Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - Pre-Purchase Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Aard Reo
Aard Reo - Bulan Yang lalu
Thanks for the game.
I have fun ; but loading times are in general awfully long. Sometimes more than 30 seconds on my switch (cartridge game). It really is annoying. I really hope an update will quickly fix that issue.
 - Bulan Yang lalu
Mk fans: dont let the flame die out!
That Mario Fan Boy !
That Mario Fan Boy ! - Bulan Yang lalu
So I won't be able to pre-order this one due to real life stuff. Will i be able to buy these as DLC Later?
predator5775 - Bulan Yang lalu
Crash, on Nintendo? How?!
Gustavo B
Gustavo B - 5 hari yang lalu
There have been Crash games on Nintendo consoles FOR YEARS.
THE N CHANNEL - Bulan Yang lalu
What about the retro skins in Nintendo switch
super saiyan
super saiyan - Bulan Yang lalu
Switch-720 p 30 fps
Ps4-1080 p 60 fps+bonus pre order
A B - 4 hari yang lalu
Geos Heat is it necessary to insult him?
Geos Heat
Geos Heat - Bulan Yang lalu
Lol it is 30 fps on every console you ignorant fool
Gliv Gluv
Gliv Gluv - Bulan Yang lalu
PS4 version isn't 60fps. lol
JEHS HERNANDEZ - Bulan Yang lalu
So... if I do not pre-purchase the game, I won’t never be getting the Electron Suits?
Isaiah velez
Isaiah velez - Bulan Yang lalu
Can't wait. Super excited for this game. Already pre ordered the Nitrous Oxide Edition on my switch ready to play for when I go on vacation 😆☀️🌴🏖
Jaemz Ultraboi
Jaemz Ultraboi - Bulan Yang lalu
it looks better than i excepted thank you beenox
Omegan Kryist
Omegan Kryist - Bulan Yang lalu
So looks comparable, so I’m looking forward to getting it on the switch... but can we see actually gameplay on the switch before it comes out? I mean this gives us a glimpse but I’d like to see a race start to finish, and the menus and whatnot...
Am I asking too much?
MJeyy - Bulan Yang lalu
iPeteEE - Bulan Yang lalu
Finally pre-ordered it for the switch!
My body is ready!
The fellow Spycrab
The fellow Spycrab - Bulan Yang lalu
Is this switch gameplay?
King Julien XIII
King Julien XIII - Bulan Yang lalu
I would pre-order the Switch version if I COULD! I want the N. Oxide Edition and it just says coming soon! I can't pre-order!
iPeteEE - Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah, I found that pretty weird as well, it looks like that one releases on the 20th/21st.
Perry William
Perry William - Bulan Yang lalu
Ill wait for Diddy Kong Racing Switch to come out :)
yarego - Bulan Yang lalu
Geos Heat
Geos Heat - Bulan Yang lalu
30 fps on every console
محمد k
محمد k - Bulan Yang lalu
اكو عرب هوووون🤗
Chris zard
Chris zard - Bulan Yang lalu
Where is the nitros oxide version?? "Erro code: 9001-1633" Why do not have it in Brazil? T-T
khunt buster
khunt buster - Bulan Yang lalu
crash tag team racing was the best in every way
Meme Stealer
Meme Stealer - Bulan Yang lalu
sneh shah
sneh shah - Bulan Yang lalu
Now, that's called FUN........
TKnHappyNess - Bulan Yang lalu
If this is a remaster of Crash Team Racing like the one on another console, will the Trophy Girls appear?
FrostSplashStudios - Bulan Yang lalu
They’re playable!
Alexis Zambrano
Alexis Zambrano - Bulan Yang lalu
Rocco Abessinio
Rocco Abessinio - Bulan Yang lalu
GalacticHypernova - Bulan Yang lalu
GIna SImmons
GIna SImmons - Bulan Yang lalu
But we need : need for speed and midnight club
Freddy's Plushverse
Freddy's Plushverse - Bulan Yang lalu
when will this game come to nintendo Eshop in europe?
Freddy's Plushverse
Freddy's Plushverse - Bulan Yang lalu
@Innocence __ oh okay
Innocence __
Innocence __ - Bulan Yang lalu
It did since today
GalacticHypernova - Bulan Yang lalu
0:21 Poor Polar and Tiny... ;-;
Melvin Appleton
Melvin Appleton - Bulan Yang lalu
Damm what if I pre - order a physical copy ?
Arash Mizrahi
Arash Mizrahi - Bulan Yang lalu
GameStop has it on pre order
IzeePixelated 》
IzeePixelated 》 - Bulan Yang lalu
Need a 4th switch racing game?
Smash Racers ( racing version of Super Smash Bros )
KodyBod700 - Bulan Yang lalu
Super Racing Bros
Cyberbrickmaster1986 - Bulan Yang lalu
Already pre-ordered the Switch version. Hope it'll include the bonus character skins!
