Black Moms Try Other Black Moms' Soul Food

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Signe Anderson
Signe Anderson - Menit Yang lalu
4:57 we need that secret!!!!
Katie Rose
Katie Rose - 24 menit yang lalu
"Is that fish chicken!?" 😂🤣🤣🤣
Jeferson Roca
Jeferson Roca - 46 menit yang lalu
Black mom: it’s not easy to fry chicken

McDonald’s employee: 👀
Isa van Venrooij
Isa van Venrooij - 49 menit yang lalu
Also still watching n commenting ever since june
Isa van Venrooij
Isa van Venrooij - 49 menit yang lalu
Yall she got gina dissapointed, oooh no
Isa van Venrooij
Isa van Venrooij - 56 menit yang lalu
J's, OOOH she is rlllly impolite and I'm feeling rrly uncomfortable
Appal Leak
Appal Leak - Jam Yang lalu
6:27 awwww anyone else feel how wholesome that was when she cleaned the bench top
Lars VanBarbecue
Lars VanBarbecue - 2 jam yang lalu
I was very happy Gina won, she was so kind to everyone, and ironically J lost and did the opposite.
Mimmi Eds
Mimmi Eds - 2 jam yang lalu
Gina won even though she came in here with no baked Mac and cheese...
mara ceci
mara ceci - 5 jam yang lalu
0:3 is that Asmr
Fortnite Lover
Fortnite Lover - 6 jam yang lalu
I like Gina, she's positive and nice like I want her as a guardian
xXwolf_playsXx - 6 jam yang lalu
J actin all cocky and then just get slapped down by everybody
Ryan Vu
Ryan Vu - 7 jam yang lalu
It’s Beany
It’s Beany - 7 jam yang lalu
Briana Lopez
Briana Lopez - 7 jam yang lalu
Donna eating her own food killed me 😂😂😂
linzombie - 7 jam yang lalu
I love Gina
Jada Aydlett
Jada Aydlett - 7 jam yang lalu
I really wanted to try Gina's food.
Carla Cardozo
Carla Cardozo - 8 jam yang lalu
Protect Gina at all costs
Your Girl Lexi
Your Girl Lexi - 9 jam yang lalu
She said that’s fish chicken 😭😭😭😭
Emma Galaxy
Emma Galaxy - 9 jam yang lalu
Why’s J so toxic
rifaat isk
rifaat isk - 9 jam yang lalu
Why is there always an over the top arrogant mom and a humble well mannered mom in every video
Sascha Oschmann
Sascha Oschmann - 10 jam yang lalu
Gina, a true unproblematic queen.
cool - 10 jam yang lalu
Ngl I would’ve loved to try their chicken. It looks BOMB 😂❤️
Svenaj - 10 jam yang lalu
Donna's such a mood 😂
C L - 11 jam yang lalu
J seems like the woman who ALWAYS takes food back I’ve worked in restaurants. She seems like the typical customer who’s already irritated with you to begin with
Connorkc_ - 11 jam yang lalu
I want Gina to be my mom for like a few hours so I can try her food and just be in her presence what an angel
weqlthytutorials - 12 jam yang lalu
“It’s a little but to greasy” what do you expect FRIED chicken to be?
Macara Mercer
Macara Mercer - 12 jam yang lalu
Chicken is supposed to be greasy I can’t-
Peachy - 14 jam yang lalu
“Thats a *shame* that’s fish chicken ?”
I’m cryinggggg
Sara Maassen-Johansen
Sara Maassen-Johansen - 15 jam yang lalu
J’s food was the worst but she’s the one hatin
Sanova Saenz
Sanova Saenz - 16 jam yang lalu
J is the black equivalent of a Karen
Hidden Lights
Hidden Lights - 16 jam yang lalu
There is something so satisfying about j having trashy food and Gina was so nice and did so well
Bobainthome - 16 jam yang lalu
I am just drooling
kairi :
kairi : - 19 jam yang lalu
gina is so adorable
Ciero Kilpatrrick
Ciero Kilpatrrick - 21 jam yang lalu
I'm only a minute in this video and I can tell Donna's got the best chicken. That plate looked good.
ZENDY11 Sue - 22 jam yang lalu
J must be related to Cassandra
Deborah S
Deborah S - 22 jam yang lalu
Other than Denise where did these women get their table manners? No one wants to watch people talking with their mouths full of food and OMG, Donna ate like she's been deprived of all food for a month or two.
Javon Johnson
Javon Johnson - 22 jam yang lalu
The mom who won was actually a Mixed mom and not a Black mom.
The Golden Waffle
The Golden Waffle - 22 jam yang lalu
The most critical ones always get the worst reviews
Lance Dub-u
Lance Dub-u - 23 jam yang lalu
The nicest lady got the best score!!! Karma!!!