By the way, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (ft. Youtubers)

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Rebekah Craig
Rebekah Craig - 42 menit yang lalu
in fifth grade you only learn about three of em
Rebekah Craig
Rebekah Craig - 51 menit yang lalu
i AM a fifth grader
Aileen Brown
Aileen Brown - Jam Yang lalu
11:02 lol
LordenzoOM 247
LordenzoOM 247 - Jam Yang lalu
At 5:57 it switches to a different animator
Bridget Clancy
Bridget Clancy - Jam Yang lalu
I’m in 5th grade and in science were learning about plants and what happens to animal carcasses
Purple Bandit
Purple Bandit - 2 jam yang lalu
This weird but I ship Ann and Eli:/
Dr.who??? ????
Dr.who??? ???? - 2 jam yang lalu
I like it how you said you raised 1,500 but it says 15,000.
Hmmmm I dont think that's right
Virginia Hicks
Virginia Hicks - 3 jam yang lalu
In fifth grade there are solid liquid gas plasma
Emerald Thunder Goats
Emerald Thunder Goats - 4 jam yang lalu
They got that candy problem wrong xD
Janae Brown
Janae Brown - 6 jam yang lalu
Eric Cartman in the thumbnail?? :)
Big Moe
Big Moe - 6 jam yang lalu
3 weeks and six days?
Nvm, thought he said 58. 3 weeks.
Mikadie Joyce - Bates
Mikadie Joyce - Bates - 7 jam yang lalu
we learnt plasma in 2nd grade
YOU'RE NEXT - 8 jam yang lalu
*_Why the fuck Anna voice is more cuter than before?!_*
Name Is Not Important
Name Is Not Important - 8 jam yang lalu
But Australia is not a continent by itself , the answer should be New Zealand
Zoe Martin
Zoe Martin - 9 jam yang lalu
I am eighth grade (Canadian) and they still haven’t touched more on Matter. 3 is what I know... is that bad?
M. Skelycat Shadow
M. Skelycat Shadow - 10 jam yang lalu
The earth is 4.5 billion years old
Lobalt 210
Lobalt 210 - 10 jam yang lalu
11:06 poor Hosuh 😂😂😂
Craig the root lamma seve
Craig the root lamma seve - 11 jam yang lalu
colerd hosua looks ultra instinct
UwU gaming
UwU gaming - 11 jam yang lalu
Oh so your gonna say that your smarter than me
Madog Wolfie
Madog Wolfie - 12 jam yang lalu
I just came back to your channel Congratulations to getting 1mil
Claire Peeters
Claire Peeters - 14 jam yang lalu
Daniel: There isn’t four in 5th grade
Me: ... I learned plasma in fifth grade.
Malachi Watanabe
Malachi Watanabe - 16 jam yang lalu
Dan: No three
Malachi Watanabe
Malachi Watanabe - 16 jam yang lalu
Btw the fifth one is the man-made Bose-Einstein condensates. In a solid, particles are packed tightly together so they don't move much
Beth Bryant
Beth Bryant - 16 jam yang lalu
11:08 that is not 1,500 that 15,000
GhostlyDurpy - 16 jam yang lalu
I Learned All 4 Phases Of Matter In 5th Grade
Wolfygacha Life
Wolfygacha Life - 16 jam yang lalu
I'm a fifth grader and I got all of them right
GhostlyDurpy - 16 jam yang lalu
The World Is AT LEAST 1 second old. Technically Im Right
Kimberly Santos
Kimberly Santos - 17 jam yang lalu
Wait...IM in 5th grade and im watching this...sooo what dies that mean
08kai02 - 17 jam yang lalu
I’m always happy when Steven wins because he rubs it in so much☺️
Yeet McCormick
Yeet McCormick - 19 jam yang lalu
South Park yay
yamin murad
yamin murad - 19 jam yang lalu
You learn the 4 states of matter in 5th grade
Morpeko Cone
Morpeko Cone - 20 jam yang lalu
Almost at 2M!!
dEfAulTY b01
dEfAulTY b01 - 20 jam yang lalu
When Daniel says Epic Games
Me : we like fortnite , we like fortnite ,we like fortnite , we like fortnite
Zara Ilieva
Zara Ilieva - 20 jam yang lalu
im in 5th grade ._.
YeetMan - 22 jam yang lalu
The Earth is like a bad pizza, because both share the property of having a thin crust.
leong wai kit
leong wai kit - 23 jam yang lalu
At 7:28, i laugh out loud
Mariem Mohamed
Mariem Mohamed - Hari Yang lalu
Im a 5th grader
Arctrooperfives - Hari Yang lalu
I learned the 3 - 4 states of matter in 3rd grade in the U.S
Gacha Producer
Gacha Producer - Hari Yang lalu
There actually is 4 states of matter in fifth grade.
esv 1802
esv 1802 - Hari Yang lalu
I am a 5th grader tho...
I got the jams
I got the jams - Hari Yang lalu
Dan: "we have raised $ 1,500"
Animators: *$15,000*