would be nice if they could somehow make a thorough investigation on every agency and shed some light on the dark side of the industry for us.👍🏼Lately a lot has been going on with YG Ent.( which is probably why it got a report on it in this video) but other agencies are at fault as well and they also need to mentioned in the near future. I know this sound similar to my previous point, but I know you get the idea😁
Love Shot
Love Shot - 2 bulan yang lalu
There's a reason why other companies don't have a lot of scandals cause they are good at hiding.
Love Shot
Love Shot - 2 bulan yang lalu
I want to know what they mean by yg covered up the past scandal? cause I remember TOP did went in front of the judge and got prosecuted. BOM scandal wasn't big of deal. GD minimal weed isn't going to make go in front of the judge. So what covered up they talking about?
YG Stan
YG Stan - 2 bulan yang lalu
You can't compare them with other companies. All these happened because YG became target. I'm sure other companies are not that clean as you think
Love Shot
Love Shot - 2 bulan yang lalu
They aren't. but know how these antis try to make it seem like yg the worst company and other are clean with no history of scandal.
Serra Moon
Serra Moon - 2 bulan yang lalu
The fact that international fans still loyal with B.I because we love his musics and believe with him. Even tho, he did something wrong, unless it is not hurt anyone else and he regrets it, we can forgive him and give the second chance, because we can understand how hard his life in the past. We support him to become a good person, not to push and leave him in the bottom.
Chuxxi TV
Chuxxi TV - 2 bulan yang lalu
Goodbye YG then Goodbye KPOP.
KPOP will never be the same if YGE will be gone.
Günay Muradova
Günay Muradova - 2 bulan yang lalu
YG is a black hole. Boycott YG. Your faves may not be involved but they clearly know a few things. By watching their videos and buying their albums you are supporting a drug and prostitution hole. Your faves are having comebacks with the money that comes from prostitution and drug traffickingm
Sheena - 6 hari yang lalu
ikon is for sure an exemption.
Junida Siregar
Junida Siregar - 2 bulan yang lalu
Tbh, I don't care with yg's drug or prostitution scandal. I just hate how he managed their artists who involved in to the scandals, lead to dissapointed decisions such as 2ne1 disbandment, b.i leaving ikon, t.o.p. almost died, and so on.
heize heize
heize heize - 2 bulan yang lalu
YG scandal entertainment,next,final prison 101 line up.
jil jil
jil jil - 2 bulan yang lalu
By the way some pips here reacted about YG and its artists' issues...as if they knew the whole story, huh? Keep on judging. Lol
JerryRic - 2 bulan yang lalu
How Sure Are we that the new female CEO is not yang hyun suk relative. Think about it for a sec