Tom Holland Shows Off How Much Facial Hair He Can Grow | The Graham Norton Show

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ALPHA GAMER - 18 jam yang lalu
i grow more facial hair in one week than tom does in 6 weeks and iam younger than him
Kory Kebler
Kory Kebler - 2 hari yang lalu
He grows facial hair like I do haha
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 9 hari yang lalu
At least it isn't McLovin.
IT'S KHARMIA - 10 hari yang lalu
"And I'm trying to explain to the dumb bouncer, that I came out of her, 21 years ago. - Thomas Stanley Holland, 2019
Jake Rhue
Jake Rhue - 17 hari yang lalu
Tom Holland with facial hair looks like a teenage version of Orlando Bloom
Oppressed Gamer
Oppressed Gamer - 17 hari yang lalu
I grew that much facial hair when I was 13
Manny Rivas
Manny Rivas - 18 hari yang lalu
Looks like Mysterio truly is a master of deception
Marcos Chioli
Marcos Chioli - 18 hari yang lalu
Yay!! Mr. Cerveza is here!!!
laura r
laura r - 19 hari yang lalu
01:10 How does he came out of her 21 years ago if he's 23 years old 😂🤔😂🤔 was she like 2 years pregnant?
Speedy9000 Speedy2000
Speedy9000 Speedy2000 - 19 hari yang lalu
pa desiii
pa desiii - 22 hari yang lalu
Tries look like tony stark
Bhavraj Sullar
Bhavraj Sullar - 24 hari yang lalu
He looks 16 🤯
JH - 24 hari yang lalu
Tom wears a Patek! RIP those marvel contracts......
Pankeyk - 24 hari yang lalu
*facial hair shows how much tom holland he can grow*
SupremeJay 808
SupremeJay 808 - 25 hari yang lalu
Give him the RDJ haircut
DCV. Vibez
DCV. Vibez - 26 hari yang lalu
He looks kinda like Johnny Depp with a beard
Jamie Finn
Jamie Finn - 27 hari yang lalu
Tom and Jake's watch game is so strong in the episode.
Tundra - 27 hari yang lalu
“Jose Cerveza” *LMAOOO*
onespiffyboi - 27 hari yang lalu
he looks like johnny depp
5hawn - 28 hari yang lalu
What he gets in 6 weeeks, I get in a week
Echo - 28 hari yang lalu
I have the opposite problem. I'm 22 and have never been carded.
sajjad hussain
sajjad hussain - 28 hari yang lalu
He has a patek phillipe..... he has made it guys!
H.A.K - 28 hari yang lalu
0:20 Tom Hank laughing and yelling "That's it". xD
Ivan Šušak
Ivan Šušak - 29 hari yang lalu
Im so glad hes not spiderman anymore.
aroundsundown - Bulan Yang lalu
reading through the comments, sometimes not sure which Tom they’re referring to 😅
Annie - Bulan Yang lalu
Love guys like Tom who know how to tell stories
The England Fan 1966
The England Fan 1966 - Bulan Yang lalu
Jake Gyllenhaal thinks ‘Jose Cerveza’ is a crazy name, try an Australian called

Brett Clement, Born 15th of bloody May 1989
Kiera Sands
Kiera Sands - Bulan Yang lalu
You legally need ID to get into a nightclub... The real facepalm is an adult woman not carrying ID.
Quantum - Bulan Yang lalu
awwwh bless him.
Marlonee - Bulan Yang lalu
Gwenyth paltrow most definitely tryna get dicked down by my boi tom
SAKSHIT WANKHEDE - Bulan Yang lalu
Hey is it just me thinking that Tom Holland looks similar to Johnny Depp in the beard???
Jmvars - Bulan Yang lalu
Still more than I can grow, and I am two years older.
Adwitiya Sarkar
Adwitiya Sarkar - Bulan Yang lalu
"I came out of her twenty one years ago." I'm dying 😂😂😂😂
SByrner90 - Bulan Yang lalu
Cool story bro
OOF - Bulan Yang lalu
Literally he is so scary with that facial hair omg
YourBoys 72
YourBoys 72 - Bulan Yang lalu
He sits like a girl
Harth Productions
Harth Productions - Bulan Yang lalu
Funny how people care whether or not he has facial hair.
Paige -Low Key-
Paige -Low Key- - Bulan Yang lalu
Jake just says what we are all thinking with no afterthought
Paige -Low Key-
Paige -Low Key- - Bulan Yang lalu
AshDrawsTrash - Bulan Yang lalu
I dont want Tom Holland to have facial hair like the one in the thumbnail
He looks like a modern british Jose Rizal
Mark - Bulan Yang lalu
This gotta be the best talk show
Aaron Matheos
Aaron Matheos - Bulan Yang lalu
I got more facial than him.And he have more money than me. Just Karma
Rhyz - Bulan Yang lalu
Sad he’s not apart of mcu anymore
Vicente Zuñiga
Vicente Zuñiga - Bulan Yang lalu
“Cerveza” its “beer” in spanish
FrenchFry - Bulan Yang lalu
Tom Holland Senior
Mustache - Bulan Yang lalu
HPRWHG Harry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger
"I'm trying to explain to the *dumb* bouncer. That I came out of her!" Omg I wheezed
ChaCha - Bulan Yang lalu
He’s like me... can’t grow a beard 😂
LagLog _
LagLog _ - Bulan Yang lalu
Tom holland with a beard looks like a 12 year old kid trying to get inside a strip club.
Mohit Aryal
Mohit Aryal - 19 hari yang lalu
Reminds me of that *superbad* movie !
Swedish bear
Swedish bear - 29 hari yang lalu
LagLog _ lol
Brion McManus
Brion McManus - Bulan Yang lalu
Where do these new actors come from? So damn good!!
Zedex - Bulan Yang lalu
He looks like an Italian waiter in a famous Italian restaurant with facial hair.
tertertr tetrete
tertertr tetrete - Bulan Yang lalu
What watch is he wearing? It looks so good I need to know. Is it a Patek Philippe?
Hill Man
Hill Man - Bulan Yang lalu
Tony stark is that you
krish game
krish game - Bulan Yang lalu
Is tom Holland contracted for two more spider movies
Janeru - Bulan Yang lalu
He looks like a normal person Trying to be Tom Holland but nailed it but he had facial hair he cant get rid of
ᴡ ᴇ ɪ ʀ ᴅ ᴏ s ᴛ ᴜ ᴅ ɪ ᴏ s
With facial hair i
I thought that was Johnny Depp😂😂😂but younger
Alistair Robertson - Performer
Alistair Robertson - Performer - Bulan Yang lalu
This is painfully relatable. #babyface
Thomas fan 1945
Thomas fan 1945 - Bulan Yang lalu
(Me who sees him with facial hair)
Beth A
Beth A - Bulan Yang lalu
i will never understand in what order does this show groups it’s guests
Cole Onufrak
Cole Onufrak - Bulan Yang lalu
He looks like that guy from the 30’s in American horror story