Sports stupid crash mistakes 2016 /17/18

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xMusicx - 6 bulan yang lalu
Don't think any of these are stupid, just the everyday risk and insanity of Moto and other bike racing. Probably most exciting sport out there, though the appeal is limited a bit by how few nationalities support the sport. Good music choice btw!
Rock Hero
Rock Hero - 28 hari yang lalu
Good luck
Noble Hill
Noble Hill - 3 bulan yang lalu
Yes but still why add tragedy to danger, the pavement is too wet for the tires to grip!
veganew - 4 bulan yang lalu
keren chanel nya
Matheo Moreira
Matheo Moreira - 3 jam yang lalu
Les pauvre
Bumil dan Balita
Bumil dan Balita - Hari Yang lalu
Shubham Karad
Shubham Karad - 2 hari yang lalu
That siren sound was more scary than accident
george hirsch
george hirsch - 5 hari yang lalu
Sergio Marroquin, Jr.
Sergio Marroquin, Jr. - 6 hari yang lalu
Awsome music! Who is it?
Franks Sports Zapping
Franks Sports Zapping - 5 hari yang lalu
Rammstein remix
Javier Flores
Javier Flores - 6 hari yang lalu
Did you put Rammstein music in this video
gauthier michel
gauthier michel - 9 hari yang lalu
vidéo 0/1000000.
Andres Aguirre
Andres Aguirre - 10 hari yang lalu
1:44 imagine those knees without helmet :'o
Marcus Angus
Marcus Angus - 12 hari yang lalu
I'll come here everytime I want to thief my father bike
Jusuf boy Sibarani
Jusuf boy Sibarani - 16 hari yang lalu
Kreen... banget...
Jinboy Kun
Jinboy Kun - 16 hari yang lalu
If i with my best friend racing, and he crash am not gonna choose win, am just gonna choose lose and help my best friend
Rimgailung Kamei
Rimgailung Kamei - 21 hari yang lalu
Music suck
Silas McGee
Silas McGee - 22 hari yang lalu
Terrible music no original audio 👎
Χρήστος Τ.
Χρήστος Τ. - 23 hari yang lalu
This is not the full video
Detour316 - 24 hari yang lalu
Dont say these are all stupid it literally sometime rained and maybe track be slippery like oil
GetoverYourself - Bulan Yang lalu
I love when bikes crash, especially on the street
Vikky Sanada
Vikky Sanada - 25 hari yang lalu
You have mental issue?
Linda Don
Linda Don - Bulan Yang lalu
Its funny how they dont go for the injured but go for the bike Xd
Riski Bagus
Riski Bagus - Bulan Yang lalu
3:33 lol man wkwkwk
Mahedi Ferdous
Mahedi Ferdous - Bulan Yang lalu
99% accident of these are because of poor road and rain.
JEAN JUMALON - Bulan Yang lalu
Damm he just stand like a boss
Karan Kaul Tingloo
Karan Kaul Tingloo - Bulan Yang lalu
3:44 : enjoying the slide 😂😂
AVS madiun official
AVS madiun official - Bulan Yang lalu
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas - Bulan Yang lalu
3:30 front break surprise
Black Mamba
Black Mamba - Bulan Yang lalu
How can they still get up after the crash wtf
Nikhil Reddy
Nikhil Reddy - Bulan Yang lalu
Don't race with bikes if you want to race go through running race
Omen Comen
Omen Comen - Bulan Yang lalu
Saber sabar
TOP tUBe7 - Bulan Yang lalu
*dissapotment that there are no more best frieands such as them who hold a friend's hand in every situation*
Edit: 3:29 👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
Urmila Khanna
Urmila Khanna - Bulan Yang lalu
For 2nd = sad 😢
3rd = funny 🤣
Herlina Wati
Herlina Wati - Bulan Yang lalu
GOBLOK TEMPEK🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖐️laik bro yang suka
King-Khian Maquiñana
King-Khian Maquiñana - Bulan Yang lalu
Shitshitshit ow now
Baker 3311
Baker 3311 - Bulan Yang lalu
Video skills so low that you have to show each wreck 3-4 times just to make it long enough to upload.
Cash Browning
Cash Browning - 2 bulan yang lalu
how is it stupid crash mistakes sometimes you tire catches something that you dont want to catch and when you know it the bike is out from under your feet.... and in your description you said this was the best no it isnt some of these people get hurt unless your that morbid
MR. America
MR. America - 2 bulan yang lalu
Non of this is stupid it’s racing stuff happens man stuff happens it’s not like there doing it on propose for an insurance scam
sultanp 39 ya
sultanp 39 ya - 2 bulan yang lalu
1:24 that thug life 🤣
Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring - 2 bulan yang lalu
1:05 RIP THAt GUY and who was that crashed?
Zain Hanif
Zain Hanif - 25 hari yang lalu
big cock
big cock - 2 bulan yang lalu
the real crash is in the isle of man.. this is not a crash
Siva Kumar
Siva Kumar - 2 bulan yang lalu
3.40 best skit I have seen
Warrington Williams
Warrington Williams - 2 bulan yang lalu
Bogus title- interesting wrecks, none appeared stupid outside of racing in the first place, but hey, if that's the deal.
Tapan Kumar Das
Tapan Kumar Das - 2 bulan yang lalu
Just dangerous