Jobbernowl - Bulan Yang lalu
Guy10169 - Bulan Yang lalu
Meh! I'll get the PlayStation 4 version instead because that's the definite way to play crash
carlos garcia
carlos garcia - Bulan Yang lalu
No matter if this come out on others consoles..... Crash will always be on PlayStation :)
krow000666 - Bulan Yang lalu
Mario kart pirata!
BoomBoomBrucey - Bulan Yang lalu
Until it's 60fps confirmed, I'm not getting it on Switch.
BoomBoomBrucey - Bulan Yang lalu
@Geos Heat I have checked, multiple legitimate sources have said 60fps. So until digital foundry do a video I'm not convinced because there's too many conflicting sources atm
Geos Heat
Geos Heat - Bulan Yang lalu
@BoomBoomBrucey man just check it on has been confirmed that it will be 30 fps on all consoles even ps4 pro
BoomBoomBrucey - Bulan Yang lalu
@ᎶᎧᎴ4ᏝᎥᏉᏋ Not from what I've seen. Pro and X have 60fps. Direct me to whatever source you have that it's 30fps on everything, because multiple sources I've read say 60fps on the more powerful consoles
ᎶᎧᎴ4ᏝᎥᏉᏋ - Bulan Yang lalu
@BoomBoomBrucey no 30fps on all console's
BoomBoomBrucey - Bulan Yang lalu
@G4L Rambling confirmed where? I heard it was confirmed to be 60 on the more powerful ones? If it's 30 everywhere then I'll go Switch easily, providing it's actually solid 30
Yolanda Torres Guerra
Yolanda Torres Guerra - Bulan Yang lalu
Ya tienes la saga completa de crash en tus consolas. Que mas quieres? Tambien god of war, o tambien Horizon, o quizas the last of us o tambien Uncharted. Pudrete nintendo. Pronto tendras teniendo todas las sagas en tus consolas. No entiendo por que sale estos juegos en tu switch, a caso ctr salio en tu super nintendo enterteiment system de porqueria, no pues. Pudrete nintendo desde el fondo de mi corazon
Yolanda Torres Guerra
Yolanda Torres Guerra - Bulan Yang lalu
Desde que salio los juegos originales de crash para nintendo. Te juro que odio a nintendo.
m0nsterHUNTER709 ps4
m0nsterHUNTER709 ps4 - Bulan Yang lalu
Ohh I thought this was going to be the sequel to crash tag team racing, got to be honest little bit disappointed got a lot of good memories from playing that game back in 2005. but still looks good.
GalacticHypernova - Bulan Yang lalu
Finally! Still looks great!
Xapatex123 Xapatex
Xapatex123 Xapatex - Bulan Yang lalu
Finn Lopez
Finn Lopez - Bulan Yang lalu
Pues no luce nada mal!
Ahora a esperar el rendimiento que es lo importante.
Saltinius - Bulan Yang lalu
The Aaron show
The Aaron show - Bulan Yang lalu
GalacticHypernova - Bulan Yang lalu
no u
LilSpot - Bulan Yang lalu
Crash for Smash
nyonyo wakanda
nyonyo wakanda - Bulan Yang lalu
1. Penta penguin
2. Yaya panda
3. Nina cortex
4. Nitrus brio
5. Snipe ( titan )
6. Spyro
Melody Campos
Melody Campos - Bulan Yang lalu
Spyro is confirmed
Sa i
Sa i - Bulan Yang lalu
Penta is comfirmed
It's Demetri
It's Demetri - Bulan Yang lalu
Would've got this if i didn't get mario kart 8 as a gift because that game is overpriced on switch this would be a better choice for me.
Humorflix YPTH y mas
Humorflix YPTH y mas - Bulan Yang lalu
i love this game especially the 80's track but i think its so slow, i saw it on a video and became bored of how slow it was
Humorflix YPTH y mas
Humorflix YPTH y mas - Bulan Yang lalu
@Meme Stealer thanks for explaining
Meme Stealer
Meme Stealer - Bulan Yang lalu
Its fast search up "KuroJet" people who played the demos just suck
Blast335 - Bulan Yang lalu
I think this means crash is coming to smash
Daniel B
Daniel B - Bulan Yang lalu
Can you not
elcoyote.con.elotes - Bulan Yang lalu
It seems like MK8 camera display
Ermehgerd - Bulan Yang lalu
Let this be the comment that calls it. Come Tuesday, Crash Bandicoot WILL be confirmed for Smash
Shahmeer Salahuddin
Shahmeer Salahuddin - Bulan Yang lalu
This games looks ok!
Clash with Spreese's
Clash with Spreese's - Bulan Yang lalu
Please be 60fps
Retro World
Retro World - Bulan Yang lalu
Quel manque d’inspiration flagrant!!